Giant Meteor hitting the earth polling well in presidential election

An actual polling company actually polled 853 actual registered voters to see if they would rather vote for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or a Giant Meteor hitting the earth. And the results were pretty interesting.

The Giant Meteor 2016 movement, also known as Sweet Meteor O’ Death or #SMOD16, began as a joke by those unhappy with their presidential choices. The Twitter account now boasts more than 20,000 followers. You can even get a bumper sticker. “Ready to Make an Impact, Tough on Putin & Iran,” the bio reads. “I’ll probably destroy all Earthly life.” Well at least it’s upfront about it.

So in the poll, which really happened, 43 percent of people would vote for Clinton, 38 percent for Trump and 13 percent would break for the giant meteor. 7 percent were undecided.

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Finally some good news

Diablo Canyon to shut down.

Back in the day I protested against Diablo, had 2 ribs broken by the friendly police, spent a night in jail and lost my scholarship over that place.

Sitting on the river bank I will see the corpses of my enemies float downstream, I guess. It took long enough, that’s for sure.

But I’m glad that it will be replaced by renewable energy sources.

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DOH, Look what our government did, Our shady, dark-dealing CIA!!


There is no bloomin’ way I will ever let go of the right to bear arms. Looks like the CIA enabled everyone else to be armed. Why can’t The People?

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No Grexit… Just Brexit

Who knows what will come of this jingoistic referendum result. Lehman Bros. Mark 2? Nothing?

The EU has many problems, but it has done wonders in keeping the Germans and French from killing one another. No wars between W. European nations in 71 years ain’t bad.


My first impression is that the UK is going to be a net loser here. And on the bright side, the EU can now put some teeth into legislation against fiscal paradises (such as the Jersey Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar et al) that can no longer be protected by UK lobbying in Brussels. The US will lose a bit of influence in the EU without its particular lapdog roaming the halls of Brussels.

De Gaulle was right in vetoing the entry of the UK in the EU. And Brexit shows that man’s wisdom.

And now the overpaid Brits can start picking carrots and get all those “good jobs” taken by immigrants.

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From a Guardian live feed:


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