Now Is The Time

If I was POTUS, this is what I’d do TODAY. I’d tell the American people, and businesses, what’s going to happen.

First, we’re not going to default. Not Tuesday, not ever.

We have enough income to pay our creditors.

The 14th amendment demands that we pay them. We will.

What’s unclear is if we’ll have that income in the future, so we’ll need a savings account.

What this means to all of you is that until the congress sends me A CLEAN BILL TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING THROUGH AT LEAST 2013, the only bills that will be paid by the Federal Government are the interest (and principal, where necessary) on the debt, and certain “emergency” services.

An example of an “emergency” service is providing sufficient funds to bring all of our troops home from overseas. Not just Iraq and Afghanistan. We’re going to close our bases in North Korea, Japan, and Germany, too. No American soldiers will be stationed anywhere but on American soil. All ships at sea will be called to their home ports. Most soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines will be furloughed until this “crisis” is resolved.

No social security checks will go out until further notice. No funds will be provided to medicare or medicaid.

Government offices will be closed. National parks will be closed.

A small number of military personnel will be retained on duty to guard those facilities.

All remaining income will be deposited in a savings account.

This failure of congress to raise the debt ceiling will result in MASSIVE layoffs. There will be fewer people working, so there will be fewer revenues in the future. American MUST save any extra income in anticipation that congress will never solve its inability to negotiate a neutral, balanced solution to this problem.

I urge you to mail, email, or call your congressmen and women to urge them to put a quick end to this situation, but until congress resolves it I have no other choice. The full faith a credit of the USA is at stake.

Prepare for the worst.

That is all.

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I want to default

I disavow what I wrote, below. It was posted in anger and frustration. Stay tuned. I’m going to post what I actually *wish* the POTUS and any “progressives” in congress would do, as I have time.

The reason the Tea-OP has so much power is that so many of them WANT to default.

As of today, I want to default, too.

It’s my first option.

My second option is a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling.

My third option is default.

My fourth option is default.

My FIFTH option is default.

My sixth option is to default.

And on and on.

Let it all go to hell.

It’s the only remaining path to eventual sanity.

Americans who support the tea party need to be allowed to accept their punishment.

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A 3-Party System?

I’ve heard calls for a third party “who will represent US” before.

I think we now have evidence of the stupidity of that position.

We have a 3-party system, now.

I don’t know exact numbers, and I’m too lazy to look them up, but it breaks down something like this;

Continue reading “A 3-Party System?”

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Tone Deaf

Last night the POTUS gave a speech about the GOP’s intransigence and its possibly devastating effect on the world economy.

Um, no, that’s not what happened at all.

Unlike (I think) every single person I’ve talked to in the past couple of years, I tend to be a fan of President Obama. I don’t let the fact that we disagree about some things, and agree about other things, set my hair on fire. As I’ve said many times, the only perfect candidate for POTUS is me, and most of you wouldn’t vote for me.

I usually enjoy his speeches. Even where we disagree, his humor and positive attitude reassures me that it’s worth giving him a chance to try his ideas. I mean, can what I post on a blog stop him from trying them? No.

So, here’s what I didn’t hear:

I will VETO any short term bill to raise the debt ceiling.

A compromise is a “clean” bill.

2000 to 2008 proved that tax cuts for the wealthy don’t create jobs. Of COURSE debt as a percent of GDP goes up when GDP goes down. 1/2 is a bigger number than 1/4. We should be talking about creating JOBS, not cutting the Federal government to shreds.

I’m sure there’s more I’ve overlooked.

John Boner’s “rebuttal” was pathetic. Filled with lies. Mule-headed defense of the teabaggers who hate America and the middle class.

No reason to feel optimistic about the future, today.

Will us “tail end baby boomers” be forced to work until we die?

Oh, “tone deaf” refers to NO ONE in DC being able to hear what’s really on American’s minds.

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