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“… Self-described progressive pragmatists like Markos Moulitsas and Arianna Huffington are right that it’s not worth trying to stop Hillary Clinton — but not because there is any reason to be optimistic about her presidency. (Yeah, I know: SCOTUS and abortion. Fine.) It’s not worth it because presidential elections in general are an irrelevant distraction from the long, hard struggle against money and power and entrenched dark forces that might someday, just maybe, return meaning to American politics — and the 2016 election is more irrelevant than most. And it’s not worth it because it won’t work: Hillary Clinton feeds on the anguish of leftists, and to stand against her only makes her stronger. If you haven’t figured that out, you haven’t been paying attention.”

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the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month… of the war to end all wars.


It used to be a holiday to remember what had been the worst of all wars, Armistice Day, until the plethora of our wars made it necessary to turn it into veteran’s day.


The lower case is on purpose, ‘cos I don’t think that it’s right to celebrate when we send the lower class off to fight unjust wars for the sake of upper classes. When we send our youth to be maimed or killed for any other cause than self-defense, I think that it’s obscene – a cause for shame and not pride or rememberance.


But all hail the flag! They fought for freedom, the poor fools. And I don’t say that with a lack of respect – I’m sure that most actually fought with that idea at heart, even if it was to surpress the pilipinos or to perpetrate a my lai.


We elected the mofos that put us into those messes, so to be intellectually honest, I guess that one would have to swallow the bullshit – which makes veteran’s day make sense, and which makes the abandoning of Armistice Day make sense.




I have a long-standing tradition to read Siegfried Sassoon every 11/11. To remember the “lost generation” and the first democratic/industrial war. Some years I read, listening to Bowie’s Alladin Sane (I used to find it a fitting background).


So, some Sassoon for those who feel that ends justify means (the never do because of blowback).




Jack fell as he’d have wished,’ the Mother said,
And folded up the letter that she’d read.
‘The Colonel writes so nicely.’ Something broke
In the tired voice that quavered to a choke.
She half looked up. ‘We mothers are so proud
Of our dead soldiers.’ Then her face was bowed.

Quietly the Brother Officer went out.
He’d told the poor old dear some gallant lies
That she would nourish all her days, no doubt.
For while he coughed and mumbled, her weak eyes
Had shone with gentle triumph, brimmed with joy,
Because he’d been so brave, her glorious boy.

He thought how ‘Jack’, cold-footed, useless swine,
Had panicked down the trench that night the mine
Went up at Wicked Corner; how he’d tried
To get sent home, and how, at last, he died,
Blown to small bits. And no one seemed to care
Except that lonely woman with white hair.




Have you forgotten yet?…
For the world’s events have rumbled on since those gagged days,
Like traffic checked while at the crossing of city-ways:
And the haunted gap in your mind has filled with thoughts that flow
Like clouds in the lit heaven of life; and you’re a man reprieved to go,
Taking your peaceful share of Time, with joy to spare.
But the past is just the same–and War’s a bloody game…
Have you forgotten yet?…
Look down, and swear by the slain of the War that you’ll never forget.

Do you remember the dark months you held the sector at Mametz–
The nights you watched and wired and dug and piled sandbags on parapets?
Do you remember the rats; and the stench
Of corpses rotting in front of the front-line trench–
And dawn coming, dirty-white, and chill with a hopeless rain?
Do you ever stop and ask, ‘Is it all going to happen again?’

Do you remember that hour of din before the attack–
And the anger, the blind compassion that seized and shook you then
As you peered at the doomed and haggard faces of your men?
Do you remember the stretcher-cases lurching back
With dying eyes and lolling heads–those ashen-grey
Masks of the lads who once were keen and kind and gay?

Have you forgotten yet?…
Look up, and swear by the green of the spring that you’ll never forget.



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If you want to see what passes for “news” in the US, check out this link:

I’m so fucking sick of corps owning the news. I just want the truth facts. I can make up my OWN mind.

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Demodogs and what is next for them and it has nothing to do with helping Main Street. Click on the Shamus Cook link for the whole.

My 2 cents worth.

Next 2 Years

Ruth G. retires from the supremes when she realizes demodogs are not the party of Main Street.

