Just Thinking: “Muslim Brotherhood”

caps for emphasis only.

So we are told all the time about the “Muslim Brotherhood”. What we are not told is whether this “brotherhood” is Shiite or Sunni. Now those two muslim factions fight to the death WITH EACH OTHER. How are we to believe that these two have united and have created a (manufactured!!) sense of terror throughout the world? Are we being asked to believe in the impossibilities regarding the “Muslim Brotherhood”? Or are we simply not supposed to question what we are told like this post does?

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Hillary Clinton is a piece of shit.

Hillary Clinton penned an op-ed on CNN today, asserting that women are treated worse than men by the criminal justice system, and pledging to make gender-based inequality the law of the land:

“I will institute gender-responsive policies in the federal prison system and encourage states to do the same…”

This is what a feminist looks-like. It’s Un-American. They use ‘Equality’ to mean the-opposite, as-in George Orwell’s 1984:


When it comes to unequal treatment by police, courts, and prisons… gender is SIX TIMES as big a factor as race/ when measuring different-punishment for the same-crime. In other words, you’re far better-off receiving the punishment usually given a black woman/ than given to a white man. Clinton pledges to make the disparity worse, showing compassion only for the mitigating factors which land girls & women in trouble with the law, not boys or men.

Only the most spiteful part of me loves Donald Trump, but he’s far more sane a choice than Clinton.

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This has litle to do with you Americans, but Patrick Stewart does a great python

I am beginning to admire this guy 🙂

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Who taught the Hellens? Icon, any thoughts?


I am sorry, Tim. This is not political. It is a rat-race that is better to observe than to participate, that is until I run for the school board or something.

Just came across Thales. Had to review today’s public knowledge of him. It tells who he taught, but not who taught him. What I read, not knowing if there is any proof to it, is that Thales was educated in Egypt.

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Pardon the pun.

Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

My words: Saudi Arabia is saying that they will dump US assets if they are blamed for 9-11. In reality, Israel and Saudi Arabia DID 9-11, with the help of Israeli-Americans and their friends in the DOD and in other high level places of the USA government (Richard Perle and so on). I remind that the planes used Israeli software to run the planes on remote. Also that the DOD comptroller who lost those trillion$ was an Israeli-American. Doug Feith (in an office next to DOD head Rumsfeld) and Richard Perle (led the Joint Chiefs of Staff for a while, whose company SOLD protection from terrorism to governments) are, if they are still alive, both duel citizens of Israel and the USA. Finally we are getting some 9-11 truth. This is just more of Israel farming out their terrorism skills, honed on the Palestinians. There is evil in this world and it is in governments at high levels. Netty, you are going to have a very hard fall. Just watch it happen. It will play thru. This post is NOT about religion. – Uni



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Panama Papers

Caught the news on Spanish teevee, Spanish papers, the Guardian… but didn’t see it in the NYT’s. At least not until now, and apparently only with regards to Iceland’s PM.

It’s all about offshore companies, tax havens, “fiscal paradises” et al.

Big names involved. Perhaps it ain’t big news over there ‘cos tax cheating is so common as to be accepted? WTF knows, I’m so outta touch with the US that I have no idea.

Are we (you) so inured to the idea of big money getting out of paying taxes that nary an eye blinks when such a tremendous leak leaks out?

FWIW, IMHO let companies and the wealthy be taxed in the country where they earn or store their wealth. Let every country have the same tax rates (or at least similar). Microsoft, Google or Kraft make a killing in, say, France? Pay French taxes on that killing – and don’t do a double-dutch in order to pay Luxembourg rates.

I don’t blame the companies (or the wealthy) for avoiding paying tax. I DO blame them for making political contributions that make it possible to have dometic or international loopholes in order to avoid paying.

And I blame the electorate for letting this shit happen, under the watch of “either” party here, there or anywhere else.

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Kewl. Logging on here feels like Science Fiction. Like a dusty, decrepit cobwebbed computer, adrift in space, blinking to life. Hello, familiar people.

Im alive. Living in a 5’x8′ room, with my aging dog. I rent from a pregnant couple, so I’ll have to leave before the baby comes. Most likely, I’ll buy high-milage decommissioned taxi minivan & live in it. Last year I lived in a rusty cargo van, literally deemed a ‘scofflaw’ by nyc traffic enforcement, moving art for rich clients for cash– in a business model based on Han Solo– until it was hit on the highway, I did a night in jail, other dramatic bumps occurred, & then I was sleeping on park benches, stairwells, construction sites & sidewalks. All that was pretty-much fallout from E leaving-me, over a year ago. She did it an unnecessarily-hard way, which shook me. Hard to get back on my feet. I didn’t fall into drugs or booze, but life got hairy. I was too traumatized to function & thousands of dollars of work went un-invoiced, unpaid. There were some high points, too. Miley Cyrus hired me for 19 hours in Miami, to help her hot-glue pills & beads on her six-foot bong. I salvaged an abandoned Vespa from the gutter this winter & bombed-around Queens, wearing a mask/ with no license plate. I fooled-around with quite a few shockingly-hot shockingly-young babes. But once I established I -could-, I eased off that. My social life has dwindled to– a handful of girls who I tried dating & it didn’t click– but we kept meeting for dinner occasionally. Most of my old friends are long-gone. My computer is broken, my phone barely works. I’m long-overdue to see the dentist. Taxes unpaid. I’ve tried to avoid indulging in self-destruction, but haven’t entirely succeeded. Politically, my view of the world has become harsh– like a housepet abandoned on the highway. I’m not fully rooting for Trump, just to watch the world burn. But many of the people here– who turned their back when I needed help– are good-little Bernie & Hillary supporters. Trolling them with Make America Great Again talk is a spiteful pleasure.

I’m bragging a bit, and whining, but not exaggerating.

My latest project is being fanatical about what I eat, for the first time in my life. On the ‘Keto’ diet. I weigh everything I eat to the gram, on a little drug dealer scale. Super-low carbs, lots of fat, a precise amount of protein to avoid losing muscle. Dropped 10 pounds in 2 weeks (much of it water, surely) & steady since-then.

Uncertainty about what comes next scares me, but I expect it to be better than the 2015 was. I suppose that’s why I’m here. Wanna drop in somewhere where people have known me a while. Get my bearings. So, hi.

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