Icy’s Rock top 100 insurgency takeover!

You don’t have to take this crap! You don’t have to sit back and relax!

You can actually try changing it

I know we’ve always been taught to rely… Upon those in authority –

But you never know until you try… How things just might be –

If we came together socially

Are you gonna try to make this work? Or spend your days down in the dirt?

See things can change, yes.  And walls can come tumbling down!

Governments crack and systems fall

‘Cause unity is powerful

Lights go out! Walls come tumbling down! Yes they do!

The competition is a colour TV We’re on still pause with the video machine

That keep you slaves to the H.P.

Until the Unity is threatened by – Those who have and who have not-

Those who are with and those who are without.

And dangle jobs like a donkey’s carrot –

Until you don’t know where you are

Are you gonna get to realize? The class war’s real and not mythologized!

And like Jericho – Yes  the walls came tumbling down!

Down! When you’re united!

Are you gonna be threatened by the public enemies at No. 10 ?

Those who play the power game?

They take the profits – you take the blame –

When they tell you there’s no rise in pay

Are you gonna try to mend this world? Or spill your tears down in the dirt?

Lights go out! Walls come tumbling down!

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Unintentional Truth or Deliberate Commentary?

My local paper has this story listed in “death notices:”

Texas lawmakers consider privatizing inmate care

AUSTIN — Texas lawmakers facing a projected shortfall in the next two-year budget have discussed plans to hire private medical vendors to care for state prisoners.

The state more than 15 years ago hired the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and Texas Tech University to help treat inmates. Madden says the system has become a national model for prisoner treatment costs.

I do wonder what kind of private care is likely to be cheaper than that at teaching hospitals.

I wonder if they’re thinking about using this “health care” provider I recently learned about when they appeared on our list of newly added clients. And btw — this racket is based in Texas. Anybody surprised? I wasn’t. I guessed it before checking.

AmeriDocâ„  provides groups and individuals with the ability to consult with a doctor for 24/7 medical consultations. Members can call or email U.S.-based, licensed physicians and board-certified specialists to obtain quick and convenient medical information, medical advice, diagnosis, and prescriptions for common conditions when appropriate.

Find out why AmeriDoc is perfect for EVERYONE!

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Fort Bragg: Where Soldiers Kill Their Wives

12 Infants Die in 4 Years at Fort Bragg

Published March 27, 2011, FoxNews.com

The number of infants that have died in a four-year span at Fort Bragg reached 12 last week, when the Army announced another infant had mysteriously died while living in post housing, The News & Observer reports.

The latest death was a boy, 4 months old, with no obvious illness, who seemed fine one minute on the morning of Feb. 24, and not breathing the next.

The case was especially eerie to Pearline Sculley, whose own son, Jaden Willis, was 2 months old when he died suddenly in 2007. Sculley still doesn’t know why.

According to the paper, the Army says it doesn’t know, either, why 12 babies have died in four years, beginning with Jaden. An investigation of more than six months that included reviews of the children’s medical records and autopsy reports — and hundreds of environmental tests at the homes where some of the families lived — failed to find a common cause.



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Inflation Rocks

Worth repeating:

One of the great triumphs of elites was convincing people that inflation is a really really really bad thing. And, yes, if it’s too high it can be a bad thing, and in the shorter term wages adjustments are probably unlikely to keep up so it will feel like a bad thing for a lot of workers, but the truth is for a lot of people inflation is a good thing. Basically anyone with a nominally denominated debt with a fixed interest rate, like a 30-year mortgage, is going to benefit from a bit of inflation. It was the big boogeyman in the 70s, but once the economy finally turned around a lot of people woke up and discovered that their mortgage payments were a pittance.

It’s the people we owe the money to who don’t like inflation, and they’ve convinced us that we shouldn’t like it either.
By Atrios at 15:03

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