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This is an ongoing thread first envisioned by a post by Uni, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE US CONSTITUTION?!!!

Some selected excerpts from the original comments:

I call my Congressmen at the DC office. I take political stances on the internet.
I vote with my money, being very conscious where I put my consumerism.
I sign petitions left and right these days.

Can you think of anything else that I can do?

I will not walk the streets for a GOP or Dem politician, … unless I really really believe in them.


What else can I do? Need some help here.I’d like more ideas, myself. I did put together some stuff back when Bush stole Ohio. Some of it’s probably dated, by now, but start here.

Other than that, I’ll pay a few extra bucks to shop with a local merchant or eat at a local owner’s restaurant. Whatever I can do to not spend money with a (big) corporation. I pay my doctor in chickens. Just kidding.

If I think of other things maybe I’ll start an “open thread” about it. Again. I’ve tried it before and it didn’t generate much interest.

So, here it is. A permanent link to an area where you can post your ideas about how to “stick it to the man”. Post them as you think of them. There’s no time limit.

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Author: Timbuk3

Non-descript politically active male seeks like-minded for purposes of restoring democracy.

18 thoughts on “Taking Action”

  1. I reserve the right to edit this post. I’m just testing whether or not the link at left works.

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  2. Shop local it’s getting harder as big boxes store run the little ones out. Shop at grocery chains the buys local produce. We have 2 in my part of Calif. that food is packed in the field and goes to the stores.
    Eat at non-chain restaurants.
    Hire locals for every task you can.
    I live 10mi from town so I try only going there when I have to and do as many errands on that day.
    Grew about 25% of my on food last yr. I just finished 600ft of irrigation to up it 60% or better. I going to try and trade food for whatever. My Doc. has own garden so his out but there are others.
    Hopefully greenhouse by fall and use passive solar to heat, I’m in a mild climate here in Calif.
    I’m looking into solar to run the well, plus small windmills that you can build.
    I’ve rented the same house for about 30yrs so I can’t do a lot of things I would like to but the rent is cheap.
    Buy union if you can there are still some work clothes made here.

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  3. Bank local my privately owned 100yrs old bank is great same tellers great service and an A- bank rating. They have alot of service that are free that the big ones charge for.

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  4. No Fear.
    That bumper sticker is so great.

    I think the most important action you can take against all the things that are happening in today’s world:

    Show No Fear.

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  5. The financial collapse is coming. No fear. Just action.

    I am stocking up on things that will make my life easy. I am really honoring my garden this year, which will fill my stand-alone freezer. My eyes wear will be up-to-date. I will not have medical debt, even if inaction shortens my life. I planted a plum tree, and will go back tomorrow for more $25 fruit trees. All gardens will be rendered to food producing, if necessary. I have broadcast nan-king cherry bush seeds in areas I know won’t be mowed. I have a plethora of seeds, a huge stash. While they may age some, and become impotent, some will survive to feed.

    I buy extra food, like rice. Will see if I can go down and buy some wheat from the elevator around this area, tho I do have some. I want to grow chia seeds, for they are good for sustaining oneself.

    I have a truck now, and soon will buy firewood off-season.

    I am thinking of turning off the TV access to the cable, for I never watch anything but the disney channel these days anyway. The cable box is unplugged and not attached to a TV at this time. We are not really financially hurting at this time. Or my husband says we aren’t. MY stock portfolio is still up 200%.

    I will never get rid of siliver things around the house.

    And I want to put my money in S. American currency. But what country’s money to invest in? Argentina is still having problems. Brazil crashed first, is further into recovery. Chile will in the future will be tapped out, for the earthquakes there are still happening and still influencing their financial stability.

    But what I really want to do is move back to the farm.

    Any thoughts about all this?

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  6. I will try and do that, and then take a gun instruction course.

    Spouse has four guitars, a few of which are base.

    OK, let’s list the entertainment necessities of survival, assuming no electricity is present:
    The complete works of Shakespeare.
    The very expansive dictionary.
    The Nag Hammadi Library.
    A collection of Robert A. Heinlein books
    Survivalist Handbook (I have several, of different types)
    A chess board and pieces, or other board games (eventually you can make your own)
    A set of wood-chistling (sp?) blades with handles
    Bicycles and spare bike tires, some of which are solid rubber

    Let’s dream. What else would you do?

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  7. You know, I just read this post for the first time. Strange. But what a great post! I love your lifestyle!!

    I had a electronic security guy come up to my door the other day, trying to sell me security. I told him I hire the unemployed to provide that security, that my neighbors and I keep watch over this area on a routine basis, that if something odd happens around here, we move as a unit to resolve it.

    (moving on to free association)

    A couple of weeks ago, someone stole my son’s $400 bike right in daylight and public view, from deep inside our lawn. The neighbor boy saw the thief ride off on a bike, with my son’s bike rolling beside him. Neighbors came immediately to my door and told me. I immediately got in the truck and tracked the thief down, while the neighbors went on their bikes to scope out where he might be. I caught up with him. Thief had just been at my garage sale and I talked to him quite a bit, so I knew what he looked like and what he was wearing. Both he and I alone when I found him. I forced him to listen to my massively-menopausal ranting, and demanded son’s bike back, took the yet a second bike he was hauling (not my son’s), threw it in the back of my truck (for fingerprints) and told him I was going home to call the police. I demanded to know where he lived,… and he told me!! He didn’t want me to call the police. I noted that he had changed his shirt in the past 15 minutes, between the time I first saw him and when I ranted on him.

