Facts are stubborn things

The worst school massacre in history didn’t involve firearms.

The second worst school massacre in US history didn’t involve so-called “assault weapons” (where “assault” weapon is analogous to saying “painting racing stripes on a high performance sports car makes it a death machine”). That asshole had 2 pistols.

Existing CT law at the time of the Sandy Hook School shootings already banned high performance sports cars with racing stripes painted on them assault weapons, so the weapons Lanza used would be legal under any future “assault weapons” (a term applied to cosmetic features of guns) ban.

I want to say something about how much I loathe the people who would stand on dead bodies, like George Bush did with that megaphone on the rubble and bodies of the dead on 9/11, to further a pre-determined political position (e.g. if you wanted to ban assault weapons the day BEFORE the Sandy Hook Massacre, and are now using the deaths of those children to further your political agenda of banning so-called “assault weapons”, you disgust me), but that’s non-productive so I won’t. But using dead children as a political “wedge issue” really IS disgusting.

When will liberals get serious and address the issue of why gun violence has increased so dramatically IN RECENT HISTORY?

Semi-automatics have been around since the turn of the 20th century, 1905, or so. With the proper license you can still buy a full auto in the US (although I’m not aware of any mass killings using one, recently).

Clearly something has changed, and clearly the change is;

A) Recent (say, in the past 20 or 30 years, but that date range is open to interpretation, but NOT open to interpretation back to the turn of the 20th century), and


How’s about we fund some studies, by well-qualified research groups, competing for funding in a competitive granting process, into what’s changed? Isn’t that a “progressive” way to do things?

When will we demand that the media stop glorifying these mass killers?

When will we call them the cowards that they are, thus reducing their belief that the “winner” of the “video game” is the one who kills the most?

To this day, I can’t tell you the name of the man who killed John Lennon. This is by intent. I, personally, have relegated him to the dustbin of history.

We need to look into the abandonment of parental responsibility in favor of over-medicating children who are “different”.

What else?

I’m throwing out ideas, and may have more of my own, but I’m open to suggestion.

The one thing that’s clear is, all this talk about guns isn’t productive. Banning guns, when there are already mnillions in circulation, won’t help. Banning high-cap mags, when there are already 100s of millions in circulation, doesn’t help.

Getting all those guns and magazines out of private hands is a pipe dream that doesn’t help. There’s no way a so-called “assault weapons” ban will pass the House, and even if a high-cap magazine ban passes, there are so many out there that it won’t make a difference.

This whole discussion is a waste of time.

I probably shouldn’t even hit “post”.


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Author: Timbuk3

Non-descript politically active male seeks like-minded for purposes of restoring democracy.

7 thoughts on “Facts are stubborn things”

  1. Let’s change the terminology in defending our gun rights

    The semi-automatic “assault weapons” are NOT machineguns. They don’t fire like machineguns, and they are functionally no different than many pistols or shotguns which have been available to civilian markets for over a century and which can fire in a semi-automatic mode. So, why the fuss over simple cosmetics when it doesn’t matter one whit to the internal function of the rifle?

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  2. New York state is banning semi-auto shotguns.

    I predict this will go over really well with duck hunters.

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  3. I f I lived in NY, I’d be pissed off. My duck gun is a semi-auto.

    So, the legislature voted to make my gun worthless, and I can’t afford to buy a pump gun to replace it because no one will buy the one I have now, that’s served me well for years? Thanks, NYC legislature; you’ve just ended my days of enjoyably hunting with my kids and grand-kids, with your judicial over-reach.

    And, cost me a great deal of money.

    I doubt the good people of the state of NY care, but I couldn’t live there.

    Their government thinks they know better than me how I should live my life.

    What if I WANT a 84 oz. glass of sugar-free iced tea on a hot day? What business is that, of my neighbors?

    Way too intrusive. They should stand up to their horrible, horrible, government.

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  4. Odds are at least fair that the courts will strike it down.

    I’m not entirely sure if they are grandfathering in existing ones or not, but if people in New York do have to sell them, they could sell them out of state.

    But a gas operated semi-auto really reduces 12 gauge recoil, which is why they are so popular with hunters. Forcing people to switch (or even merely just denying the option to new hunters) will not be terribly popular I expect.

    Plus there is the whole issue of people not wanting to give up the guns that they’ve had for years (though again, not entirely sure if existing ones were grandfathered).

    Best bet is to just get the courts to strike the entire thing down.

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  5. Things are seldom as they seem.
    I want my guns. Don’t make fun of Kansas for being red at this point in time. We have the farmland. We have the oil. We have the guns, so far, unrestricted.

    I am not an Eoli-like person who is fed what seem like facts, yet are mere reports, … reports that lie. Prof Conboy taught me well. I will not be spoon-fed some wicked Feinstein meme that tells me guns are bad. She poisons.

    You don’t have to be liberal to feel that the real causes remain unaddressed, the deeper causes. Corruption is everywhere, on either side of the aisle, and IN it.

    The entire shootings issue has been hijacked. While all the shooters were on psychiatric meds, no one at all is mentioning their horrible and deadly side-effects. But those meds may well be one of the causes, or merely tools like the guns were. The causes may well be extremely well-designed which are now penetrating society into a great number of caustic people ((germanic)). I hold that these kids were not alone in their crimes, not in the slightest. They are tools, like the psychiatric meds and the guns.

    Just replace suicide with murder:

    Professor Healy, a very highly respected British psychiatrist describes three symptoms (“the psychotropic suicidogenic triumvirate”) which indicate an impending suicide (in this case, murder) caused by psychiatric medication. The three symptoms are:

    (1) akathisia – feeling numb as if nothing matters, restlessness, turmoil, and feeling one is going mad,

    (2) emotional blunting – “I cannot feel anything, do not care”


    (3) psychotic decompensation – losing touch with reality.

    Linkin Park, Numb

    Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/linkinpark/numb.html
    And then let’s address the military and it’s use of such learnings of people like estabrooks:

    Think about it. There are indeed rogue military groups that do some pretty horrible things, as there are certain aspects of the military that are absolutely corrupt. No need to pay them for it, I think. Limit their funds. And read PK Dick’s “The Minority Report” (short story) about generals who drum up business when it looks like there is none.

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