Alternate universe

It seems pretty clear that the ruskies have been involved in… or better said, interfering in… western “democratic” processes.

Brexit, tRumpelection, Catalonian separatism… it seems that the Kremlin’s been meddling in many afairs in order to destabilize the West.

Needless to say, the West has been doing the same for decades, starting from the Voice of America and ending with the various “colour” revolutions in the Russian sphere of influence.

From the perspective of an alien, it would be hard to see which side is worse, so the outrage of anti-trumpists, EU remainers and Spanish federalists should be put into perspective. Don’t complain when the victims of your manipulation hoist you on your own petard.

Mind – I’m not defending ruskie interference. Nor western interference for that matter. It’s a new mode of warefare, like it or not. The ruskies appear to be more adept at manipulating the unhappiness of western yokels than the west it at manipulating the unhappiness of eastern yokels, go figure.

In this new mode of warefare, the ruskies have a major advantage. They’re prone to paternalistic governments and personality cults (though their tRump experiment might be a shot in the foot), and democracy is notably absent in today’s russia. The CIA’s extensive experience in mob manipulation doesn’t stand a chance in russia, while russia’s web bots have certainly been a success.

As usual, I will be called anti-american when I say that this is just another case of blowback. We’ve been manipulating for decades – how can we complain of our “democratic” processes being manipulated? Ask any of the extreme neoliberal manipulators that abound in the US if manipulation of democracy is easy or copasetic. Or, if you’re inclined towards rw thoughts, if the likes of Soros is copasetic or effective.

The alternate reality is that democracy has a basic weakness. The electorate is easy to manipulate through a relatively small and cheap efforts. Putin’s russia is pretty much immune, so advantage to the ruskies.

What is more, what the ruskies want is pretty much what the Koch’s et al want, so, as usual, the cards are stacked against progressives.

IMHO, progressives are probably more ambitious than ever, with better chances for success than ever. Feel the Bern, Podemos, et al… but the opposition is stronger than ever, and is multinational. Hell – when the interests of capital and the ruskies are aligned, and go hand-in-hand with ultranationalism, the fight is harder than ever. Add gerrymandering and it makes its’ own juice.

Assange has been aiding and abetting the catalonian separatists, despite having next to no knowledge of the catalonian situation. Apparently he’s been garnering information from the ruskies, go figure.

But what blows my mind is the incompetence of the NSA, etc. Internet is an uhmerican invention, and it seems that everyone from ISIS to the ruskies outgun us in this area. To the point that we actually have a manchurian candidate as potus, forchrissakes.

Talk to me, let me know that I’m wrong.

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Every Wireless Router Ever Made Has a Massive Security Breach

As does every device that has ever been made that connects to a wireless router.

This means you need to patch all your computers and smartphones.

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This means you need to update the firmware on any wireless video streaming device for your TV (including your TV itself if it is a smart TV).

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