The Americans to Guantanamo Act??

This was just posted on Yahoo.

Looks like the Senate is voting on it today, though Obama is promising a veto if it passes.

I haven’t taken the time to figure it out for myself, so I can’t offer an opinion as to whether the proposed law is being fairly characterized.  Levin and McCain is an odd alliance though, in any case.

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Dave Meslin: The Antidote to Apathy

I like this talk because, and as I have previously believed, that it isn’t that people don’t care about who gets elected. It is that when they try to make a difference, nonsensical rules and regulations, ridiculous policies stop them from getting it done.

And I also think that mainstream media has found a way to suppress anyone who tries to change the world. This has got to stop!! We have got to give them feedback, correspond with their advertisers, and demand the things we want to see and read from them.

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Wine Tasting

I’ve gone with this group wine tasting for around 25yrs, mostly in Napa, Calif. This was a nice surprise, I haven’t been in this area for about 30yrs. Murphys in an old gold rush town then logging then it died to be reborn with wineries, restaurants, and young people.
Brice’s Station is an old stage coach stop where they changed horses and the clay works have been around since the 30s I think.
Gail and her husband George travel around the world drinking wine for their little store.
Have a Safe Holiday

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