    15 minutes following my initial rant on him, he was coming down the street to my house, flanked by the muscled-neighbors on their bikes, with my son’s bike in tow. I ranted some more oh him while the neighbors stood around and watched, returned the bike I took from him, told him never to take another bike from this street again, regardless of the situation.

    The boys in this neighborhood run in a pack and it is their bikes I care about (they are all here right now, in the “man cave” that is my son’s room, playing xbox or whathaveyou). These boys know each others’ bikes by sight.

    Then I went in and called the police, and I told them about what happened, and where he lived.

    Now I drive by his place all the time, just to keep an eye on him, since he is not far away.

    Now how did I get on to that, I wonder? Oh security issues and buying local, rather than big box. It is rather good to employ the neighborhood’s unemployed by having them keep security for this neighborhood.

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  8. You wouldn’t think of this because you probably don’t need it, but a book on emergency first aid is a must have for most of us.

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  9. I have to agree! Put it in there.

    The Neighbor boy got a heat related illness today, at his boy scout camp. His mother called me and wanted me to drive her to pick him up. I gathered all the necessary nursing equipment, O2 saturation gadget (pulse oximeter), BP cuff, stethoscope and thermometer. Then printed off how to differentiate heat exhaustion vs. heat stroke and the ways to immediately react to it. In the end, he wasn’t that bad off and I ended up not going.

    What the hell? What are they teaching those boy scouts anyway?
    They should have had this info readily available there. I seriously question the Boy Scouts and have for some time now. Withdraw their funding. They are not teaching a blasted thing. My niece had serious burns to her foot because she went with my brother to pick up my nephews from boy Scout camp and, sandal-clad, kicked around what she thought was sand. It turned out to be inappropriately dumped coals from a grill. Surely they teach those boys some safety issues about ending a fire. What happened to that lesson?!

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  10. Five things you can do right now to help stop the economic plundering of our world
    #1) Shop at local farmers’ markets, food co-ops and local grocers
    #2) Pull your money out of the big banks and put it in local credit unions
    #3) Stop working for The Man as a wage slave
    #4) Trade soon-to-be-useless paper currency for real goods
    #5) Stop voting for politicians funded by Wall Street bankers

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034333_economic_plundering_evil_corporations_Wall_Street_bankers.html#ixzz1fn0ZVgI7

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  11. http://www.ornl.gov/info/press_releases/get_story_tip.cfm?ID=155

    ENERGY—- Revolutionary heat pump . . . . . .
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Oklahoma’s ClimateMaster Inc. have collaborated to develop a ground source heat pump that can reduce a homeowner’s electric bill by up to 60 percent. The Trilogy 40 is the first geothermal heat pump certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute to achieve a space cooling efficiency rating in excess of 40 EER (energy efficiency ratio). An EER rating of 13.5 is typical of conventional heat pumps. For a family living in a 2,600-square-foot well-insulated home, that translates into average annual savings of $300 to $500 vs. today’s state-of-the-art and minimum efficiency heat pumps, respectively. Savings could be much greater for individual cases. The Trilogy 40 is the culmination of a five-year cooperative research and development agreement and advances the integrated heat pump concept developed by ORNL. The U.S. Department of Energy and ORNL have a long tradition of researching, testing and verifying heat pump technology. [Contact: Ron Walli, (865) 576-0226; wallira@ornl.gov] [Contact: Ron Walli; 865.576.0226; wallira@ornl.gov]


    I don’t think the saving is enough. Energy should be free.

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  12. New method could help communities plan for climate risk


    MIT researchers develop tool to assess regional risks of climate change, potential impacts on local infrastructure and planning.
    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Climate scientists cannot attribute any single weather event — whether a drought, wildfire or extreme storm — to climate change. But extreme events, such as Hurricane Sandy, are glimpses of the types of occurrences the world could be more vulnerable to in the future. As the devastation left by Sandy continues to reverberate, decision-makers at every level are asking: How can we be better prepared?

    MIT researchers have developed a new tool to help policymakers, city planners and others see the possible local effects of climate change. Its regional projections of climate trends — such as long-term temperature and precipitation changes — allow local planners to evaluate risks, and how these risks could shape crops, roads and energy infrastructure.

    “As we see more extreme events like Sandy, the importance of assessing regional impacts grows,” says lead researcher Adam Schlosser, assistant director for science research at MIT’s Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. “Our approach helps decision- and policymakers balance the risks … so they can better prepare their communities for future impacts climate change might bring.”

    I have to questionn why it took so long to get to this point. Should have been done years ago, when we first learned the climate is changing.
    Again, why debate an issue about it’s causes, when we could be planning and adapting?

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  13. i hope you are all staying prepared. We are moving into some interesting times. Oh heck, we are llving some interesting times. STAY PREPARED.

