Anyone see…

Where to Invade Next?

Cherrypicked to be sure, but (IMHO) only a trumpian confederate neofascist goper would disagree.

It fails in identifying the one charecteristic that conjoins the positive examples the man makes – empathy.

You know, that human capacity that is sorely lacking amongst the rw.

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trolley problem

I think the political schism in the US is best described by this WIRED article, about the ‘kill whitey’ variation on the ‘trolley problem’:

Basically, in a crisis where someone must suffer, some people would err on the side of ‘Us’ being the ones to suffer. And others would err on the side of ‘Them’ bearing the suffering.

One side leaned toward Hillary, the other toward Trump.

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I’ve been on a good roll. Found a low-rent basement apartment in Queens. Worked for Cartier for fashion week, then Ralph Lauren; where I made solid new friends. Then a few weeks on another fashion show, hobnobbing with Rosario Dawson & Ice Cube: Then Dior hired me to hang all the art for this event: Then I worked on a magazine cover shoot for this band:

I lost 45 pounds, down from 222. Became popular with women. Dated a blonde korean 18 year old succubus with a daddy fetish– & managed to disentangle myself without disease, arrest, bankruptcy, or getting shot by her homicide-detective-ex. Then switched to dating a tattooed russianmongolianjapanese ex-addict (nearing AARP age)… who is unflappably calm. Learned a lot about myself from those gals. No one may ever replace my ex, but I’m lucky to have what I do.

And then Trump won. Whatever-else that portends, the last few days have been delicious schaudenfreude for me. I didn’t fully realize how much it bothered me to have my entire perspective & contribution reduced to “straight white male racist sexist homophobic misogynist transphobic piece of shit ‘bro’ who should be ignored”… until the regressives making such accusations had their party rained on, bigtime.

There’s no security in my run of good luck. I could be living-low again, quite quickly, if fortune shifts. But this run has taught me things which can’t be taken away from me. Hello compatriots, I hope you’re all doing well.

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