Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

Summer teevee sucks, so here’s something for you to do tonight (Monday), Tuesday night, and Wednesday night.

If you spot clear skies any evening this week, don’t miss your chance to witness a stunning close encounter of the two brightest star-like objects in the sky.

Venus and Jupiter—both dazzling star-like objects—will appear to huddle close together in the sunset skies this week. This will be the planets’ nearest approach in over a decade.


While limited in their scientific interest, historically Venus and Jupiter conjunctions may be a possible answer to the Star of Bethlehem legend. In the years 2 and 3 B.C. there was a similar series of three stunningly close pairings between the planets that would have caught the eye of ancient astronomers.

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Fvck Angela Merkel

Greece’s previous governments fucked up. And so did the entire EU when they put together the Euro without fully developing the necessary framework. And the fucking neoliberals that rule Europe are insisting that the Greeks basicall become slaves in order to pay an “odious debt”, and to pay in in a way that guarantees that the debt will never be fully repaid and that the Greek people can never get their heads above the water.


The apparent “last straw” has been Tsirpas very logical stance – to accept the Eurogroup’s final offer, he would have to have it approved via a referendum. This is fitting for the birthplace of democracy, one might think. And Herr Adolf Merkel said, more or less, that if a referendum takes place, it is between the Euro and the Drachma.


So, in all likelihood Greece will leave the Euro, which will put a run on Spanish, Portuguese and Italian debt (gotta love free marketry).


All of this is the goddam austerity bug, shown time and time again to be a major mistake (as indeed neoliberalism has). And at this point in time, I’m sorry to say, Herr Adolf Merkel may be a pawn of the US, but she’s empress of the EU.

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Alert For PNH

Hey Pnh,

I wanted to put my next personal health fad here for you.

My spouse has been insisting I drink kombucha, showers me with bottles of it, into which I sometimes put chia. He says it is making him feel much stronger and having easier thinking (which we all want when he is directing those studies).  Seems to be a huge fad right now. So I decided I wanted to make it. I shopped all day for scobe. Now I find that, if this intelligent guy is right, I don’t need scoby.Here is the fella who says you don’t need the “mushroom” or scoby. However, his cultures can create a scoby if we so desire. He says scobe/scoby (?) opens up more vulnerabilities in the kombucha. A talked with him for quite a while. Just thought you might be interested in this. Always sending lots of friendship and care your way.

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Windows 10

If anyone is planning to buy a new computer when Windows 10 comes out (July 29) I strongly advise that they wait a little bit.

On August 15, Intel will be unveiling a new generation of CPUs and motherboards (a new CPU-socket too, so new hardware will not be compatible with older hardware).

I am unsure if Intel will be shipping in volume the same day they announce, or whether they will take a month or two before the stuff is available. Historically both have happened when they’ve introduced new hardware.

But either way, if anyone buys a Windows 10 computer on July 29, their new computer will be obsolete in less than a month.

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Just thought you guys might be interested

I just made a post on Kos in reply to a front pager who’s really pretty good. I’ll reproduce it here, in its entirety, for those who don’t want to click on a Kos link (Uni).

I’m going to vote for Bernie (0+ / 0-)

I live in DE. My vote doesn’t matter, because I live in DE and we’re the second “blueist” “state” after DC. My vote is diluted compared to some “red” nightmare like WY, SD, or UT.

If that’s not blunt enough, my vote doesn’t count as much as a vote in a state like SD, where I grew up and a source of eternal shame, for me.

So, I don’t expect Bernie to be the nominee. I’d go further, and add that I’d expect Bernie to be the same disaster that Barry Goldwater was for conservatives, but I don’t have to, because he won’t be the nominee. Money will take over, and Clinton will win the Democratic primary.

And I will vote for her in the general election.

Because Republicans have gone batshit crazy.

But I have to be honest. I’m tired of voting against, instead of voting for.

Hillary is as pro-corp as it gets. And I’m for “we the people”. The huddled masses. The poor and middle class.

I think, like most politicians, Hillary is looking out for the people who will help her get elected. The wealthy, and the corporations (thanks to Citizens United).

Paint her as the best option. Don’t paint her as being responsible in looking out for my best interests. Bernie is that guy.

Am I nuts?

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