Private health care

So much bullshit is spewed over there that it is really making me sick. Canadian, British, French and German public health care is regularly portrayed as being bad, inefficient, and even deadly. But the fact remains that the US is the country that spends far more tax money on healthcare while providing fare less healthcare than any first world country. Sure, British healthcare suffers from waiting lists. French and German citizens have some valid complaints. But if they had to deal with private US insurers they'd have FAR more complaints, and far less money in their pockets. Spain is barely a 1st world country, in the grips of a triple whammy economic crisis. Said crisis has more to do with a housing bubble and financial misfeasance by banks than anything else. Yet Spain is number one in organ transplants, public health is fully public - except in regions where the rw PP party has been in power. The Valencian region, traditionally a rw PP power base, began privatising public health decades ago. After years of outrageous corruption, the PP was kicked out of power, and the "white tide" (a majority group of private and public health professionals) were able to force the local government to audit the privatized public health system. It turns out that the privatization, promoted as a more efficient way of providing public health, cost millions more than the government-run health system. And before you say anything, it wasn't because the health employees were sucking the system dry through their salaries - it was the profit motive that made the privatized health care system more expensive. In fact, the cost to taxpayers for every hospital visit in privatized hospitals was 161 € more expensive than in the few remaining government-run hospitals. And the cosortium that had won the bid on running privatized hospitals received a government bail-out of hundreds of millions of euros - before renegotiating an even more profitable deal from the government. Luckily, the rw is out of power in Valencia and the deals are not going to be renewed.
I am not in favour of socializing everything. Capitalism has a place, especially if it is regulated. But I firmly believe that any vital service that is not amenable to competition needs to be in the hands of the government, and thus under control of the people. Examples? -Water. -Electricity. -Health. -Public transport and infrastructures.   If in the hands of corporations there are myriads of examples of unjusitfyably icreased costs (and corruption), exponentially greater than the inefficiency constantly pointed out by rw fundamentalists.   And said inefficiency, fwiw, is often caused by rw governments that see government as an evil in itself. Instead of promoting efficiency they purposefully undermine efficiency in order to foment privatization, and then turn a blind eye to the inefficient results.
Obamacare is (or was?) bullshit. It was Romneycare, espoused by the GOP in its day when insurance/AMA saw that if they didn't change their ways, they'd be up sit creek without a paddle. When they saw that they could dupe idiots in Kansas (and tRump voters, for example), they decided that they could have their cake and eat it too. So Romneycare became anathema, as being less profitable than the admittedly execrable status quo.   What success the rw think tanks have had! What success at undermining education (by the repubs and third-way "democrats") have they had! An astonishingly stupid electorate, more than willing to vote against their best interests, astro-turfed into a heil-capitalism sector willing - indeed eager - to undermine their own future so that the 1% can have its way.   I used to contemplate in wonder those brits from the 1st half of the 20th century used to have an inferiority complex/unabashed admiration for the aristocracy. Perhaps that is part of the seed that has turned the uhmericans into the idiotic turds they've become since the '60's.

We just got Zaid Khayr

The Fed (hisshiss,spitspit) Controlling USA Growth   "The decision to raise interest rates was a conscious decision to slow the rate of economic growth and job creation. It will raise interest rates that people pay on credit cards, car loans, home mortgages and other types of debt. It will also raise the cost of borrowing for businesses looking to invest and state and local governments borrowing for infrastructure." Dean Baker talked about the Housing Bubble in 2003. It didn't come to government atten. publicly until 2006 and again 2008. I would NOT poo-poo this guy. He certainly save us money and stress