Newtown, CT

I can’t understand being so angry at my mother that I shoot her in the face several times as she sleeps. I can’t understand it, but just for the sake of argument let’s say I can. I mean, spouses shoot spouses, kids have definitely shot parents before. It’s happened, so just because I can’t understand it, it happens. So, even though I can’t understand it, I can speculate that rage might drive it. A temporary emotional state that seems “right” at the time, but I can’t understand that temporary emotional state leading to the planning of more killing.

My ability to comprehend what that fucker in Newtown did ends, now, but let’s, just for the sake of argument, say that I can see why I can understand why the next bright idea to pop in his head was to drive to the local elementary school and kill a bunch of kids. That took time, planning, time to think. “Hey, I’m going to prison for this. I may as well take a bunch of kids with me.”

I start to feel a little sick to my stomach at this point, but it gets worse.

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