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The New Resentment of the Poor

In a decade of frenzied tax-cutting for the rich, the Republican Party just happened to lower tax rates for the poor, as well. Now several of the party’s most prominent presidential candidates and lawmakers want to correct that oversight and raise taxes on the poor and the working class, while protecting the rich, of course.

These Republican leaders, who think nothing of widening tax loopholes for corporations and multimillion-dollar estates, are offended by the idea that people making less than $40,000 might benefit from the progressive tax code. They are infuriated by the earned income tax credit (the pride of Ronald Reagan), which has become the biggest and most effective antipoverty program by giving working families thousands of dollars a year in tax refunds. They scoff at continuing President Obama’s payroll tax cut, which is tilted toward low- and middle-income workers and expires in December.


Republicans are 100% evil.

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So This is why Sen. Pat Roberts Wanted to Invade Syria too.

I knew Cheney was strong-arming him.

Cheney Wanted Bush to Destroy Suspected Syrian Nuke Site
Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011

  • Ex-U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney in his new autobiography wrote that in June 2007 he lobbied then-President Bush to order an airstrike on a Syrian facility believed to hold an unfinished nuclear reactor, the New York Times reported on Wednesday (see GSN, May, 26, 2009).

(Aug. 25) – Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, shown in February, states in his new memoir that in June 2007 he urged President Bush to order an airstrike against a suspected Syrian nuclear-weapon site that was later destroyed by Israel (Mark Wilson/Getty Images).

Bush, though, was still smarting over the failure to find any operational weapons of mass destruction in Iraq following the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and so chose instead to try using diplomacy to resolve concerns over the Syrian facility.

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As the baby-boomers begin to retire the middle class is being wiped out.

The boomers, having been conned into accepting a 401(k) in lieu of a pension, will need to start selling off those stocks to finance their retirement.

Without a middle-class, they will have no one to sell them to. Stock prices are predicted to be depressed until 2027.

The availability of cheap crap from China at WalMart doesn’t do China or the average American any good if no one in America is making a living wage.

36.5% of men in America are unemployed.

The very same uber-wealthy people who have been manipulating the stock market have the capital to manipulate the gold/commodities markets.

No one is working on fixing these fundamental problems, and even if they were they couldn’t do anything. Our government is designed to allow a minority to prevent change from taking place (seriously, 2/3 of both houses and 3/4 of the states to pass a constitutional amendment, 60 votes to pass anything in the Senate?) and the GOP benefits when things don’t change, hence the “hostage taking” of the past few years. And, the GOP doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they want to ruin the economy whenever Democrats can be made to appear to be in control. Like now.

To be elected, nowadays, means house member (who are elected every 2 years) must be in permanent money-raising mode, leaving them beholden to the wealthy when the average American (whose wages have shrunk by at least 1/3 in the past 30 years) can’t afford to donate anything but the time they don’t have.

The media is owned by the same monied interests that benefit from dysfunctional government, so they won’t report on it fairly. (There may be liberal reporters, but there are no liberal editors or CEOs of big media.)

In a time when the wealthiest have managed to secure the bulk of the wealth, in a capitalist economy where money is power, “we the people” have already lost the “class warfare” without firing a shot in our own defense, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be shooting back any time soon.

Taken together, it seems to me that we need to understand that what we have now is all we’ll ever have, and if we don’t protect it we’ll lose that.

Now if I could just figure out how to protect it.

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True story

From “9/11 Remembered” on Yahoo. (I don’t know why, but unlike other Yahoo stories, there’s no comments section on this one.)

The “pancake” collapse was heading toward them, crushing each floor as it got closer and closer. “You just cover up and you wait for the big beam or the big piece of concrete to come and get you,” he says. “But for us it didn’t come.” Encased in rubble and debris, somehow Jonas, Harris, and his crew were alive. Joining them in the twisted stairwell were a few other firefighters and a Port Authority police officer. Banged up and trapped in darkness, they tried to find a way out. They heard distress calls on their radios. One firefighter said he was on the 12th floor, but they learned later that the 12th floor had been wiped out. He didn’t make it. They answered the mayday from a fire chief who was lost in the immense destruction, but they couldn’t reach him. They talked to him before he went into shock and passed away. For about 3 1/2 hours they searched for an escape from the fourth floor. They could only get to the half landing between what had been the fifth and sixth floors. Then the smoke and dust began to clear. “All of a sudden we saw a beam of light hit the stairway,” Jonas says. “We were in darkness, and we could hear fires crackling around us and things like that. And I just said, ‘Hey guys, there used to be 106 floors over our heads. Now I see sunshine. I think we’re on top of the World Trade Center.'”

The woman in the picture was injured, and these heroic guys were carrying her down the stairs as they made their escape from the ever-so-slowly-but-surely collapsing pancakes. A very heartwarming story.

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America USED TO BE Great

Not any more.

I blame Nixon’s “southern strategy” (is there anything dumber than a southern redneck? Maybe a tree stump. A southern redneck’s last words; “Hey, ya’all, watch THIS!”), Reagan’s union busting, Alzheimer’s having ass, and the fucktards who want his wrinkly, stupid face carved on Mt. Rushmore. More recently, I blame the teabaggers. And Frank Luntz. Fuck Frank Luntz and his marketing FOR the wealthy to convince the poor to vote for people who are ACTIVELY working to make life in America more miserable for 98% of us.

Nowadays, “American exceptionalism” seems to revolve around hating Mexicans, Muslims, the poor, and the sick. More often than not, “in the name of Jesus!”

It’s not a pretty sight.

The fall of Rome ain’t got nothing on what we’re doing to ourselves.

I’d be hard-pressed to think of anything dumber than “austerity” and “we need to cut spending”, right now.

Timidity at a time when we need to do great things. What a waste.

Gawd, what I’d give to make stupidity illegal.

One more time, teabaggers are stupid hicks who have no idea what “democracy” or “constitution” or even “America” means. Teabaggers are stupid fuckers who deserve no respect. Spit on them. Throw bricks at them. Piss on them.

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Time for the jobless to march on Washington

It’s time for the left to get off its duff and turn the tables on the radical right. And our history reveals that there’s an excellent method for accomplishing precisely that: a great march of the unemployed on Washington.

Recent polls reveal that Americans are decisively more concerned about the crisis of unemployment than the issue of our national debt. But as many commentators have observed in recent weeks, the results of the midterm elections, with Republicans gaining control of the House, and the associated rise of the tea party have pushed an agenda of austerity in government spending ahead of using government resources to fight unemployment.


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Let’s study this as a group.

It has been brought to my attention that our school system never teaches this knowledge base anymore. Why? Is it a part of their attempts to dumb us down in the school system? I understand that knowing this knowledge base empowers you, and disables people’s ability to manipulate your own knowledge base.

The Trivium method: (pertains to mind) – the elementary three.


Would any of you be interested in informally studying this, and pondering it here in discussion,… on this forum?
I admit, I am sure I do not use this logic formulary, unless it is instinctive or as a part of intuition.

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