    I wanted to present you with the respected works of Dr. Paul LaViolette. He is very well-respected in his field!


    Every so often, According to LaViolette, the earth gets hit with some cosmic radiation from the galactic center that fine-tunes the earth’s magnetic field. Seems ice cores have been able to prove this, among some other scientific studies. He coined the phrase Galactic Superwave.

    Anyway, if anyone finds this interesting, I can recommend a book:

      TUNING THE DIAMONDS: Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution

    , by Susan Joy Rennison, who has honors degrees in Physics and Geo Physics from Britain, and is experienced in software analysis. You cannot find her book in the USA, at least not when I tried to get it. But man, it may take me a while to digest this book, perhaps too late.

    Also I say this today:

    Human brain, internet, and cosmology: Similar laws at work?

    November 20, 2012 by Jan Zverina

    (Phys.org)—The structure of the universe and the laws that govern its growth may be more similar than previously thought to the structure and growth of the human brain and other complex networks, such as the Internet or a social network of trust relationships between people, according to a new paper published in the science journal Nature’s Scientific Reports. Ads by Google

    Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2012-11-human-brain-internet-cosmology-similar.html#jCp

    Interstellar dust and the sun

    November 12, 2012

    (Phys.org)—The space between stars is not empty. It contains copious but diffuse amounts of gas and dust; in fact about 5-10% of the total mass of our Milky Way galaxy is in interstellar gas. About 1% of the mass of this interstellar material, quite a lot in astronomical terms, is in the form of tiny dust grains made predominantly of silicates (sand too is made of silicates), though some grains are also composed of carbon and other elements. Dust grains are important. They block visible light while emitting infrared light, and thus help determine what astronomers can see while controlling much of the energy balance in the interstellar medium (ISM) by virtue of the absorption and subsequent re-emission at longer wavelengths of light from stars. Dust is also essential to the chemistry that takes place in the ISM because it provides gas molecules with a surface on which to react with other molecules. Not least, dust contains a large fraction of many important elements in the universe like silicon, carbon, and iron. Moreover, astronomers think that at some stage in the evolution of new stars the dust around them will coagulate into large clumps—the first step towards forming planets.

    Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2012-11-interstellar-sun.html#jCp

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  14. Go outside and look at the sky. This is an imperative.

    There are streaks of lights that come from the east. Wondering if you can see it.
    I saw 6 of them. Spouse saw eight when he went for a drive.

    Not chem trails. Not northern lights.

    Then we saw a cluster of blinking lights, that appeared to come from the very same center locatation and disbursed in all directions. A set of five of them, blinking, but originating from the northern aspect of the sky and moving in all directions. We, spouse, the boys, and I,… watched until they went out of sight. We are not far from Forbes base. But that is to the west.
    Interesting as I am reading that we are due for some serious cosmic radiation coming from the center of the galaxy. Not Mayan reading, but cosmological and geophysical scientists.

    Strange stuff. LOVE THE SKY!!

    I watch the sun very closely, more than three times a day. I have noticed when there is a flare that is earth directed, I noted more chem trails. Since i have no fear of chem trails and don’t really follow it closely, I yet have begun to look up in the sky during time of high solar activity to see more chem trails than usual. And it makes me wonder if we might be better off with greenhouse gases if the sun decides to really aim it’s super-reactions toward earth.

    Start looking up, friends.

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  15. I didn’t know where to put this.
    This is an unused thread, so I thought I would post on it.
    Sometimes there are news items that I think should be seen by others. Yet I do not want to start another thread for it. So I am going to misuse this thread for issues I really think need to be considered.

    This is one of those:

    The Continued Influence of Implied and Explicitly Stated Misinformation in News Reports.

      Rich, Patrick R.; Zaragoza, Maria S.
      Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, Jul 6 , 2015, No Pagination Specified. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/xlm0000155

      The piecemeal reporting of unfolding news events can lead to the reporting of mistaken information (or misinformation) about the cause of the newsworthy event, which later needs to be corrected. Studies of the continued influence effect have shown, however, that corrections are not entirely effective in reversing the effects of initial misinformation. Instead, participants continue to rely on the discredited misinformation when asked to draw inferences and make judgments about the news story. Most prior studies have employed misinformation that explicitly states the likely cause of an outcome. However, news stories do not always provide misinformation explicitly, but instead merely imply that something or someone might be the cause of an adverse outcome. Two experiments employing both direct and indirect measures of misinformation reliance were conducted to assess whether implied misinformation is more resistant to correction than explicitly stated misinformation. The results supported this prediction. Experiment 1 showed that corrections reduced misinformation reliance in both the explicit and implied conditions, but the correction was much less effective following implied misinformation. Experiment 2 showed that implied misinformation was more resistant to correction than explicit misinformation, even when the correction was paired with an alternative explanation. Finally, Experiment 3 showed that greater resistance to correction in the implied misinformation condition did not reflect greater disbelief in the correction. Potential reasons why implied misinformation is more difficult to correct than explicitly provided misinformation are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).”

      I keep thinking of the quote that goes something like this:
      It is easier to lie to people than to convince them they have been lied to.

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