Electoral insight

And some keys to who’s backing politicos: and it’s link to the actual working paper.

Could be of interest:

“President Obama’s support within big business was broader than hitherto recognized. His level of support from firms in telecommunications and software was very strong indeed, sometimes equaling or exceeding Romney’s. Many firms and sectors most involved in the recent controversies over surveillance were among the President’s strongest supporters.”

So the MIC wasn’t enough, we have to add an “es” for surveillance now.

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This boy is seriously playing with the DAWGS (NSA)


By John Feffer , October 30, 2013 .

(Anonymous9000 / Flickr)
To: John Brennan, Langley HQ

From: Operative 650, undisclosed location

Re: Memo XP1476
Greetings from the tropics! I apologize for not writing to you earlier. As you probably know, if you have my file in front of you, I wrote to your predecessors with various modest proposals: outsourcing targeted killings to the Chinese, turning our drone program into a reality TV show, and imposing an Empire Tax on our allies. Unfortunately, if I might be immodest for a moment, none of these proposals was picked up.
What was picked up, however, was my anonymous Twitter account. Until recently, I had a nice desk job in Sydney. I guess I got a little too comfortable, and that’s why I started sending out anonymous tweets as @spookwonk. Of course I never compromised any Agency information. I was mostly commenting on Australian politics, Nicole Kidman’s private life, and my latest blind dates. Somebody outed me—just like they outed Jofi Joseph in the National Security Council—and now I’m stationed at a listening post on an undisclosed Pacific island.

(please continue to read his wit on the responding post.)

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The Thanksgiving Genocide

The first Thanksgiving feast, of course, was celebrated with a Native American tribe that had just saved us all from dying of starvation over the winter.

Some 50 years after that Thanksgiving feast, we waged a huge war of genocide against that same tribe.

Their Chief at the time was the son of the Chief who had saved us 50 years earlier.  When he was captured, he was beheaded and his head was mounted on a pole in downtown Boston for 20 years.

When we captured his son, a nine year old boy, we sold him into slavery in the Caribbean.

PBS American Experience does a good job of telling the story, but you can only get the episode these days through iTunes.

There is an iTunes download button on their webpage:


I don’t know if iTunes charges for the download (I’m on dialup, so big downloads aren’t something I have a lot of experience with).  I tried to figure that out, but they wouldn’t let me see unless I downloaded and installed iTunes first.

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What a dick

From Salon:

About a year ago, Joe Lieberman promised — twice — that he’d never become a lobbyist.

On Wednesday, Joe Lieberman registered to become a lobbyist.

According to a report from Politico, Lieberman registered to lobby on behalf of a Libyan politician. While the law holds that Lieberman cannot personally lobby lawmakers until 2015, there’s nothing stopping Lieberman from providing strategic insight and consultation for those who are able to directly lobby.

What that means is that while Lieberman cannot personally call up lawmakers and advocate on behalf of his client, he can direct other lobbyists on whom to call and how to present their case. As MSNBC’s Steve Benen put it, “Lieberman can’t say, ‘Let me call the chairman of the committee for you and tell him about your work.’ He can say, ‘You should call the chairman of the committee and tell him I referred you.’”

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