16 vs 9

The European press says that Israel killed 16 people in international waters, the US press (yahoo) says 9.

What would we do to a country that attacked unarmed ships in international waters, killing our citizens? What will we do when Israel does it to someone else?

I smell a veto in the air… Or since we lived in “change”, instead of a veto our potus will call up a bunch of leaders and twist their arms “diplomatically”.

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! Slow Glass is Coming !

“Light of Other Days” by Robert Shaw

Very famous SciFi short story, which is coming to light these days (pardon the pun)

Nanoshell structures: Self-assembly method yields materials with unique optical properties

Optical Legos: Building nanoshell structuresEnlarge

Heptamers containing seven nanoshells have unique optical properties. Credit: Rice University

Scientists from four U.S. universities have created a way to use Rice University’s light-activated nanoshells as building blocks for 2-D and 3-D structures that could find use in chemical sensors, nanolasers and bizarre light-absorbing metamaterials. Much as a child might use Lego blocks to build 3-D models of complex buildings or vehicles, the scientists are using the new chemical self-assembly method to build complex structures that can trap, store and bend light.

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Public Service Announcement: MSNBC Live Stream

If you don’t have cable/satellite and you want to watch Olbermann live, here’s a link to MSNBC streaming video.

He’s on at 8 and 10PM EST.

I just found this link so I’m not sure, but I’m guessing you can catch Rachel Maddow at 9 and 11PM EST, as well.

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Ward Goes Down

Aside from the double entendre in the title, why is the media lying about the GOP re-taking power in November?

Here’s the story that Democrats will be rejoicing over today: Vaughn Ward, a National Republican Congressional Committee “Young Gun” candidate, lost his congressional primary in Idaho. It doesn’t look good to have a touted candidate (“Young Guns” qualify by reaching fundraising benchmarks) go down in flames, but Ward had his problems, most notably having lifted parts of a speech from President Obama. Sarah Palin had endorsed him before all this happened, but the group Tea Party Express–which is making waves by propelling Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle, and whose chairman recently offered a tongue-in-cheek apology for smearing Muslims on his blog (yes, the term “Monkey god” was used)–has, to the surprise of some, endorsed Democrat Walt Minnick, who now seems to have a much better shot at winning than he did last week.

The teabaggers are already seen as extremists by the American public. Sarah Palin is a punch line. 30 years of “Reaganomics” hasn’t been fixed in a year and a half, but things are looking better and consumer confidence is up.

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On The State Of The World

We can’t “kill” the earth.

The Surveyor probes were the first U.S. spacecraft to land safely on the Moon. In November, 1969, the Surveyor 3 spacecraft’s microorganisms were recovered from inside its camera that was brought back to Earth under sterile conditions by the Apollo 12 crew.

The 50-100 organisms survived launch, space vacuum, 3 years of radiation exposure, deep-freeze at an average temperature of only 20 degrees above absolute zero, and no nutrient, water or energy source.

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