From the Other Side

The Immigration Police are conducting a periodic sweep for illegals. My boss was here at my house all excited today, because they were at the office twice, asking about me. My visa has been expired for 3 1/2 years, and my work permit and ID Card for almost a year now. Not my fault.

The boss told me I should hide. I just laughed and told him that if the police want to haul me in today, that’s up to them, but I’m not going to try to hide.

I had paid for my paperwork to be done, and this one guy didn’t do it, and kept my paperwork in his office and refused to return it to me, so I didn’t know if it was done, or not. I’ve got a receipt to prove I’ve paid for it, and the whole town knows I’ve been teaching school here now for 5 years, and haven’t been TOO awfully hard to get along with. I figure that ought to be enough.

Anyway, the Immigration Police called my boss while he was here, and told him that they had talked to the guy in the Department of Labor and Social Welfare. He’d explained the situation to them already, so they told my boss to tell me not to worry about the sweep for illegals.

It’s nice living in a civilized country.

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