Happy New Year

Hope it’s better than this one!

FYI, the tradition hereabouts is to prepare 12 large grapes per person, and as the bells strike midnight, eat one per dong. If you can eat them all in time, you’ll have good luck for the next year.

My father (RIP) used to buy the largest, with pips, to make it harder still.

Cool tradition.

Best wishes to all!

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A Happy Story

When growing up in S.F Bay Area this was some of the great music. Santana Blues Band played at my HS. I never saw them there but I did at all the small clubs around the Bay Area. There’s a little more to the story and I’ll come back and add it later it will make more sense after you watch the 2 vids. I found this at digby who banned me yrs ago from commenting there but I happen to stop by to see if she was still a closet progressive and had this.




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