This is must read: Dec. 7,16 Senate Armed forces committee hearing General Keane has massive conflicts of interests. He sits on the board of General Dynamics, which is the producer of a product he wants for the armed forces. We know that John McCain is all about supporting wars, warring and war-mongering.  But there is a hero in this pdf, this secretive committee, and his words will be the first comment in the comment section.

Russian amassador to Turkey killed

Might Turkey leave NATO and ally itself with Russia? It would make geopolitical sense, since it is pretty clear that the EU doesn't want Turkey to become a member. If Turkey left and made friends with the ruskies, would NATO consider suck an alliance an encroachment? Snark on/off.   But seriously, considering tRump, the (possible) Berlin attack, and this... time may be a changing. Ideas? Comments?