Wisconsin Judge Rips the SEC, SEC seriously deserves it!!

December 28, 2011
In Challenging S.E.C. Settlement, a Judge in Wisconsin Cites a Court in New York
WASHINGTON — A federal judge in Wisconsin has challenged the Securities and Exchange Commission over a proposed settlement of fraud charges against a publicly traded company, citing as a precedent the agency’s pending case against Citigroup.

That represents a significant expansion of the impact of the Citigroup case, in which Judge Jed S. Rakoff of the Federal District Court in New York threw out a proposed settlement between the company and the S.E.C.

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Reality check

If one looks at newspapers from the 18th and 19th centuries from any “democratic” country in the world, one might be shocked at the venom often spilled against the “other side”. In those days, universal suffrage was in the distant future in most places, and the opposing sides were entirely comprised of aristocrats and oligarchs.


The policies that created such venom would shock someone with today’s political savvy, because so little was on the table to justify it, just as today’s political discourse would stun US voters of the 1930’s because of its vapid shallowness.


What stands clear is that the only moments when there is a real political discourse with real (as opposed to shallow) differences between 2 or more opposing sides is when there is a crisis. Outside times of crisis the political boxing ring can fit on the head of a needle, with room to spare.


Politics however, ALWAYS draws venom and passion, even if party A is for Bud and party B is for Bud Lite.

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The Embarrassing, Disgusting Fringe — on OUR Side — Edition


I’ve been at this a while, guys. If you can’t see the similarities between the teabaggers and the the “left wing purity” faction, I honestly can’t help you.

Seeing roysol’s reference to fairleft’s tendency to trash MLW elsewhere piqued my self-destructive interest and I did the moronic thing and went over to pffugee camp to read THAT version. Nothing substantively different in the POST. It’s the COMMENTS…

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Gary Who???

OK, you REALLY can’t bring yourself to vote for Obama? Longing for a third party who will “represent” you??? (If you say you’ll vote for the GOPer, you’re not intelligent enough to be communicated with.)

Gary Johnson sets third-party pot bubbling as he quits GOP race

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said Wednesday he is quitting the Republican primaries and will run for president as a Libertarian, highlighting the possibility a third-party candidate could impact the 2012 election.

There you go. Vote for Gary Johnson. THAT will show those damned Democrats!

(Methinks Ron Paul better get into the Libertarian primary sooner rather than later.)

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