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It’s going to allow Peshmerga forces from Iraq to help out in Kobani.


Undoubtedly, this is due to US pressure, since Turkey has its own Kurdish problem that it didn’t want to help by fighting ISIS. Sooner or later the bill will come in, showing us how much forcing Turkey to go against its own interests will cost.


The Kurds are in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Only in Iraq have they gained a degree of sovereignity, against the will of the US, I might add.


The lines over there are getting SOOOO blurred. We are fighting against an enemy (ISIS) of an enemy (Syria), supporting an enemy (Kurds) of our allies (Turkey, and arguably Iraq), and are likely to come to an “understanding” with yet another enemy (Iran). There are more complications too – we’re supporting Shiites (ruling in Iraq and Iran) against Sunnis (the majority of most of our so-called “allies” in the region), and are supporting autocratic regimes of all stripes.


Our “allies” have committed virtually the same outrages as out enemies, up to and including genocide and religious cleansing.

And this is considered “good policy”? What are the chances of this turning out right as opposed to the chances of this jumping up and biting our ass?


The ME is a clusterfuck, nobody can deny this. And, to a great extent, the current situation is the result of western meddling, which very few people can deny. So what’s the use of choosing sides when the sides are yet so undefined?


Unless, of course, the objective is war itself.


‘Nuff said.

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I’m only posting this because it might piss of Alvy, and possibly Jo and Uni. IOW, I’m trolling. I admit it. :=)

Krugman: In Defense of Obama

(snark on)Published in that RW bastion “The Rolling Stone” (/snark off). The Nobel Prize-winning economist, once one of the president’s most notable critics, on why Obama is a historic success.

High office shouldn’t be about putting points on the electoral scoreboard, it should be about changing the country for the better. Has Obama done that? Do his achievements look likely to endure? The answer to both questions is yes.


Fucking KRUGMAN!


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watch it here http://www.space.com/19195-night-sky-planets-asteroids-webcasts.html

WATCH LIVE SUNDAY: Slooh, Virtual Telescope Project Comet Siding Spring Webcasts


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Bernie Sanders, my favorite Senator, says what I’ve been thinking, but didn’t know how to put into words.

Bush’s ‘disastrous blunder’ created Islamic State

Warning, link is to the RW Moonie Times. Most of the story is below if you don’t want to give them click-throughs.

“We are here today because of the disastrous blunder of the Bush-Cheney era, which got us into this war in Iraq in the first place, which then developed the can of worms that we’re trying to deal with right now.”

Mr. Sanders expressed his concern about the possibility of getting dragged into “perpetual warfare.”

“We have been at war for 12 years; we have spent trillions of dollars. I’m chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. We have 500,000 men and women who have come home with PTSD and TBI [traumatic brain injuries]. What I do not want, and what I fear very much, is the United States getting sucked into a quagmire and being involved in perpetual warfare year after year after year. That is my fear,” he said.”

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It seems to have started in the Carlos III – “my”- hospital, assigned by local social security. I’ve been treated there many times.


I’m pissed, for the following reasons:


1 – Political incompetence – the hospital and its workers were obviously unprepared.

2 – The 2 doctors broght to Spain, members of a wealthy religious foundation, were to come back on the religious foundation’s bill. The government intervened, because it is a catholfascist one, and in the end, ebola is in Spain paid for by the Spanish government.


On the other hand, my paranoid, fascist boss, has just spent 400 € on rubber gloves and surgical masks. The bastard owes me 6.000 €, and is paying (through meshed jaws) at the rate of 500/month.


3. The nurse found with ebola had gone to the doc’s 2 times before finally being admitted to hospital. Her complaints had been dismissed. In the reigning atmosphere of “medical privatization”, health workers fear for their jobs if they complain.

4. Spanish medical workers were given “protocol 2″ protection, as opposed to the more rigorous “protocol 4″ protection. Incompetence, budget-slashing, and the usual suspects.


Get the picture?

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Tonight’s PBS Frontline is going to be about the innocent person that Rick Perry had executed even though he knew the guy was innocent.

It is not a rerun of Frontline’s earlier episode about this, but is an entirely new episode.