Justice Byers does the same.

POTUS nominees are not crazy enough for repugs so there are no replacement judges.

Repugs close aca and replace with Hurry-Up-Die. 0 signs into law.

Repugs past law all poor children after middle school enter the military for 29yrs of duty to fight never ending 30yr war.

POTUS & Repugs hand SS to Wall Street, money disappears because computer hack.

Medi-Care closed.

POTUS & Repugs close all govt. programs to help the poor and cut all money to public schools.

Corp. given the right to vote, one vote per employee and that can be from any time in the said corp. history. This is every state, county, and city election.

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Not so much the article where I discoverd it, but the real deal.


Putin discusses the ubnipolar world, and makes quite a bit of sense.

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Who needs to pay taxes if you’re a multinational?

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Neoliberlism in action, Dem style:

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I try to find the Heinlein digital copy of THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS, one of Heinlein’s finest and most important works. After long searches for it on the various digital book devices (I have not tried Kobo yet), I cannot find it. There are copious other Heinlein books available in digital copy. But I cannot find one of his most profound books listed anywhere in digital form.

THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS provides a working formula for revolution. Perhaps that is why it is not being digitally published that we are NOT supposed to know how to have a workable revolution. It also provides a great working judicial system that is very difficult to corrupt, and is immediate in trial, judgement and execution.

Singularity is a hot topic these days. Why on earth would someone not want to address Heinlein’s version of it?

Is there something already on the moon that we are not supposed to know about? So we cannot even read it in fiction? Hades, NASA has a secret space program that recently came home, published for the world to see. How long has that been going on? Why did they tell us about it now?

I contend there is a black out on this book in digital form. However I will search Kobo for it and add the app to my device if I find it there. (Not in Kobo either.)

Anyone else read this profound book?

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let’s not forget that Obama has repeatedly floated Social Security cuts as a bargaining chip in negotiations with GOP leaders.

Perhaps the most worrying consequence of a GOP-controlled Senate will be the extension of the damaging austerity agenda. Think, for example, about the next debt-ceiling fight. Republicans have repeatedly used the debt ceiling to hold the economy hostage, but they have relented each time because they knew that they would be blamed for the consequences—not the president. But if Republicans take control of the Senate, that calculus will change. What happens when they send Obama a bill to prevent default on our debt at the eleventh hour, attached to a bill that ravages Social Security? The Republicans will be able to force the president to choose between impossible options.

The Republican wrecking crew would hurt workers, women, minorities and the environment.

So, vote for someone who can’t win. Ever. Under an circumstances.

Even worse, stay home and give up the right that has been fought for, for so many years. Feel PROUD that bugfuck nuts people who’s goal is to “prove” that government doesn’t help ANYONE, are being elected due to your self-righteousness. Be very proud of letting the EXTREME RW win, because “democrats aren’t good enough”.

I’ll have to live with the consequences.

But, WTF is the problem with sending a few million Americans to a miserable death, without health insurance or a guaranteed income, as long as “we” “send a message” to a Democratic party that (as we claim) “doesn’t listen to us”.

We’re going to win, by letting the other side (John Birchers, mostly) win, because … PRINCIPLE!!! And don’t forget “IDEOLOGY”!!!

Meanwhile, life in the good ol’ US of A, as well as the rest of the world, is going to suck because

You guessed it

… “Principle !”

Or maybe “the ends don’t justify the means.”

Which is kinda like saying “bring a knife to gun fight” when your enemy is the Koch Brothers, and the GOP.

I’m hopeful. I think we can all agree that the USA, if not the entire world, is under assault by the RW. The GOP in America, by other parties world-wide.

When are we pushed so far that we give up the “Nancy” label and fight back?

I’ll abandon my “principles” (I’ve spent nearly $10 grand on a fucking CAT, fer fucksakes, merely because I love him) to DEFEAT THE RW.

So, honestly, if you can’t join me in voting in a way that defeats Republicans, at the very least, we’re not “allies”.

Vote (and support) the way you want to. But, if you’re voting in a way that allows the Republican to win, I’m not giving you a ride. Republicans suck. I’m convinced of that.

Vote for the candidate who can beat the sucky Republican.

Or, we’re on opposite sides.

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