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  1. Sometimes I think that democracies, inarguably the most warlike countries throughout history, run things as if they’re facebots….

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  2. That’s pretty cool, Alvy.

    Off topic, but I’ve got 3 jokes for you.

    This one’s clean:

    What kind of computer sings?
    A Dell.

    Then there’s these 2:

    What did the gay deer say as he was leaving the bar?
    I can’t believe I just blew 50 bucks!

    And remember, a world without women would be a pain in the ass.

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  3. The Facebook parody, from a historical perspective, is piquant.

    History is the folly of mankind’s idiotic mistakes, for the most part.

    Both WW’s, and particularly the 2nd, were largely avoidable, and reflect our folly. Yet 60 years hence we still place our fight in WWII as some sort of “good war” as if St. Augustine was still alive and kicking.

    WWII was no “good war” and certainly no “just war”. That’s just the propaganda, and I’d wager that within a generation or two it will have the same reputation as Vietnam or Iraq.

    What WAS “good” about WWII, seems to be that most Americans truly felt that they were fighting a just war, even if it wasn’t. If there’s any degree of innocence with regards to WWII, it’s that the American people were pretty much wholeheartedly behind it, notwithstanding some pre-Pearl Harbour ugliness.

    We pretty much forced Japan to attack us, that’s pretty clear. It’s also to our previous generation’s credit that it took an actual attack to make it tow the government’s line, unlike OUR generation. What with WMD’s, confusion between 9/11 and Saddam, etc.

    The facebook parody shows up another point. Facebook is, if anything, a faithful reflection of society today, including democracy. Democracies have almost always been the most warlike societies in history, and from the PR perspective, the parody isn’t too far off from the public/political discourse of the time.

    Needless to say, I’m pretty much fed up with democracy as it’s devolved into today. On one side we have an uninformed electorate, on the other we have one that is OVERinformed, in the form of disinformation.

    At least in the Ancien Regime the aristocracy was somewhat “responsible” in comparison to today’s corporate aristocracy. The old nobles didn’t have the need to provide immediate and extensive profits at any cost, they were willing (for the most part) to milk the labor of the poor slowly but surely. Today’s oligarchs are “full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes”, regardless of the consequences.

    Perhaps it’s the anonymity of being a corporate minion that makes them worse, by all lights, than a nobleman of the 15th century, that had a name and a reputation to defend.

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  4. We pretty much forced Japan to attack us, that’s pretty clear.

    If so, then Japan forced us to drop the A-bombs.

    That Facebook parody is censored (they left out the Anne Frank comment).

    Plus the original has three parts.




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