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  1. I have read some Epictetus.

    Just today, I came across a new personal epiphany, tho I think I knew it before.

    I don’t remember the exat quote but I remember the concept:

    If you make a judgement about an issue, that judgement entangles you to that issue.

    My own earlier thinking is that one does not have to make a judgement about things that are thrown at us, that we don’t have to allow the events or fake events of the day influence our emotions and our actions and inactions. We don’t have to make personal, mental, emotional and spiritual investments to every little issue that is FORCED upon us by the media. We don’t have to be manipulated in that manner. It is a grand thing to sit on the fence on issues, to see both sides, or to wonder if what we are told is true or not. I have always said that apathy destroys the soul. But this is NOT apathy. I don’t cease to care about things. I merely have stopped letting my thinking and care be influenced from the outside, unless of course we are talking about those storms that rolled thru this past week, and the week of clean-up that it is forcing me to make. I believe in my internal sensor that indicates truth from fiction when I have no emotional or mental or spiritual investment in the issue. I will not doubt it.

    I will not “entangle” to everything that they want me to. I am more at peace. My peace means the world has more peace.

    I have even let go of the fact that all 7 of my pullets, my layers are roosters. It was tough going but I have it down now.

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  2. Joseph Biden ‘We Will Follow ISIS to Gates of Hell’

    So like Isis, what is it that is supposed to be resurrected, Joe? Why on earth would you use Egyptian mythology? Who was it you were talking to when you said this?

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