My gods, no wonder there is chaos in DC. The ultimate socialist who ran this country is DEADDEADDEAD. THE USA just lost it’s greatest and dearest oligarch member. Watch closely who mourns his death.



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*pResident tRump is a bully The GOP are bullies

Fer fucks sake, if tRump was my child he’d get “a good talking to” for this tRump is an asshole. Again.

“No, little Donny, you can’t push your friends down on the playground any more. It’s not nice.”

It’s inescapable, tRump is an embarrassment. We’re better than him. We’re ALL better than himself. Even tRump supporters. *pResident tRump is the shining shit-storm on the hill. An already-proven disaster.

Someone on Bill Maher last Friday said “Hillary’s better than tRump” and the reply was “that’s a pretty low bar.” I absolutely agree.

AFAIC, Hillary was a POS candidate.

But tRump? Jeebus, off the charts! There’s no way this guy should have EVER been given the nuclear codes. “Hey, dictator of the Philippines, responsible for the deaths of thousands in a “drug war”, wanna know where our nuclear submarines are?” Yeah, he did that.

Hey Russia, wanna know where we get our information? Here’s some information that can EASILY be traced back to the source, that asked us not to reveal it. Yeah, he did that.

The idiot in chief’s performance at the NATO country meeting is embarrassing to me, as an American. If it’s not, to you, you’re an idiot.

We can get into how the GOP supports the POS POTUS later. Suffice it to say, they’ll do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to avoid the veto pen on the heinous legislation they want to pass.

This is a fight.

Don’t let the bullies win. Kick ’em in the nuts, then the face.

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“Fake News”

Uni, you either don’t understand, or you’re trying to hijack the tRumptwitter thread. Either way, I’m providing this thread for you to rant and rail about “fake news”, a phrase that originated with your hero, Donald J. tRump. Allow me to respond to the last barf-inducting spew that you hurled in that thread:

“But you see, you are believing the fake news from meanstream media. At some point in your mind, you must have a internal crap detector somewhere going off on all those stories you read… from both sides of the spectrum. You should listen more closely for it.”

Apparently, you’ve forgotten that I’m a trained scientist. Scientists are skeptical by nature. Just ask Pons and Fleischman. (OK, i googled it, you lazy fuckers) If a source tells me something SURPRISING, about something I CARE about, I’m going to perform their experiment and see if I can reproduce their results, or at least look to other sources to see if their claim to discover is believable.

If a source tells me something that’s completely believable, and predicted by existing theory, I MAY not, but I always can if something pushes this all sideways.

But you see, you are believing fake news is 100% of reality, 100% of the time. <=== See what I did, there?
“Fake news” is a tRumpian term, further proving (at least to me) that you’re a tRump supporter. Not saying you voted for him, just saying I can’t respect that. Anyone who still supports tRump is an idiot. I have no reason to argue with tRump supporters. It’s like wrestling a wet pig. I end up smelling like a wet pig, and the pig’s not going to change it’s mind.

“Was it Marcus or Seneca the younger who said that all is opinion?”

Who cares? Whoever it was, was wrong. EXCEPTION: whoever wins the war writes the history.

“Don’t take the news as anything but opinion and you will be able to rise above the chaos in DC.”

2 + 2 = 4 is ONLY YOUR OPINION!

“Why on earth do people take for fact the reports that come from unnamed people? If it doesn’t have a real name to the report, why even consider it?”

See above.

If a source tells me something that’s completely believable, and predicted by existing theory, not so much. Fake news is NOT 100% of reality, 100% of the time. DON’T try and walk back your high-and-mighty opinion that it is.

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Legal Terms You Need to Know

Consciousness of Guilt

Evidentiary rules allow a prosecutor to introduce testimony that tends to show that the defendants actions prove he knew he was guilty (at least of something). This is sometimes referred to as “consciousness of guilt”.

I don’t believe this will apply to tRump’s impeachment proceedings because I believe it will be easy to prove he doesn’t know ANYTHING about ANYTHING. All the same, I think he’s guilty of obstruction of justice.

BTW, “evidentiary rules” means “evidence that is judged as FACTUAL evidence by the judge”.

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Massive Global Computer Hacks – Make Sure You Are Fully Patched NOW

“The malicious software — called ‘ransomware’ because it encrypts systems and threatens to destroy data if a ransom is not paid — is spreading among computers that have not been patched, experts said.”


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