I’m not sure what more they can show, since the earlier episode was already pretty decisive in showing: that the guy was innocent, that proof of his innocence existed before his execution, and that Rick Perry knew about this and went ahead with the execution anyway.

However, I’m sure they wouldn’t have created an entirely new episode if they didn’t have something new to show.

I wish the Left would be more persistent about confronting Rick Perry about this whenever he runs for president. It will be a black mark in America’s history if this guy ever becomes president without even facing questions about what he did.

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The guys who produced those gun designs for 3-D printers are back.

This time they are making an affordable CNC machine to carve gun parts out of aluminum.

They say they are going to release the schematics and design files for building the CNC machines, and they talk about a patten for an AR-15 part, but I don’t see any of that available for download yet.

There are selling actual CNC machines though (I think).



Given the way they were quickly blocked from distributing the files for the plastic patterns, perhaps they are being crafty with how they distribute the files for download this time.

If they are so crafty that no one figures out how to download them though, that might be self defeating.

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Podemos (“we can”) is a newly created party hereabouts, not quite 9 months old. In the recent European elections it came out 3rd, ahead of other parties with many more years of political presence.


It basically arose out of the 15 M movement, a popular “insurgence” against the established parties, with something of a populist rhetoric  – anti neoliberal, anti-establishment, based on neighborhood movements and organizations.


On teevee tonight he (Pablo Iglesias, the founder of the movement) was confronted by “journalists”, mostly from the rw press, and (IMO) he ate them raw, chewed them up and spit them out. He’s a college professor (political science), yet he sports a ponytail and a goatee – and when confronted with the usual framed questions, he showed the rw press that he’s in another league.


Iglesias’ warhorse is to go against the “political caste”, what I’ve often described as a “class”. He calls for a liveable wage, a maximum wage, a strengthened equivalent of the IRS in order to apply tax laws to corporations and the wealthy, and that the “revolving door” ceases.


Common sense, in a nutshell.


I don’t know how far these people will go, but a good part of their support comes from those who usually don’t vote. No less than 16% comes from the ruling RW party (the PP), so Podemos a bit of an enigma. It’s like an informed Teaparty of the left with an intellectually sincere basis.


We’ll see.

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It’s been posted many times before, but as we continue to be askeered into tolerating any military, political or legal act , we need to go back to the roots.

Watch the 3 vids and then think about ISIS again…

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From 9/11 to ISIS: The massive failure of U.S. intelligence


Judging from how our politicos “react” to intelligence, I fear that both the politicos and the “intelligence” community have a common fault.


It’s not stupidity, it’s not incompetence, it’s a mistaken world-view. If you have a Manichaean world view (such as the one a poster or two has hereabouts), or view things exclusively through the American POV, you’re bound to be wrong in this day and age.
The US has moved so far off the “center”, os so far removed from the realities of the rest of the world, that it no longer understands what the world outside Lubbock Texas is all about. It sees the world, doesn’t like it, wants to shape it like the usual 2 gas-station, 2 convenience store crossroads, the usual collection of condos and strip houses, cul-de-sacs and traffic jams, etc.. Hell, if a US citizen thinks outside the box, he’s likely to be surveilanced – what can  a DC bureaucrat think about when he contemplates an angry Egyptian?


Seriously, I see lines of US tourists every day in the local McDonalds. One wonders why they take the effort of crossing the pond when all they want is a home-away-from-home, and complain when it’s not quite close enough to home (even though SOME like the fact that they can order a beer in McDonalds over here). Every now and then I see the typical Mormon on their prescribed “voyage-du-conversion”, speaking next-to-no Spanish, wearing the typical blue suit+tie+name tag, and wonder what the hell these people think that they’re going to accomplish.


I envision CIA men or US diplomats in a similar guise, and obviously achieving the same results.




For the US to be accepted once again in this great big world, I think that a required course in empathy and at LEAST 1 year of education abroad is necessary. The US is blessed/damned by having no discernible borders with a genuinely “foreign” country (Canada and Mexico are dismissed, one for being too similar to the US, the other as too “inferior”).

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