Every Wireless Router Ever Made Has a Massive Security Breach

As does every device that has ever been made that connects to a wireless router.

This means you need to patch all your computers and smartphones.

This means you need to update the firmware on your wireless router.

This means you need to update the firmware on any printer or other external device that connects through your wireless router.

This means you need to update the firmware on any wireless video streaming device for your TV (including your TV itself if it is a smart TV).






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Category 5

I remember years ago I posted that global warming would warm the waters of the Atlantic until, unlike today where the northern Atlantic has cool waters that weaken hurricanes that are bound for DC, NYC and Boston, the warm waters of the future Atlantic will continue to strengthen hurricanes so that they will tend to be category 5 when they strike the north.

I think we may be seeing the first step towards that. The waters of the Caribbean seem to have warmed to the point where it is much much easier for a hurricane to escalate all the way to category 5. Future warming will stretch this zone of warm water farther and farther north.

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Massive Global Computer Hacks – Make Sure You Are Fully Patched NOW

“The malicious software — called ‘ransomware’ because it encrypts systems and threatens to destroy data if a ransom is not paid — is spreading among computers that have not been patched, experts said.”


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We just got Zaid Khayr

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Anyone in the Mood for a Hiroshima/Nagasaki Debate?

  • I’ll start:
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki were military targets.  Hiroshima was a huge military center filled with tens of thousands of Japanese soldiers, and was the headquarters in charge of defending the southern half of Japan from invasion.  Nagasaki was an industrial center with huge weapons factories.
  • The A-bombs were dropped at the height of the most brutal war in human history.  Japan did not offer to surrender until after both A-bombs had been dropped.
  • Anyone have a rebuttal?
  • Sorry about the bullet points.  It was the best way to force the system to format my text appropriately and not jumble everything into a single run-on paragraph.
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R.I.P. European Union

I see only four possible courses of action for the EU.

a) European leaders provide large amounts of military aid to Ukraine so that they can turn the Russian occupation there into an endless bloodbath. This occupies Russian attention for the next 30 years and diverts Russia from invading and destroying the EU.

Unfortunately I doubt that European leaders will do option “a”.

b) Massively ramp up European military spending and move large armored forces up to Russia’s doorstep in order to repel their invasion (and thereby deterring it).

Unfortunately if they aren’t going to do “a” then they certainly won’t do “b”.

c) Wait until Russia invades the EU and then fight a genocidal nuclear war with Russia.

Unfortunately if they aren’t going to do “a” or “b” then the odds of them doing “c” are nil.

d) Sit there and do nothing as Russia invades and destroys the EU.  France and England will survive, but only as individual nations, and only because they have their own nuclear arsenals.  Spain and Portugal will survive as an individual nations only because France sits between them and Russia. Switzerland might survive due to their geographic defenses, but might not if Russia decides to use nuclear weapons to coerce their surrender.

And it looks like it’s going to be “d”.

It’ll be a less friendly world for the US after the EU is destroyed.  We may have to go back to our old Cold War policy of supporting evil dictators in order to protect ourselves from the even greater evil of Russian domination.

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