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Van Allen Probes Discover New Radiation Belt, Possibly Due To Solar Storm
February 28, 2013

On Aug. 31, 2012, a giant prominence on the sun erupted, sending out particles and a shock wave that traveled near Earth. This event may have been one of the causes of a third radiation belt that appeared around Earth a few days later, a phenomenon that was observed for the very first time by the newly-launched Van Allen Probes. This image of the prominence before it erupted was captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). Credit: NASA/SDO/AIA/Goddard Space Flight Center.

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Let’s See…

Attribution (you may want to read this, first, NEW VIDEO CRUSHES MYTH ABOUT LARGE CAPACITY MAGAZINES, SAYS CCRKBA).

Look, even though I’m opposed to passing new laws under the general principle of “the law of unintended consequences, I ended up supporting Obamacare because I think we can make that law better, and I’m all for “sensible gun regulation”, but before we pass any new laws, shouldn’t we judge our support for them on whether or not these new regulations will actually reduce the possibility of a fucking lunatic like Adam Lanza committing his crime? By even 10%? Shouldn’t our criteria be, a new law must make a difference (n the issue we care about, and hopefully in a way that doesn’t benefit the already wealthy)?

Or is it enough that we just take guns away from citizens (and leave them in the hands of “our protectors”, the police and the military who serve the interests of the abundantly wealthy)?

And I’m not arguing that we should “make perfect the enemy of good”.

But if a new law accomplishes NOTHING FUCKING AT ALL other than disarming me and my neighbors, why should we support it?

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Going Against Big Money! How long can it last?

Senate Democrats Push for New Reactor Mandates Against Nuclear Disasters

Just wondering when this will get nipped in the bud. It most assuredly will, … for I am in unity with it.

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4th Amendment? What 4th Amendment?

The SCOTUS UNANIMOUSLY (that’s a strong opinion, folks) grants cops even more power to search unreasonably.

Expressing considerable confidence that trained drug-sniffing dogs are reliable, and showing specific respect for one Florida police dog — Aldo — the Supreme Court on Tuesday made it quite easy for police officers to search a car or truck for drugs once a canine snooper has “alerted” to a smell on the vehicle. If the police offer evidence that a dog has been trained, or got a certificate from a training agency, that may well be enough to give police permission to turn an “alert” into a search of a vehicle, the Court said in a unanimous decision written by Justice Elena Kagan (Florida v. Harris, docket 11-817).

The Court specifically rejected a very detailed checklist of proof of a dog’s reliability that the Florida Supreme Court had drawn up before a court could treat a dog’s signaling of the presence of a drug odor as the equivalent of “probable cause” to search. In place of such a checklist, the Court set up a “reasonably prudent person” test — that is, a common-sense review of all of the facts about a dog’s alert, to see if such a prudent person would think that a search would turn up evidence of illegal drugs. “A sniff is up to snuff when it meets that test,” Kagan cleverly summed up.

Did your buddy leave a roach in your ashtray? Do not pass “GO”, go directly to jail. Loaned the car to your kids and “a friend” smoked a joint in it? You’d better hope your spouse didn’t leave a prescription container in the glove box, cuz buddy, that ain’t yours and you’re now guilty of illegal possession of drugs.

I’m amazed by dumb-fuck liberals currently calling for the cops to outgun citizens. Especially when there’s shit like this going on, too.

If you want to disarm citizens, try it. Institute the “reasonable” limits on magazine capacity.

Just don’t expect us to all go along when you make an exception for cops. Their lives aren’t worth more than mine, or my wife’s, or my child’s, or my grand-childs…

Any limit on guns should apply to cops equally to the rest of us.

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Happy Presidents’ Day!

Meet The Five Most Overrated American Presidents

Yeah, Reagan’s one of them. And no, I don’t think junior belongs on the list. I think we’re just waiting on history to declare him one of, if not the, worst and most criminal in the long, sordid history of America. Bush isn’t “overrated”. He was (and remains) evil and stupid.

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I probably don’t need to remind you of this, but I’m disgusted by anyone who was a gun-grabber the day before Sandy Hook standing on the bodies of murdered children to further their political agenda, just as I was disgusted by those who stood on the bodies of those killed on 911 (with a bullhorn in his hand) to further his political agenda. So, maybe I’m hyper-sensitive but I was a little bothered by Obama’s mention of “they deserve a vote” at the end of the speech. No, you don’t “deserve a vote” on overturning the constitution by a simple majority.

I’ll add that other than that, I think he sorta knocked it outta the fuckin’ park.

We’ll see what Boehner, who I’m about to defend, can do about it, seeing as how he’s dealing with a completely worthless teabagger caucus that places IDEOLOGY above country, and won’t compromise on anything, can get done.

So, here’s the real “meat” of what I observed; there’s a cold running through DC, right now. I’m just getting over it, as is my wife and one of my closest collaborators. As I watched the speech I was focused on Boehner, because his body language in response to the speech is meaningful in interpreting what can actually be accomplished in the next two years, and I think he has the same miserable cold I just suffered through. I saw him wipe his nose, and I saw him cough.

Now, I’m wondering. Is it possible to peal Boehner away from the vile, disgusting, repugnant, uncompromising, IDEOLOGICAL, rigid, unthinking, anti-Democracy, intransigent, (insert vile but valid stereotype here) teabaggers by giving him credit for actually caring what happens to OUR (his, mine, and yours) country?


We’ll see.

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I guess caring about who is the next Pope is a bit like caring about who is the next Prime Minister of Spain. Isn’t my leader, but is a leader with nontrivial power in the world. I remember last time thinking that there was some small chance that change would lead to some positive steps. But then they chose this one, and…

Ya gotta love succinct. And Philly liberals.

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