Iraq War, Revisited

Nothing in the past few decades has eroded America’s credibility, its standing in the world, its capacity to go to war, like the war in Iraq. We expended billions upon billions of dollars and thousands of human lives in pursuit of showing off how tough we were, and the result was a disaster.

In the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, candidates Representatives Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, then-Senator Barack Obama (Now President of the United States), Senators Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton and Mike Gravel were some of the most outspoken critics of the Iraq War. Other than the Pauls, who are right about this like a stopped clock (and wrong about pretty much everything else), and are libertarians, not Republicans, has any Republican ever expressed regret for support Bush and Cheney’s illegal war of aggression? That slimy little weasel Lindsey Graham and John “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iraq” McCain (or is that John “stupid enough to pick Sara Freakin’ Palin as his running mate” McCain) are saying Putin’s doing his thing because “Obama’s too soft” on … something. Foreign policy, maybe? Whatever, as long as the certifiably insane GOP/Teabagger party isn’t to blame. For a situation that we have no control over…

Keeping Republicans out of the White House, permanently, really does matter.

But frankly, their “base” is so bug-fuck nuts, now, that anyone who could win a TeabaggerOP primary couldn’t win a general election, so we got that going for us, which is nice.

I think about McCain/Palin finishing their second term, and Palin being in line to be the next POTUS and my mind wobbles…

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Author: Timbuk3

Non-descript politically active male seeks like-minded for purposes of restoring democracy.

7 thoughts on “Iraq War, Revisited”

  1. The U.S. government has acknowledged that it swept up huge volumes of data from emails in the U.S. for several years without any court approval, based solely on the orders of former President George W. Bush.

    Reagan, then Bush the lesser, changed this country. For the worse.

    And I don’t see anyone, anywhere, doing anything positive to change it back.

    Some Democrats, maybe, no Republicans, DEFINITELY not teabaggers. No citizen indicates by the way they vote that they want this, the brainwashing is complete:

    The Second Bill of Rights was a list of rights proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt during his State of the Union Address on January 11, 1944.[1] In his address Roosevelt suggested that the nation had come to recognize, and should now implement, a second “bill of rights”. Roosevelt’s argument was that the “political rights” guaranteed by the constitution and the Bill of Rights had “proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.” Roosevelt’s remedy was to declare an “economic bill of rights” which would guarantee:

    Employment, with a living wage
    Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies
    Medical care
    Social security

    Roosevelt stated that having these rights would guarantee American security, and that America’s place in the world depended upon how far these and similar rights had been carried into practice. Later in the 1970s, Czech jurist Karel Vasak would categorize these as the “second generation” rights in his theory of three generations of human rights.

    We’re frogs, being boiled slowly. Our kids will think rising sea levels are normal, because they won’t remember when we didn’t put so much carbon into the atmosphere. They’ll just know the “only” way to get to the 7-11 to buy a chili dog is to drive there, so “what are we gonna do?”.

    Same with us. We don’t remember the conditions that led our ancestors to fight against the free market, and 80 hour work weeks for kids under 14 years of age, and all the shit the previous “job creator” heroes the T/GOP hold out as heroes will dole out to us if we gut the unions and give them their Koch-astroturfed “free market”. So far too many of us vote against our own interests, for Koch backed candidates, for vicious Darwinian capitalists, tax breaks for millionaires.

    God, tonight I just feel like my generation is so complacent and stupid…

    I think (but I’m not sure) that Alvy and I agree on this: “Democracy” can’t be the best form of government because “the people” are too stupid to govern themselves. I think this is what my 11th grade civics teacher meant when he said “the best form of government is a benevolent dictatorship”.

    Here’s a gratuitous picture of a traffic jam in Dubai, where they have a benevolent dictatorship:

    But, we don’t have a benevolent dictatorship in the USA, the most war-like nation at least since the Romans, maybe in the history of the world. We have a democracy, which requires us to participate. And…

    We don’t, because “our” candidates aren’t perfect…

    So we DON’T got that going for us, which is decidedly NOT nice.

    How do you feel about your “democracy” this morning, when you’re stuck in traffic and worried about losing your job, your employer already looking for the next round of sacrificial lambs, because demand isn’t there, sitting there in your shitty Ford Fiesta?

    PS-the frog boiling thing will apply to being spied on will apply in 20 or 30 years, because my/our generation is so worthless. C’est la vie is our motto. Such is life. The new normal is frightening, and IT’S ALL OUR FAULT because we’re willing to settle for cheap gas and Big Macs.

