The Silence of the Hacks

American politics is officially corrupt.

The thing is, this nightmare could be ended by a handful of Republican legislators willing to make common cause with Democrats to demand the truth. And maybe there are enough people of conscience left in the G.O.P.

But there probably aren’t. And that’s a problem that’s even scarier than the Trump-Putin axis.

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Author: Timbuk3

Non-descript politically active male seeks like-minded for purposes of restoring democracy.

14 thoughts on “The Silence of the Hacks”

  1. Guess how many dems will bend over and take it from tRump?

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  2. I’ll expand the question for the sake of clarity.

    I happen to agree with Krugman on many of his economic points. I disagree with him on his affinity with Obama and “centrism”.

    As for the NYT, I don’t see much of an alternative in the US media. It has its shortcomings, to be sure, but at least it has a degree of rebellion compared to other (major) media outlets.

    The “deep state” I understand to be the establishment (correct me if I’m wrong). But if anyone in the mainstream US press has a chance to go against it, it’s the NYT.

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  3. “Guess how many dems will bend over and take it from tRump?”

    I DO get tired of the false equivalence argument. But I’ll give a shot at an answer.

    Joe Man Chin is, basically, a Republican.

    Joe Lieberbush would join the GOP in a heartbeat, but he’s (thankfully) not a Senator any more.

    My own Senator Carper would join the GOP. I vote against him every chance I get. But not Chris Coons.

    Not Elizabeth Warren, Barbara Boxer, Bernie Sanders (I know, not a dem, but caucuses with them), Chuck Schumer, Al Franken…

    So, my best guess is, a FEW of them. 5-10 Dems?

    Doesn’t really defeat the argument that we need more, and better, Dems, though.

    Republicans suck. Massively.

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  4. “paul is an idiot and the nyt the mouth piece for the deep state.”

    I don’t see a connection in the link between the NYT and, well, ANYTHING.

    I used to like Robert Parry, but his seeming support of tRump’s claim of “FAKE NEWS” and, by extension, Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” is deeply disturbing, to me. This is how dictatorships and authoritarian governments begin; by destroying faith in the media.

    Don’t misunderstand me. I think that our media is controlled by lots of things; money and access first of all. Not to be trusted, based on a single article. But if SIX articles all cite the same FACTS (tRump won PA, MI, and WI by a total of 78,000 votes), tRump claiming that he WON BY A YUGE MARGIAN’ is still a lie. It’s NOT “fake news” to say that.

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  5. I don’t think ACA should be replaced. I think it should end. All those countries that are held up as brilliant examples of state health care are in dire straits. We need to legislate and fund R&D, medical costs and fight for community-funded healthcare.

    The very last thing I need is the government in my health care, with it’s governmental, bumbling, myopic idiots and greedy government officials laden with conflicts of interest (like the CDC and the FDA) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG, this article is from the NYT, no need to continue reading. Years ago, I told them I don’t pay for lies. I am sure they laughed at this statement. Now they are suffering, poor babies.

    One person can create a meme that can spread as fast as the designed ones coming from our government. I love the internet. It gives the people a voice, a voice that Obama never expected you to use.

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  6. “All those countries that are held up as brilliant examples of state health care are in dire straits.”

    Baloney. Their only problem is the erosion by deficit hawks.

    “with it’s governmental, bumbling, myopic idiots and greedy government officials laden with conflicts of interest”

    And private corps, with the same problem but with the added “deficit” of the profit margin, is an alternative?

    Any ANY industry that is in charge of providing a basic need and that is not conducive to real competition, should be public. Energy, health, water, for example.

    “Years ago, I told them I don’t pay for lies.”

    So you take and swallow them free from the likes of tRump? Good thinking.

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  7. Surprisingly, McCaine seems to see through tRump. There might be some hope even amongst repubs.

    What’s scary about the hope is that it’ll be corps that rebel first and best. They want immigrants, they want the shitty free market treaties.

