A man with his dog after the tornado in Alabama

I love this kind of shit.

I don’t need to know anything else about him. He loves his dog.

And check out the dog’s expression, “I can’t fucking BELIEVE what just happened…” Glad to be back with ya, boss.

Soon to be followed by “throw the ball, throw the ball”.

Dogs are cool. They forget bad shit in the past, fast, and focus on now and the immediate future.

Given the expression on the dog’s face, do you think he enjoyed the reunion?

Oh yeah. Dude’s house was destroyed.

GOP sez “fuck him”. Loser lost his job, and non-productive people aren’t worth talking about, much less saving. I say, let’s help him find a home again. I can name Democrats who agree with me. But not a single Republican. Not one. They’re evil.

Republicans would kill the dog, too. For not providing his own “adequate safety net”.

Republicans are greedy self-absorbed fucks who don’t deserve to be treated as human beings, much less as dogs.

(Some) Democrats would say “let’s help him (and his dog) get their lives back.”

Have I said this? Republicans suck.

Buncha greedy self-absorbed assholes…

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