6 Filthy Facts About the Rich

The filthiest fact is that Congress wants to cut the food benefit to hungry Americans, almost half of them children, so that money can keep flowing to the top.


The ongoing, current class war began under Reagan, who the GOP’s sycophants have nominated for everything from a fifth head on Mt. Rushmore to having his know-nothing head memorialized on a coin. I vomit in my mouth a little whenever I fly in or out of “Reagan National” airport.

It probably began when he pushed “trickle down economics” on us, based on the laughable (and thoroughly disproven) “Laffer Curve”, but a case could be made that it was when he began the ongoing destruction of unions by firing the striking air-traffic controllers. Maybe they’re tied…

“Trickle down”, called “voodoo economics” by the sire of Bush the dim, has been tried twice and it’s failed MISERABLY both times, most recently lending a a helping hand to the worst recession in our nation’s history, by cutting taxes on the wealthy (read “war profiteers” here and you won’t be too far out of line) at the same time Cheney talked his smirking chimp of a boss into launching not one, but two, count ’em, two unfunded wars. (Aside, I still remember John Thune as a new Senator telling Tim Russert how “easy” it is to keep the budget balanced when fighting two unfunded wars: “Just take them off the books.” This is what passes for GOP “leadership”).

Make no mistake, the war continues to this day. Unless you make something on the order of a Bazillion dollars a year, it’s a war on YOU. And if we don’t work together to fight back, we will lose this war (if it hasn’t already been lost).

Do you remember/know of the Overton Window? It’s time to embrace “wealth redistribution” as what made America great, in the past.

I support a 90% tax rate for individual incomes over $1,000,000.00/yr. Steep inheritance tax on estates over $5,000,000.00, to stop the Walton-like handing down of power (like a monarchy) in this capitalist society.

You should, too.

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How do you fix a democracy

…when the voters are so mentally deficient?

Poll: Louisiana GOPers Unsure If Katrina Response Was Obama’s Fault

A significant chunk of Louisiana Republicans evidently believe that President Barack Obama is to blame for the poor response to the hurricane that ravaged their state more than three years before he took office.

Honestly, how can “the greatest country in the history of the world”(TM) continue to be synonymous with “America” when the people who elect “our” representatives insist that it is their right to vote based on such stupidity? This is willful stupidity on the scale of the sores board.

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Bon Voyage

You take with you our hearts, darling.


Jazz legend Marian McPartland dies at age 95
August 21
The Associated Press

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/08/21/4424852/jazz-legend-marian-mcpartland.html#storylink=cpy

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At any rate, the league is set up and I’ve sent invitations. Check yer email, or send the email address I should send your invite to.

4 managers, so far, within a couple of hours of sending the e-vites. I guess we’re all looking for an escape from the ongoing BS that passes for reality.

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Cogdis or spin

Read the neolib article: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/aug/15/nostalgia-british-rail-trains-better?CMP=EMCNEWEML6619I2&et_cid=45459&et_rid=7840230&Linkid=http%3a%2f%2fwww.theguardian.com%2fcommentisfree%2f2013%2faug%2f15%2fnostalgia-british-rail-trains-better

Then read the comments. Considering where the fellow’s written, you’d think he’d pick a different example to extole the benefits of neolib economics.

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