Evangelicals are Crazy People Who Want YOU to Die and go to Hell!

I know you guys already knew this, but check this bit of political calculation out:

Of all the possible theological dog-whistles to his evangelical base, this is the biggest,” she continued. “Trump is reminding them that he is carrying out God’s will to these Last Days. They’ve been waiting for this, praying for this. They want war in the Middle East. The Battle of Armageddon, at which time Jesus Christ will return to the Earth and vanquish all God’s enemies.”

Let me repeat: They WANT war in the Middle East! (snarkon)Nice, “down home” folks”.(/snarkon)

More: Who really wants Trump to recognize Jerusalem? His evangelical supporters at home.

So insane people who want war and for everyone who doesn’t believe what they the believe (with no visible means of support) to die during qa war in the age of nukes and go to Hell are one our POTUS’ most coveted voting groups (along with the wealthy and the corporations). (snarkon)GOOD TIMES!(/snarkon)

Oh well, at least we’re not talking about torture, any more, but this is a real “come to Jesus” moment.

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Worth a Read

Don’t Just Impeach Trump. End the Imperial Presidency.

Right now I’m watching Violent clashes between white nationalists and counterprotesters in Charlottesville. And yeah, I blame tRump and the GOP if tRump doesn’t fire Bannon, Gorka and Stephen Miller, and the GOP (at least Ryan and McConnell) doesn’t make a public statement against this.

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My computer had a meltdown a few days ago, so I’ve been offline. I’d have let you guys know, but, you know, I was OFFLINE!

Anyhoo, the always reliable media (/snark off) has recently begun ginning up support for a preemptive strike on North Korea. Fuckers. “Liberal media” my ass! (“Fake news” my ass! RW/neocon propagandists is accurate.)

So, ask your selves, what does Kim Dung Littledick want?


He doesn’t deserve it, but we can fake it. “Yes, Littledick, you’re the leader of your country.” Is that so hard to say?

Self-preservation/maintenance of the status quo/power.

He keeps his people so far in the dark that he’s basically got this. He only needs to stop us (the US and SK) sending “radio free Europe” type messages across the border. I don’t think we should stop, but we CAN if we WANT TO. It depends on how much WE want to be the nation that started WWIII. If you think a preemptive strike on NK won’t lead to WWII, you’re a dumbass. Don’t waste my time.

Look, I’m all in favor of turning NK into a smoking sheet of radioactive glass. But, I’m not. Russia will notice, and care. China will notice, and care. SK will notice, and care. Japan will notice, and care. Not to mention NK can (probably without accuracy, and definitely without volume) nuke the US. Or at least Guam.

Lets live in the real world, folks. NK isn’t going to attack the US, especially with nukes. They have nothing to win. Trump voters just obediently hold tRumps ginormous cock, thank you tRump voters, over them, and piss on them. Then, walk away.

PS: If it’s not obvious, tRump voters/supporters are stupid people who I can’t agree with, on ANYTHING regarding the orange turd. He’s a piece of human excrement (shit).

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Voodoo economics is back

As Voodoo Economics Collapses in Kansas, Trump Takes It National

In 2015, Grover Norquist, who has successfully defined unconditional opposition to taxes as the defining tenet of party orthodoxy, waxed enthusiastic about one state in particular that was leading the way for the nation. “Kansas is the future,” he told an interviewer. “Kansas is the model.” Kansas was the state where Sam Brownback, the former congressman who mentored a young staffer named Paul Ryan, implemented supply-side tax cuts that, Brownback promised, would usher in prosperity and fiscal stability.

Now Brownback’s tax cuts have failed so dramatically and incontrovertibly that the state’s Republican legislature overrode Brownback’s veto to eliminate them. Incredibly, a majority of the Republicans in both chambers of the state legislature voted against the tax cuts. In a new interview with Russell Berman, Norquist insists the failure in Kansas does not tell us much at all about anything. “If you’re a Republican looking for a model,” he says, “Kansas is not the model.”

One might think that the economists who designed this now-repudiated plan would have been cast out of the party, or at least embarrassed into rethinking their assumptions. Yet nothing of the sort has taken place. Stephen Moore and Art Laffer, the supply-siders who crafted the failed Kansas experiment, are also taking the lead in designing Donald Trump’s tax plan. Their op-ed urging the president to throw himself behind massively regressive, debt-financed tax cuts found its way into his hands. So profoundly did their argument impress Trump that he instructed his advisers to immediately release a tax-cut plan mirroring the recommendations made by the architects of the Kansas debacle. Now the machinery of government is in the hands of people determined to replicate a policy so unmistakably erroneous that the majority of their own party could no longer live with it.

“Trickle down economics” has NEVER worked. Not once, not ever. I called it “piss on you poor people” in the 80s, and I’m calling it that now. Get ready for “the tRump crash” to be written into the history books.

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