Do you really want to put your retirement in this?

So you think the US Stock market is on the up-and-up?

Take a look at today’s action here:


Those of us who are activists for Provenge know that you do NOT put stop-losses on this stock, because it is one of the heaviest manipulated stock in the markets. Provenge scares the poop out of somebodies.


The bullrun almost cleared out everyone in May ’09 when one stop-loss triggered another and another and another and another. Immediately to stock bounced up to where it was. The SEC took at look at this and is still investigating what happened to DNDN in 09. Those of us without stop losses and buys at low prices survived it. You can anticipate bullruns  happening until Provenge is flowing thru the veins of men everywhere and proving itself to be a near cure to prostate cancer. And then there are the 6 other cancer-fighting cassettes, and a promise to turn a new one out every year.

This is the next Genetech and Amgen. Only far more famous because of the resistance to stop this treatment process from coming to common visibility. Text books will be written on the plight of DNDN.

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Tax Protestors and Fundie Nutbags Get What They Want. Again.

And the dumbing down of America continues at a frenetic pace.

Alien-seeking radio dishes go dark
Budget crunch forces closure of key component in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

(CBS News) Any number of headlines about E.T. not being able to phone home are already hitting the wires, but the hackneyed reference to everyone’s favorite pop culture alien figure underscores a more troubling reality: the decades-long search for extraterrestrial life suffered a blow with the announcement that a $50 million alien telescope array is being mothballed because of a lack of funding.

SETI, an acronym for the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, refers to a project that’s been underway to answer the not-so-inconsiderable question of whether humans are truly alone in the universe. The original plans called for the Allen Telescope Array, part of the Hat Creek Radio Observatory, to house as many as 350 dishes.

However, budgetary constraints have forced the SETI Institute to shut the first 42 telescopes which were installed in 2007 to scan the skies for evidence of alien life. It’s not clear when – or whether – the telescopes will return to operations. SETI received the bulk of its funding from a couple of sources: the National Science Foundation, and the State of California.

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