But this is nothing new. They have been having troubles being “liked” for decades now.

Constitutional Sheriff blocked FDA from raiding a small raw milk farmer, citing federal ‘harassment’ of citizens

I am going to call and ask my sheriff if he will take a stand against the Feds on things like this. But this town has a resolution that forces the fed to go thru a local court and judge before they can do anything. Don’t know about the county tho.

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Yet Another RIP: Beloved Umberto Eco

One of my beloved authors and life-guides has ceased to breathe. I mourn this man far more than I care about Scalia and the consequences of the judge’s death.  In Eco’s passing, we have lost a man who can make fun of the most serious issues, who can turn our heads to what the real world is, despite the outrageous disguise placed on reality by memes and thought forms and propaganda and concepts and brainwashing techniques. He was an author that made me so frequently laugh out loud, humor that was, in some remarkable way, NOT lost in translation.

I mourn for the works Eco will no longer create. I mourn selfishly for the laughs I will not have due to his humor and realistic look at the human condition.

Who cares about politics when there is an Eco book waiting to be read?

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Another RIP

Scalia’s outtahere. Not such a big deal.

The real kick in the nuts? Harper Lee passed.


What a world we live in, where the likes of Scalia and Lee coincided in time. Soul-less egocentrics and soulfull empathizers… it seems that the former are superfluos and the latter woefully sparse.


My mom turned me on to Harper Lee, seeing a reflection of my grandad in Atticus Finch. I must have been 10 – and knowing the region where Mockingbird took place, and knowing the story of my grandad – she struck a chord. I cannot conceive of a person that can’t be touched by Mockingbird (book or movie), but alas, the likes of Scalia are indeed untouched by it (for the most part).


We often talk about the increasing rift between the right and left (polarization), but I think that we are actually different species. The right seems to be akin to some sort of Apsberger Syndrome, where empathy doesn’t register, while the left is diverse yet looking towards a hopeful future.


Lee (and my grandad, a Baptist minister in Depression Mississipi that had a mixed congregation, that ran for state congress and died of meningitis during his campaign yet was posthumously elected) had a hopeful vision, while Scalia and his ilk see the world as a sort of dog-eat-dog, social darwinisic sort of place.


Oh well, bummed out about Lee’s passing, and getting maudlin.

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