Michael Ware

I can probably list the journalists who I believe when they speak (or write) on one hand. Maybe two hands. Not hands and toes.

Michael Ware is one of the few, perhaps the first I’d name, who’s not a shill for the corps and the war machine (is there a difference, when there’s profit to be made?).

This is intense.

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Who’s With Me?

Does this guy deserve a bail out, or what?

A 22-year-old Bensalem Township man who found an extra $69,300 mistakenly deposited into his bank account surrendered today on charges he spent most of the money.

Police said Joseph Bucci, of the 3300 block West End Avenue in Trevose, used the money to buy food, clothing, furniture, a vehicle, airline tickets and a pet dog.

Bucci was charged with theft and receiving stolen property, both third-degree felonies.

Police said Wells Fargo accidentally deposited the money in his account but by the time the bank discovered the error, he only had $2,000 remaining.

Bucci was released on $25,000 unsecured bail.

All I can add is “ROFLMAO”, and “I hope he doesn’t go to jail for stealing a TINY FRACTION of what banks betting on stocks steals from us every minute of every day.”

h/t Atrios

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Tonights Reading Material

This was link was put up by Charles ll and is something he and I have talked about in the past. It’s long but it points out the death of the Democratic Party as it was back in the day when it worked for the little people.


Charles ll link

Oh there will be a test;)

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The Obama White House Blocks Justice.

Obama Obstructs Oversight of FBI in Anthrax Case
Cliff Kincaid — March 24, 2010
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Despite bipartisan congressional support for examining the FBI’s gross mishandling of the post-9/11 anthrax attacks, President Barack Obama is telling Congress that he doesn’t want the agency to be scrutinized and held accountable.

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What Science Fiction story could you write about this?


Every black hole contains a new universe: A physicist presents a solution to present-day cosmic mysteries
May 18th, 2012 in Physics / General Physics

Our universe may exist inside a black hole. This may sound strange, but it could actually be the best explanation of how the universe began, and what we observe today. It’s a theory that has been explored over the past few decades by a small group of physicists including myself.
Successful as it is, there are notable unsolved questions with the standard big bang theory, which suggests that the universe began as a seemingly impossible “singularity,” an infinitely small point containing an infinitely high concentration of matter, expanding in size to what we observe today. The theory of inflation, a super-fast expansion of space proposed in recent decades, fills in many important details, such as why slight lumps in the concentration of matter in the early universe coalesced into large celestial bodies such as galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

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