The rw party built an airport – 450 million euros – in Ciudad Real, a small town not too far from Madrid.


No planes fly there. It’s used by race-car drivers for practice. It has a full passenger terminal, parking lots, the whole shebang.


To cut losses the regional giovernment put it up for sale. The best bid – 10,000 € by a Chinese-financed company.


How the rw can have any credibility is beyond me.


It looks like the Chinese have an airport. And I’m angry, partly because -I- could have bought the damned thing!

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This entirely passed by me.

10 Mysterious Men Behind History’s Creepiest (True) Conspiracy


Could it be the reason why the world is in the state it is in today? If so, how do we stop something like this in the future?

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Major case of vacationitis

We’re off on the 25th, with brother-in-law and 2 nieces (13 and 15 yrs old) to Rome and Piano di Sorrento, for 10 days. Side trip to Capri, a boat rental for 1 day… 10 days of relative rest puntuated by extreme culture sideshows. Will bring my queimada bowl to make queimadas with Italian grappa, using the excellent Sorrento lemons and torrefato coffee beans for flavour. A gift to the Vilaggio – this will be our 3rd stay there and it pays to make friends.


Then, the last week of August, a further 8 days vacation in Malta at the Seabank Resort (out 2nd stay). Besides a visit to Valetta and Comino, this will be beach time. We had planned on Tunisia, but for obvious reasons this was changed.


Stewie comes, will post photos. Meanwhile, work is next to impossible. I’ve had 4 days off since January (otherwise working 7 days a week), so I’m close to my limit.


Last planned trip this year will be in November to Tolouse to see the Stranglers concert. A 3 day escapade on the high speed train…


After all my working weekends, I’ll still have my 20 working-day vacation free for any targets of opportunity, though I doubt the workload will let me use them.




I’m SO glad not to live in the US. 2 weeks vacation if you’re lucky? No way José.

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