Merry xmas

2019 years and 9 months ago, Jesus was born.

So that’s why we celebrate on the birth date of the pagan god Mithras/Sol Invictus. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Well, the xtians weren’t the only ones to screw dates up. Sol Invictus’ birthdate was supposed to coincide with the lengthening of days after the shortest day of the year, so the pagans were off by a couple of days.


The xtians really have chronological problems though – Jesus was born (probably, if he existed as such) in March of 5 BC. March, fwiw, was the first month of the Roman year (thus September is the 7th month).


But what does truthiness have to do with xtianity? It’s a sect of judaism and it’s divorced itself from almost all things Jewish. So-called judeo-xtian values are, in reality, offshoots of good-old Stoic philosophy. To recruit the faithful they adopted traditional pagan holidays and changed their names. It’s the ultimate conspiracy theory – some very manipulative men co-opted a sect, adopted it to be acceptable to the pagans, and created a clergy that (unlike pagan priests) had/has political/spiritual and even temporal power. An alternative government, if you will, that has almost always aspired to govern on is own – directly or through the manipulation of temporal governments.


IMHPOV, xtianity is one of the most pernicious cults ever created by the diseased imagination of man. A few hundred xtians were martyred by the Romans, and once in power, they commenced to kill pagans and those xtians that didn’t agree with orthodox ideas – and they still do so today. Islam’s violent streak was inherited from past masters of violent actions, those peace-loving xtians. Xtianity destroyed the classical world and brought about the Dark Ages.


So forgive me for saying Merry Xmas – and allow me to say Happy Mithras Day! Even if it’s a few days late.


Oh, and Io Saturnalia!

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Even ExxonMobil says climate change is real.

So why won’t the GOP?


To understand how dangerously extreme the Republican Party has become on climate change, compare its stance to that of ExxonMobil.

No one would confuse the oil and gas giant with the Sierra Club. But if you visit Exxon’s website, you will find that the company believes climate change is real, that governments should take action to combat it and that the most sensible action would be a revenue-neutral tax on carbon — in other words, a tax on oil, gas and coal, with the proceeds returned to taxpayers for them to spend as they choose.

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Geminids set to light up winter sky in year’s best meteor shower

Date:December 10, 2015

Source:Royal Astronomical Society (RAS)

Summary:From 13 to 15 December, weather permitting, skywatchers across the world will be looking up as the Geminid meteor shower reaches its peak, in potentially one of the best night sky events of the year.

Viewing guide to the 2015 Geminid meteor shower

December 9, 2015 by Bob King, Universe Today
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Hillary Clinton’s Ghosts

Don’t misunderstand me. If she’s the Democratic party’s nominee, I’m voting for her. But I’m voting Bernie in the primary…

Link: A Legacy of Pushing the Democratic Party to the Right

I don’t want “Obama-light”. I want “change I can believe in”.

But I’m voting for Hillary if her opponent is _______________ (any candidate from the Republican clown car).

It just makes me feel so icky…

IOW, it sickens me to know that my choice will be Hillary, or some far-right leaning loon who will bring about global economic destruction.

“NEOLIBERALISM (TM)” has no home if not in the Republican party.

Why don’t we have a choice, any more? Is it the media? The RW noise machine? The stupid, reality-hating evangelicals? Wall Street? Citizens United and/or rampant money in politics? Bad court decisions?

It’s gotten so bad I can’t nail it down, any more. All of the above?

I guess I can advocate for Bernie until the cows come home, but I can’t make America any smarter, or make voters care more about what a train-nwreck, for example, Ted Cruz or Rand Paul would be.

I’m hoping for massive voter turnout in the general election because Republicans only win when “no one” shows up. Because they REALLY suck that bad.

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Everyone Who Has Ever Worked With Ted Cruz Despises Him

As the Republican clown car of presidential candidates continues to merrily roll along, there has been an interesting development over the past couple weeks. Ted Cruz is suddenly rising in the polls, inching above Ben Carson and closer to puzzlingly perpetual leader Donald Trump. It’s been so noticeable that some are even warning that the country should prepare for President Cruz.


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