I am really liking this guy!

O’Malley: ‘The Presidency of the U.S. Is Not Some Crown to Be Passed Between Two Families’


“Martin O’Malley, a likely Democratic presidential candidate, took a shot this morning at Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, saying that the presidency is not a “crown” and need not “be passed between two families.” Of course Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton was president. And Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, and brother, George W. Bush, were both president.”


We next need to hear that Harvard and Yale are not the best colleges for nurturing presidents.

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Nationalism, and ‘isms

Nationalism is a relatively new illness.


Modern nationalism is a XIXth century invention. To a great extent is grew out of a SOCIAL and ECONOMIC situation that blew up in the revolutions of 1848 (a field largely overlooked by today’s historians, politicians and pundits).


Socioeconomic inbalances, IOW, social inequality, seek a solution. People are piised off at the status quo, look for an answer. The French Revolution, those of 1848, the rise of the ‘isms (nationalism, socialism, anarchism, communism, fascism, etc.), were not conscience intellectual ideological responses – the ‘isms gave a plausible response to an unendurable situation for the moiety. Today’s islamic fundamentalism, so misunderstood in the west, is another example of the same.


Of all te ‘isms, nationalism is perhaps the oldest – unless one obviates the sermon on the mount. Before the XIXth century, nationalism didn’t exist – there were few examples of nationali identity against an oppressor/occupier, at least on the grass-roots level. As people felt the weight of economic inequality, national identity grew out of one of our most basic and least attractive instincrs, xenophobia. “It’s not our fault, but that of those gosh darn foreigners”.


All the ‘isms sought a solution to the socioeconomic problems. Some of them proactively (socialism, communism, anarchicm, etc.) and others reactively – above all nationalism.”If only we were on our own, without oppressors, tomorrow would be paradise”. And from that sentiment, one of separation on the basis of cultural differences, nationalism reared its ugly head.


Things suck? Blame the jews, n*ggers, ruskies, irish, sp*cs or whatnot. The natural outcome of nationalism. It’s not our fault, it’s someone else’s. And such thinking leads to the nazis, the zionists (in an ironic twist of fate), the Ukranian-Russian crisis, and even the tea party.


In the end, nationalism is a confusion of symbol and reference. Historically, nationalism has been fomented by wealthy interests in an effort to redirect popular discontent, more often than not originated by the very excesses of the self-same wealthy interests. Even the american revolution was a manipulation of popular discontent in favour of wealthy interests, so huppcrisy is there for all to see.


Before the age of 18 I lived in 6 countries. Needless to say, having such  a background nationalism has always seemd totally artificial, alien and even evil. Pride in one’s culture is fine and dandy as long as it doesn’t exclude appreciation for other cultures – or indeed other socioeconomic situations. I’ve been alternatively admired or insulted because of my nationality or “roots” – which always bewildered me, ‘cos I never identified myself with such a grandfaloon.


But how many people live and die for such a ridiculous concept?


I am troubled by John Jost’s observations on the differences between “right and left” minds. The more I see of his and kindred studies, I find that the “conservative mindset” (usually wildly nationalistic) is sociopathic, just has others have observed that the “psychology” of corporations is sociopathic. Egocentrism – sociopathism (sic) – fear – need for closure – absolutism … they all run together. They are not attractive aspects for amy individual, but as a collective, they somehow gain a sense of propriety for many (go figure).


Nationalism is the compendium of these evils, be it usmerican, israeli, spanish, ukranian, russian or whatnot. Instead of being EXCLUSIVE we should be INCLUSIVE.


Otherhow (sic), why should such movies such as Independence Day be so popular amongst conservative nationalists? The emperor has no clothes!

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Hateful man announces hateful campaign for POTUS at hateful university…

Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Campaign at School Founded by Guy Who Blamed Gay People for 9/11

Notes: Audience was required to attend.
Some wore Rand Paul T-Shirts.
Cruz went to Princeton and Harvard Law.
He pandered for cell-phone numbers during his announcement.
He repeated the lie that “our laws come from God, not from man.” Hint, most of the founding fathers were diests. They were men. Most believed in deisim, which is not Christianity.

Stolen content:

This is the same guy, by the way, who once said:
“I think anyone in politics you’ve got a special obligation to avoid being a Pharisee, to avoid ostentatiously wrapping yourself in your faith,” Cruz said. “Because I think in politics, it’s too easy for that to become a crutch, for that to be politically useful.” The Pharisees were a Jewish sect known for strict observance of law.

Not only has Cruz wrapped himself in faith, he’s practically a mummy.

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Just WHO is really happier, the conservative or the liberal?

Exactly HOW would you measure that for the truth? Short of MRIs, this may be a good way to find the truth.

I was out in W. Kansas this week, and indeed, if the people are not from south of the border (which as come to be the majority now), indeed Conservatives did not put on their Happy Faces last week.

Maybe Conservatives Just Think They’re Happier Than Liberals

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Torture report provided rare public accountability for CIA

“Torture report provided rare public accountability for CIA

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate report on the CIA‘s post-Sept. 11 brutal interrogations shows how a rigorous examination of a secret agency can expose misconduct, incompetence and bureaucratic spin, even for doubters of the investigation’s assertion that torture did not work.”

I have been telling my Congressmen/woman that it is time to reshuffle the CIA, break it down and rebuild it. It is necessary to have an agency with the same mission as the CIA. However the CIA has become, I told them, so criminal in nature that it needs to be totally purged of administrators and some operatives. The politicization litter within it has totally disabled it’s ability to follow it’s mission. I cited that the CIA hauls drugs into the country to expose to our children, and that CANNOT, WILL NOT, SHOULD NOT be tolerated anymore. Suddenly, we have all this crap coming out about the CIA.

I can hardly wait for more Snowden files to be released. The worst of it is yet to come, I am assuming.

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What a bland (and misleading) article

NYT on Podemos.


The latest opinion polls show Podemos as being the most voted-for party in Spain. It is not “radical left” by a longshot – it’s pretty much what the Socialists were in 1982, before the fell into the “third way”.


If I didn’t know better I’d say that the author is “unsympathetic”. Details are lacking – all in all, a pretty shoddy piece of journalism that might have been written by a gifted but naive highschool student for the school paper.


Whatever happened to the NYT? Did it feel the need to go third way and dumbify itself in order to compete with Faux?


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Well, I have a registered corporate name, will have a fiscal license on Monday, and my client has informed me that I will not only carry on with them in Spain, but that I will also have Portugal, perhaps 20% more billing starting in April.


I haven’t broken the news to my boss yet (we have a big trial on the 16th), but on the 17th I will be giving him the news of his life. I have an office for 300€/month, I’ve bought a computer, have a domain, hosting and email, and am about to go off on my own!


Nervous as fuck, but at least my client is happy enough with me to offer another country! With another client or two and I’ll be sitting pretty.



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