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  2. “I think (but I’m not sure) that Alvy and I agree on this: “Democracy” can’t be the best form of government because “the people” are too stupid to govern themselves.”

    Well, it takes a well-informed electorate for “democracy” to run – not to mention principled and ethical politicians.

    “But, we don’t have a benevolent dictatorship in the USA, the most war-like nation at least since the Romans…”

    Well, since the Roman republic – ‘cos the empire fought precious few wars that weren’t in self-defence.

    “We have a democracy, which requires us to participate. And…
    We don’t, because “our” candidates aren’t perfect…”

    I don’t consider the candidates as perfect or imperfect. I see them as players in a kabuki, playing roles required to garner enough popularity to be elected – and then do what their real masters want them to do.

    And they’re not the electorate, that’s for sure. And that’s the crux of the biscuit.

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  3. ” No citizen indicates by the way they vote that they want this, the brainwashing is complete:”

    Uh, no citizen is even offered anything similar to that. Which is part of the problem.

    At best we get rosy, hazy, empty rhetoric, we vote for unarticulated change, and we get same’ol same’ol.

    Dictatorships are notorious in fomenting political apathy. I’ve lived under a couple, so I know whereof I speak. Dictatorships make their subjects know that they have no way to change things politically, so “get on with your life”. Seems to me that our purported democracies are doing a better job at that than even the worst dictators.

    Change? Voting for a D or an R? Gimme a break,

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  4. Change? Voting for a D or an R? Gimme a break,

    Yep more spying on the public under 0, no one on wall street goes to jail, no one in the belt way is held accountable, police routinely gun down unarmed citizens doing nothing other in the wrong place or being black but they’re back to work. Steubenville rapist only get 2yrs but is let out after 8 months, hacker that would let go of the story gets 20yrs.

    I do believe the coup for control of Amerika has already taken place and who ever is potus is just an hired actor and if they do well they make millions when they leave office, just look at big dog.

    Death of Demo party happened here, long but great read.

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  5. The dems lost it with Truman. FDR was a temporary, if great, bright spot.

    JFK was charismatic, but basically a populistic windbag. IOW, Obama’s (and Bubba’s) precedent. RFK might have been different, but we’ll never know. And the DNC put Hubert in front of him, which says a lot.

    There have been some great dem senators and congressmen, but always a tiny minority. Yet progressives, clinging to whatever is at hand, still look to the likes of those rare gems while cringing to vote for what is actually available.

    Today’s dem is to the right of a 1971 republican, yet looking at various polls one can see that the democratic electoral base is looking for an FDR or RFK, a Fulbright or whatnot. The fact that they’re not available is a dead giveaway.

    Some will say that such progresives are “not electable”. Who says? If the DNC put its weight behind a real progressive instead of submarining them, would they have less possibilities than a tea partier?

    The TP’s been successful because they’ve painted themselves as “the voice of a sector”. Of course, they’re an astroturfed movement based on manipulation and propaganda… Imagine a POPULAR (as opposed to a populist) candidate, identifying and supporting the interests of the moiety and eschewing the interests of the elite.

    Frankly, in this age of economic “crisis”, that’s a winner. But that’s not in the interest of the DNC. That’s a simple fact.

    Obama’s screwed another generation of americans by pretending to be what he wasn’t. More apathy is on the menu, and corporations are going ot have a billion martini lunch because of him.


    I’m sorry Nader lost years ago. Seeing Kerry’s assinine actions as SecState, if Nader helped him to lose, I’m glad. Dubya was horrible, but what’s worse is that the opposition to what Dubya supposedly represented mucked up their opportunity to bury the ideas attributed to him.

    I will never again vote for a “D” unless he/she/it puts forth an articulated platform and follows it. As for Obama – I leave him on the garbage heap of the Bubbas, Trumans, Carters et al.

    In the end, the greatest pity might be that Adlai Stevenson lost. Now that would have been an interesting change if he’d one! Or if RFK hadn’t been bumped off.

    What’s crystal clear, however, is that the false dichotomy is indeed false.

    Where’s the change?

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  6. “Death of Demo party happened here, long but great read.”

    Sorry, disagree, Happened a lot earlier.

    Strauss was just another CFR dino. They started to have influence with Truman. Look up Stimson’s influence on that poor buckwheat. And Dulles’ mentallity has actually been used as a definition of b&w thinking…

    Yes, I’m being opaque. I’m looking to have people look some things up as opposed to merely blurting out my ideas… 🙂

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