Just an idea

I was thinking that it would be nice if we could find one or two families directly affected by Sandy and give to them, without the help of charity agency brokerage. This is how I have practiced donations for years now.

Unlike Joplin, the aftermath of Katrina, and Greensburg, I am not in a position to find that family for myself. So I need some help finding a family to give to. Anyone got any ideas on how I can help in the manner I find to be the most rewarding to both recipient and donor. Anyone here have ideas on how I may do that?

I also thought it might be nice of the blog here adopted a family or two and we just gave to them directly, without charity brokerage, their odd judgement calls and their high administrative costs.

What are your thoughts on this?

Following 9-11, the Red Cross, with all the heartfelt giving that come from the people of this country, decided to stop helping the families and persons directly affected by that terrible day, choosing instead to keep their own coffers full. Or At least that is how I saw it.

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Sign up for an account. You’ll be glad you did. Oh, and there’s also an app for smart phones and tablets that’s even better.


PS – Whether I’m in DE or DC, there’s a hurricane bearing down on me. I’m not concerned, but could be offline for a while if the power goes out.

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Remembering my friend Senator Paul Wellstone

Minnesota Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone was killed iin a plane crash ten years ago today while campaigning for re-election to a third term in the U.S. Senate. His wife Sheila, daughter Marcia and five others also died in the crash. Former Rep. Jim Ramstad reflects on Wellstone’s legacy in this open letter.

May your great spirit continue to live in the hearts of all of us.

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Interesting observation: After the debate was over

First, Michelle and Barak joined the Romney hugging circle, with POTUS Obama spending a bit of time enjoying the company of a little kid. At one point, one of the Romeny clan had his hand behind our President’s back, as if in support, and he returned it.

But that’s not the weird part.

Did anyone else notice that, as the candidates worked their way along the front of the stage, leaning out to shake hands, Michelle joined her husband in shaking hands…

…and Ann grabbed Willard from behind as if to keep him from falling into…


The rabble?

Hitting his head?


Maybe she’s just pre-worrying about what it’s going to take to de-stress her sociopathic, entitled, asshole husband tonight.

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Behind the Veil

Never-Before-Seen Footage of Secret Mormon Temple Rituals

Related; Billy Graham site removes Mormon ‘cult’ reference after Romney meeting. That’s “deeply held religious beliefs”, for ya. Malleable as warm butter, when it suits your needs, eh, Billy? Or maybe you’re just an uneducated butthole who’s been foisting his political views off on people even dumber than you are for generations? Watch the movie, Billy. Maybe you’ll finally either find God, or decide for the stupid fuckers who think you have God’s phone number that She has changed her mind?

I can’t believe I have to write a book here to make the point that individual fundie nutbags are either hypocritical, limb-chewing sacks of denial of reality, or they’re dumber than a bag of hammers, do I? I mean, you guys aren’t 10 pounds of stupid packed into a 5 pound box like they are, right?

Fundie zombies are beneath contempt, entirely unable to think for themselves. I think I’m going to start spitting on them when I meet them. They’ll enjoy it, certain that it’s proof that their beliefs are stronger than “the evil within” me, and I just might enjoy it, too. Win-win.

Whatever. They don’t believe in God. They believe anything some (human) preacher tells them to believe, and if they vote, they vote Republican. They’re idiots, and if I believed in such things I’d wager that Billy Graham will spend eternity in hell having butt sex with Jerry Falwell, for duping so many people for so long.

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Random Observations on Last Night’s Second Presidential Debate

3. Romney (Cock 2, obviously) didn’t suck. He was a better opponent against Obama than Obama was against him in the first debate. But he was trapped, man, so very trapped. Obama’s had people say “Yes” to him for only the last four years. Romney has spent the last 40 getting his balls washed by everyone. The man can’t stand it when he’s challenged, especially with his own words used against him. His face gets flush, and he starts weirdly getting all breathy and frantic, as if he’s about to blow a gasket. It’s the face that Ann must see just before Mitt demands she bend over the antique sideboard and get ready for a Kolobian ass reaming. It’s the look that must have terrified his five awful sons into eating their vegetables and washing the dog shit off the side of the car. It must be horrible to be his servant, since he considers everyone not in his class the help.

The rude pundit

I needed a cigarette after reading the link.

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Love Bomb

Maybe I’m just not very good at expressing affection. I mean, is posting a youtube link– in hopes that it will explode my dear friend Timbuk’s brain– any way to say “Hi! Thinking of you!!”? On the other hand, although the lady in the video appears to be a quack, easily refuted by a scientist like Timbuk, maybe she’s onto something: After all, as she notes, Steven Hawkingz invented the vibrator. And what if we could take all the vibration in a vibrator and pack it into a bomb, and pack that bomb into a youtube link, and leave that link here like a bag of flaming dog shit on this blog’s doorstep, and when I, ahem, ring Timb’s “buzzer” and run away… won’t his subsequent ejaculation of laughter or disgust (or whatever state of energy Timb is composed of)… won’t his popping-off like a champagne-bottle money shot… prove this dumb twat’s theory of homeopathic energy? Let the scientific experiment begin:

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