Unfair and Unbalanced

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly loses custody of his children after alleged domestic violence incident.

Do I really need to comment on this?

Choking wife; bad.

Bill O’Reilly; bad.

“Christians” who will rally to defend O’Reilly; bad. (See “War on Christmas”, TM Bill O’Reilly.)

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Author: Timbuk3

Non-descript politically active male seeks like-minded for purposes of restoring democracy.

8 thoughts on “Unfair and Unbalanced”

  1. Schadenfreude moment? lol

    I wouldn’t expect less from blowhard. Of course, cognitive dissonance will kick in amongst blowhard fans. You know, the denial club where people who get out of selective service because of ass problems are still copasetic.

    Hell, those folks are trumpers… What can one think about people without the wherewithal to detect the squirrel on Trump’s head? Blowhard can’t see his kids? Limbaugh is out of his mind? Don’t matter, they speak to the inner (racist, ignorant, idiotic) repub.

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  2. I think Trump is a parody. I think he is deliberate in this parody. He is duping people who are always duped by all politicians. The fact is that campaign promises mean nothing. They meant nothing to Obama, Bush, W. Clinton, Bush. They mean nothing now. The presidential election is no longer based on rationalism. If you choose your candidate based on rationalism, then you are being duped.

    Trump takes his playbook from O’R. The outrageous claims made by O’R are now accepted and mainstream examples of methods for getting people to listen, to like, to dislike, to incite, and to later purge.

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  3. Voters should remember that Trump was a Hillary supporter.

    Food for thought.

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  4. Trump is such a stupid asshole. I mean, he hasn’t taken a plausible, well-thought-out position on ANYTHING. “It’s gonna be so great” and “I’m used to winning” aren’t positions on what we should do to rebuild our infrastructure, how to re-balance the inequities between the rich (read this as “ruling class” or “1%”) and the poor/middle class (read this as 99% of Americans), address foreign policy, or…

    …why the fuck am I dignifying tRump by pointing out what a transparently hollow ASS he is? I suppose because he’s the current GOP front-runner. Much to the horror of the GOP.

    The only “principled” candidate is Cruz, and he’s a complete dick, putting ideology ahead of being adaptable to the situation. Not to mention that I disagree with (probably) everything he believes. Maybe not on the second amendment, but he’s still a dick for shutting down the government. Seriously, what a dick!

    So, here we are again. We have a GOP field who SHOULD be inelectable, and a GOP electorate all gung-fucking-ho to vote for them.

    An uninspired Dem likely front-runner (seriously, ANOTHER Bush or Clinton?).

    And some fringe candidates (Jill somebody) who don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning ANYTHING other than their fringe party’s fringe primary to nominate a fringe candidate.

    I’m almost 60 years old, and the American people have learned NOTHING. We repeat the same mistakes, over and over.

    It’s time for a change, and Bernie represents the best chance for that change. The idiot Republicans will “change” things, but definitely not for the better. Let me be clear; if you make less than 5 million dollars a year, the GOP won’t “help” you. Not in their SCOTUS nominations, not in their policies, not in anything.

    Do you think “black lives matter”?

    Not to the GOP.

    Are you part of the 99% (e.g. ALL of us)?

    You shouldn’t vote GOP. Google it.

    I think the very real possibility exists that we’ll elect Trump, and everything goes to shit for everyone but the 1%. I have no respect for the average American voter. It’s quite possible that we (and I include the rest of world, not just the US) are well and truly fucked, this time.

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  5. I will vote for Trump before I would vote for Hillary.

    I went to the caucus, just as it opened. Drove 10-12 miles for that. And back. however, i wasn’t on the list so I couldn’t stand for Bernie. I have placed my voter information on private, so I don’t get the calls, don’t get the mailings. And no one can go to the registered voter list to access my information. It ust have also purged my name from the party list, while I do indeed vote in every single election, including that ones that only have 16% turnout, without any trouble at all. In fact, the ladies at the polls know me. I tried to fulfill my pledge to Bernie.
    So my day will partially be spent watching KU play.

    Tim, we don’t repeat the mistakes. The election process is tainted. Bush The Stupider has shown that the election can indeed by purchased. Electronic voting needs to go. Back to paper and pen/pencil.

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  6. “I’m almost 60 years old, and the American people have learned NOTHING. We repeat the same mistakes, over and over.”

    See my latest quote of the day.

    “I have no respect for the average American voter.”

    IMO, this latest incarnation of american stupidity dates back to McCarthy. Anything intellectual or indeed intelligent became unpalatable for many, if not most, americans. Adlai was crucified for it, and subsequent intelligent politicos (JFK, Obama) had to hide behind a façade of being a “jock”, or at least being jocular.

    When a country villifies intelligence (and castrates education), whaddya expect?


    I’d love to see some stats on what used to be a positive (from the US POV) brain drain. Europe is awash with expats, and the number seems to grow every year.

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  7. “I will vote for Trump before I would vote for Hillary.”

    Seriously? I’d consider abstention or writing-in some other person, but TRUMP?

    The man is a wheeler and a dealer, his success is based on getting tax deals and making good investments. When actually in charge of administrating a business (Trump Shuttle et al), he’s been an abject failure – kinda like Dubya in that respect.

    Not to mention the inanity of his posturing – ‘cos in a country where platforms are little more than platitudes designed to attract voting segments (and totally bereft of content), Trump has no platform at all.

    Well, Italy had Berlusconi (and Mussolini), so why shouldn’t the US have Trump? Every country has the government it deserves.

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