rMoney wins MI

…AZ handily, and even though the media tried to milk MI until morning, MSNBC just called MI for rMoney, too.

It sucks that the media was finally able to get me interested in the GOP primary, because I’m sure I’m not alone in “breathlessly” waiting for those results. Really, I expected them to make us wait until morning, we’re such suckers for “a story”.

The only thing I know for sure is that the GOP field scares the shit out of me. Ron Paul, the “you’re on your own” candidate. Newt “I’ve lost count, which wife am I cheating on now?” GingRich, who left the House in disgrace with millions of dollars in his pocket, Little Ricky the holier than thou Catholic Creep in a sweater vest, and rMoney, who was born a boss and has never been a worker, and who’s only “principle” is “I’ll say and do anything to accept my entitlement to live in the WH”.

Even though Obama appears to be a shoe-in at this point, I’m going to try to help him win again. And if I can help a Democrat replace Olympia Snowe in Maine I’ll do that, too. The GOP was teetering on a RW cliff 10 years ago, threatening to step off and take the country with it 10 years ago, and in this election year they’ve chosen to take a step to the right. There’s no longer any ground beneath their feet.

With any luck, we can soon play taps for the GOP, and salute the rise of some new party, running to the left of the Democrats.

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long, neurotic work story

Picked up a really large crate yesterday. The value is listed at $20 Million, and contents say “Warhol, Double Elvis”. The roll-up door on the back of the truck is exactly 8 feet tall, but the crate is 8 feet and a half inch, so the whole 336 pound thing had to be tilted to fit-inside. Took it to our warehouse & switched it to a truck with a taller door.
A commotion began in our office, because the crate is going to Europe, and the absolute maximum height to fit on the airplane is 96 inches (8 feet). Much speculation and hand-wringing began, but office staff wouldn’t walk outside & look at the crate. There were these 3/4″ wooden cleats on top & I suggested we could remove those & be 1/4″ under 96. Office staff didn’t want to alter the crate.
We packed several additional tons of crates on the truck. Then suddenly office staff wanted to re-measure the crate. But, they also declared that to be impossible because all the other crates were in the way. I offered to go try anyway, but they said don’t bother. I couldn’t see the harm, since 3 drivers were sitting on our asses. After an hour of zipping my lip, I said the protective plywood lining the truck walls is exactly 96 inches high, so if the crate is taller than that… it will confirm the height problem. Went outside & took a picture, showing the crate is under 96, except for the cleats on top. Having wasted a couple hours doing nothing about the problem except talk– they told us to continue to the airport.
En route to the airport, we got a call: now they want us to pull over and remove the cleats. Except everything-else in the truck has to be on a 5 p.m. flight. And it’s a quarter to 5, and the truck is in a huge traffic jam at the JFK loading dock. There was a great Mos Eisley Spaceport moment of truck drivers of all nationalities, races, & alien species jumping out of trucks to bark at each other. Someone I’ve never seen before pulled up in a car & handed me a crowbar. Was I supposed to hit somebody with it? Oh– he works for the client and wants me to remove the cleats.
We unload all the other stuff in record time, but I don’t know if it missed the 5 p.m. flight.

Next, “Warhol, Double Elvis” has to be on a 6 p.m. flight. Office says they don’t want airport staff to see us altering the crate, so we pull over– one chainlink fence away from an active runway– and start trying to knock the cleats off. Except we’re not at our warehouse, so no ladder. And since we unloaded all the other crates, I can’t use those to stand on. Reaching 8 feet up, prying blindly. Smacking the $20 Million crate with a hammer. It’s twilight. 6 p.m. is ticking closer. We get the first couple cleats off. 3 more to go. It’s going to be close. Office calls to say that 96 inches won’t do– now it has to be under 95 inches! Can we take cleats of the bottom, too? “Can you take your shoes off while you’re standing in them?” asks the other driver. Insane, time-wasting discussion about ways to remove bottom cleats. Our office is making calls to airport dock workers, asking if they’ll let us borrow a forklift to remove cleats. ‘Fuck off’ is the answer: not their job, not their liability. Now the airport dock doesn’t want anything to do with us. They announce they’re all on break, refuse to accept the crate. Client decides we should miss the flight and remove bottom cleats back at our warehouse. Talks to airport staff & comes back to ask…
“Can you get it down to 94 inches?”
WTF? And… no. 94 and 3/16ths is the shortest we can make it.
My workday is approaching 12 hours. I’m chilly, hungry, just want to go home. Client spends an hour standing outside, thinking aloud. Finally announces that tomorrow’s flight is on a different airline, which accepts crates up to 98 inches .

Could be worse: Back home, a friend calls. He deals in high end comic books. Says he flew to Orlando to see a big collection. There’s a buyer in Europe. But the Orlando collector doesn’t want to ship the comics there. Orlando collector says he works in ocean shipping business, and when the ships are late or encounter bad weather: they start dumping shipping containers overboard. It’s 5 a.m. now. I am in bed, wide awake, worrying about things being dumped off ships, somewhere… at this very moment.

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Zbigniew: The Jerk may well be right this time.

Brzezinski: “We Don’t Need to Go to War”

Feb. 27, 2012
By Chris Frates
National Journal
WASHINGTON — Former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served under President Carter, said the United States has to make clear to Israel that an Israeli attack on Iran is not in U.S. interests (see GSN, Feb. 24).

“We don’t need to go to war,” he said in an interview on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, according to a transcript. “And we have to make that very clear to our Israeli friends. We’re not going to go to war. They’re not going to go to war by flying over our airspace over Iraq. We’re not going to support them. If they do it, they will be on their own. The consequences will be theirs, because the price we’ll all pay if they start a massive war, which the Iranians interpret as being done with our connivance, will be disastrous for us in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in the terms of oil, stability in the Middle East more generally.”

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I’m not eating dinner because it’s my brother’s turn…

Welcome to America, where those who have are entitled to more, and those who don’t?

It’s their own damned fault. Fuck ’em.

Michigan Welfare Cuts Forcing People Back To Work Or Straining Safety Net?

Forgotten Harvest, a Detroit-based nonprofit that rescues and redistributes fresh food.

If anyone has any ideas how I could do this and still pay my mortgage, I’m all ears. Caveat: I fucking hate my job, and wouldn’t mind doing something that actually HELPS people for a change…

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