“We Are Living In Gnostic Times.”

We are living in Gnostic Times.
1. Reality that is handed to us is all psyops.
2. We have been given dueling visions of reality, both led/directed/mandated by very (!) faulty (!) Archons (!). We are led by people who reflect the reality of a faulty creator god. We are led by those who wish to reflect the reality of the cast-away angel, the devil. Neither of these versions of reality are correct.
3. The battle between these two mentally immature Archons is creating a environment where the chattel that we are as humans is forcing us to mental instability, if you thoughtlessly listen to either version of reality.
4. Neither of these immature, incomplete Archons want you to know the mystical side of yourself, or your inner guidance. They have both done their best to keep you out and away from your own inner control and your own thinking.
The solution is to go within, to find that “hidden power” that Marcus Aurelius, not so far from Greek influence, wrote about. Go within and seek your own reality, for I suspect it will be more accurate than the two alternatives that are pushed on us.
“Remember it is the Hidden Power within us that pulls the strings;
There lies the guiding force, this is the life,
there, one might say, is the man himself.
Never think of yourself as a mere body with it’s various appendages.
The body is like the axe of the carpenter. Dare we think the axe to be the carpenter himself?
Without this inner cause, which dictates both action and inaction, the body is of no more use than the weaver’s shuttle without the weaver, the writer’s pen without the writer or the coachman’s whip without the horse and carriage.
Honor the highest thing in the Universe; it is the power on which all things depend; it is the light by which all of life is guided. Dig Within.
Within is the wellspring of good, and is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig. Waste no more time talking about great men and how they should be. Become one yourself.”

Marcus Aurelius
Born 26 April 121
Birthplace Rome
Died 17 March 180 (aged 58)

Notes: I didn’t come up with this idea. I am merely reflecting it here. And as I have said many times before, Mueller will go down (You’re fired!), Sessions will go down (You’re Fired), Hillary and Bill, possibly Obama, will go to prison, … for this is a battle between one archon and another, while one right now has the upper hand and will get done what he set out to do.


Love one another.

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabarnia , https://elpais.com/elpais/2017/12/27/inenglish/1514368061_809906.html


ROFLOL! Gotta love it.


FWIW, when the separatists published the number of supposedly injured by police charges (hundreds), it turned out that this was the total number of people who visited emergency rooms that day. The women who had her fingers cruelly broken turned out to have one bruised finger.  Many of the pictures published of injured Catalonians were from unconnected events from the past few years, including injuries caused by the Catalonian police against, for example, anti-capitalists. In fact, it is quite possible that more cops were injured than “peaceful voters” (431).




And as for the “peaceful catalonians” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MyfhlvEaiw and


Gotta hand it to the ruskies – they did a good propaganda job, and the world press largely fell for it.


As for the recent Catalonian elections, they got a tRump. That is to say, the separatists got a majority of seats in parliament, but the majority were for anti-separatist parties, which explains the concept of Tabarnia. And like tRump, a parliamentary seat (or electoral vote) is cheap in the countryside and expensive in the big cities. It takes twice as many votes in Barcelona than in, say Lleida, to get a seat, so the separatists are over-represented.


This whole Catalonian thing reminds me of the Serbs, with huge misconceptions of history – and of reality. A victim mentality which is difficult to reconcile with either. And the level of manipulation is on par with the election of tRump.



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Police Kill Innocent Man After Malicious 911 Call



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