Health Alerts

If you don’t mind, I am going to keep a running tabulation on all the drugs that harm, while passing the info on to you all.

Meningitis Cases Are Linked to Steroid Injections in Spine
Published: October 2, 2012


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Author: Uniformityville_horror


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    How Gut Bacteria Are Shaking Up Cancer Research

    I am going to present the url I used to get started.

    I just expanded the fermenting from there. It is probably a good idea to do something.

    Everyday, you MUST (!!!) do something to prevent cancer.

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  2. alteration:
    oh, I did a repeat, doing it because I didn’t quite understand just how this works. So sorry.

    yet another amendment:
    I will put this here so it isn’t such a grand waste of space.

    Public Release: 14-Mar-2016,
    Many cancer survivors experience financial burdens

    Health and quality of life negatively affected

    It is just so much better if you prevent cancer, … doing something to prevent every single day.

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