    I’d wager that many gopers and dem corporate whores will suddenly become “patriotic” and sink this bastid before he and his hoodwinked voters go too far. The MIC/Security complex won’t die without a kick or two either. The judicial branch will make life difficult for the orange manfant too.

    I don’t think I’ll like what comes out of the ruins though.

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  8. Says the guy who posts from The (morphed) Guardian.

    I am anti-establishment. I don’t like working for the (mentally retarded, IMHO) Queen.
    McCain is part of that establishment. He morphed too some time back. Because I would have voted for him as president in 2000 (1998-99). But he is not the same man he was back then.

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  9. You’ve gone over the edge.

    The Guardian is one of the last sources for news as opposed to corporate hype. If it has failed it was when it supported the third way, but it has learned its lesson.

    At any rate, it’s nice to see just how perverted a great part of the US electorate has become (please feel alluded to). Been watching the CPAC shite today? Feel proud of yourself? ‘Cos your father or grandfather would be utterly ashamed at such points of view.

    Stick to Breibart, it suits you better. You can feel good about hating immigrants, while forgetting that you come from immigrants yourself.

    Good riddance.

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  10. “Die? My understanding is that Trump means to drastically increase defense spending.”

    Your understanding fails yet again.

    Notice the “intelligence” part of the complex? You know, the NSA/CIA/FBI etc.? The ones that tRump is undermining. The leg of the MIC/Intelligence complex that has grown more and faster than the others since 9/11.

    tRump wants to put his bumbling ideologues at their head. Do you think that they’ll take that lying down? Or do you think that the latest leaks about tRumps pre-innauguration contacts with Russia came out of thin air? Or that tRump has already lost a cabinet member out of “lack of confidence?”

    If you lose a cabinet member in record time, it either means you’re utterly incompetent in hiring aides or that there’s something going on behind the scenes, or probably, both.

    From my experience with government (any government has the same problem), inertia is the ruling force. Power structures arise, and in the US they are pretty clear:
    -Military contrators (and by extension, gun manufacturors)
    -Insurance (see finance, since insurance is basically finance)
    -And more recently, intelligence (an extension of military contractors)
    Other sectors often identified with power structures are actually tools of the above. Such as:
    -Angry white male voters
    -Religious fundamentalists
    -Idiotics NRA adicts
    -Et al.
    These folks are manipulated by the real powers. tRump has been adept at using the tools, and perhaps the real powers have lost use of their tools by abusing them for too long. Astroturfing (the basis of the tea partee) has that problem – you create a Frankenstein which can escape control (once again I refer to Weimar and German industrialists, or if you will, Gracchus and Co. in the Roman Republic).


    As for increasing defense spending, when our’s already dwarfs everyone elses’, I just see penis waving or a wink at the defense part of the power structure. Hitler did the same with Krupp & company.

    It makes no sense to exponentially expand defense spending against a handfull of guerillas on the other side of the globe while simultaneously fomenting closer ties with the only really potentially dangerous enemy (Russia). At the same time, this dipshit is advocating increasing isolationism. It makes no sense in any way.

    Be afraid, be very afraid. But that’s the american way, isn’t it? Askeered of everything you don’t understand, and refuse to even try to understand.

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  11. I thought it had been well established by now that I have been over the edge for the duration of my time and posts here. I see things so much differently than most people. That, dears, has been a result of having to reassess just about everything that we have been taught and are supposed to know. Things are seldom as they seem. They are way less so than as we are told.

    I have no fear of the un-Known. I have fear of lies, deception and brainwash.

    BTW, I don’t go to breitbart. I go to drudge sometimes. And I follow the stories all over the internet.

    I have been looking into becoming an insurance agent as a third career. If I can pass the nursing exams with flying colors, I am sure to be able to pass the insurance exams, especially with some of the business background I have already. There is a niche of clients that are sorely not well-covered or serviced. I intend to specialize in those clients.

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