Fed Subsidy of the Wealthiest Admitted by Wal-Mart!

Will try to come back and answer posts, but exhausted. Moved home, but still working my ass off. Just wanted to get this out there.

Wal-Mart, for the first time in its annual reports, acknowledges that taxpayer-funded social assistance programs are a significant factor in its revenue and profits.

“Our business operations are subject to numerous risks, factors and uncertainties, domestically and internationally, which are outside our control … These factors include … changes in the amount of payments made under the Supplement[al] Nutrition Assistance Plan and other public assistance plans, changes in the eligibility requirements of public assistance plans, …”

IOW, 5 of the 10 richest people in America are relying on taxpayer dollars to fund their lavish lifestyles. While the TOPbaggers tell us giving them more money will make our lives better, and refuse to raise their taxes. Why this isn’t national news escapes me … oh, wait … I’ve been railing against how the “news” is reported for years, now. Maybe decades.

It seems really simple, to me. CUT taxes on incomes below $200K. if you have to RAISE taxes, do it onn incomes over $1,000,000 to 90%.

Yeah, I know, we’ll never do it. But, it seems more sensible to me to support this than railing against ALL Democrats, when some of them would support this and NO Republicans would.

Not to be a broken record, but I AM an anti-Republican, and not (necessarily) a pro-Democrat. Because Republicans suck, and teabaggers are WAY too stupid to see how they’re being manipulated by, inter alia, the Koch Bros.

$15 versus $1,000.000.

Seriously? D9 we need to have this dicsussion?

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What will come of this? Nothing, as usual?

A congressional committee on Wednesday criticized U.S. federal agencies for failing to detect and prevent last spring’s attack on the Boston Marathon.

A House Homeland Security Committee report criticized the Customs and Border Protection office, the FBI and other U.S. entities for their failure to adequately exchange information on Tamerlan Tsarnaev — one of the two men alleged to have concocted and carried out the bombing attack last April, the Boston Globe reported. Tsarnaev, who was killed in a shootout with police several days after the bombing, was initially investigated by the FBI in 2011.

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White House plan…

would end bulk collection of Americans’ phone data

The Obama administration is preparing legislation that would end the National Security Agency’s widespread collection of Americans’ phone data while, officials say, preserving the government’s ability to gain information about terrorists.

The legislation, senior officials say, would allow data about phone calls made to and from Americans to be kept at the phone companies. The companies would not be required to hold the data longer than they normally would.

The effort comes as the administration is up against a deadline set by President Obama in January, when he directed his subordinates to find a way to end the government’s mass collection of phone data, a program that has stirred controversy since it was revealed through a leak to the news media last June. He gave them until Friday to come up with options.

Read the rest at the link to the right wing WaPo. Seriously. Read it.

Bush/Cheney started it. Obama’s ending it. Sorta like the war in Iraq, and hopefully soon, the war in Afghanistan.

I seriously don’t understand why you guys think GOP Presidents are “no different” from Democratic Presidents. Bush the lesser was WAY worse than Reagan, who was WAY worse than Nixon, who was WAY worse than Eisenhower. (Yes, I left H.W. and Ford out on purpose. H.W. was a CIA spook and creepy as fuck, but at least he had the decency to raise taxes on rich fuckers, and Ford wasn’t elected.)

Our next GOP POTUS will make Reagan and Bush the lesser look like rational, saintly men. Our next GOP POTUS will end the first, fourth, and fifth amendments. Our next GOP POTUS will reduce corporate tax rates to zero, capital gains taxes, and end food stamps, extended UI, WIC, Obamacare (if the House and Senate are also GOP), and end if not seriously cripple SS and Medicare.

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Who the hell is Tony Blinken?

He’s saying that the Ruskies are on the verge of invading Ukraine.

Well, he comes from the CSIS. Another star official signed on by our “hope we can pray for” potus. CISIS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_for_Strategic_and_International_Studies   Scroll down and see the board of trustees, that includes Kissinger, Snowcroft, and other unsavoury critters.

These folks ain’t PNAC, but they’re hardly doves. As if the CFR wasn’t enough http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2b/CFR-Interlocks-2004.jpg

So, is the new plan to return to the cold war?

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