I’m going to try to remember how to do this

But not tonight.

There is a campaign to block congress from access to web sites until the Patriot Act is gone. NSFW warning, nude photos of anti-Patriot Act activists at the site.

I have my doubts that many members of congress access this website, but why not?

I’m putting this info on other web sites that get more traffic, too.

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This just breaks my animal-loving heart

My dog, my family believes, was trained as a police dog, most specifically for sniffing. He is an extremely well-trained dog with a lot of spirit and is strong. He is very protective. We got him from the pound, who stated that he was running wild in Shawnee (very rich community). The dogs in these photos look much like him but my beloved has a black mask. Just did a summer trim job on him for the first time ever, opting to buy the clippers ($35) and do it myself, rather than paying $120 to have it done as we have before.



2 police dogs found dead in Florida officer’s SUV

Hialeah police officer apparently left dogs in vehicle

Published On: May 28 2015 07:43:18 AM EDT   Updated On: May 28 2015 12:14:02 PM EDT
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Think Wellstone! Think Carnahan! Think Murder!!


This technology has been around for a very long time.

Security expert said he accessed plane controls mid-flight


A security researcher told federal agents he was able to hack into aircraft computer systems mid-flight numerous times through the in-flight entertainment systems, and at one point he caused a plane he was on to move sideways, according to an FBI agent’s affidavit.

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The equivalent of state and local elections in Spain today – and Podemos, a party that didn’t exist a year ago – is the biggest winner.


It doesn’t have the most votes, but it’s pretty much the 2nd party. Overall, the parties that represent the left have won big time, and it’s likely that the biggest cities in Spain will be governed by Podemos.


Change CAN happen when people get fed up enough.


And, fwiw, the socialist, the “third way” party that emulates the dems, are pretty much condemned to be the thrrd party – and MUST move to the left in order to survive.


More over the next few days.

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