“I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative. I believe that to be so obvious and undeniable a fact that I hardly think any hon. Gentleman will question it.

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Japan wants to reopen 2 reactors.


I reckon they’ve figured that they’ve dried out.




Nukyelar energy… a series of accidents waiting to happen, and if they don’t, thousands of years of vigilance ‘cos the trash is even deadlier than CO2. What the eff is wrong with us?

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“A steady flow of stupidity”: Reality in Ukraine — and Obama and the New York Times’ bizarro parallel universe


We voted for this shite? Or are Dubya & Cheney still pulling the strings?

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Read for a view not often seen in the MSP.

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part of the problem?


Also http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.2044-8309.1994.tb01008.x/abstract


“Although the concept of justification has played a significant role in many social psychological theories, its presence in recent examinations of stereotyping has been minimal. We describe and evaluate previous notions of stereotyping as ego-justification and group-justification and propose an additional account, that of system-justification, which refers to psychological processes contributing to the preservation of existing social arrangements even at the expense of personal and group interest. It is argued that the notion of system-justification is necessary to account for previously unexplained phenomena, most notably the participation by disadvantaged individuals and groups in negative stereotypes of themselves, and the consensual nature of stereotypic beliefs despite differences in social relations within and between social groups. We offer a selective review of existing research that demonstrates the role of stereotypes in the production of false consciousness and develop the implications of a system-justification approach.

[T]he rationalizing and justifying function of a stereotype exceeds its function as a reflector of group attributes—G. W. Allport (1958, p. 192).”


This explains poor right-wingers and a lot more.


Still, it seems to me just another aspect of cogdis.

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new study

There is less than 1 chance in 100,000 that global average temperature over the past 60 years would have been as high without human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, our new research shows.

Published in the journal Climate Risk Management today, our research is the first to quantify the probability of historical changes in global temperatures and examines the links to greenhouse gas emissions using rigorous statistical techniques.

Our new CSIRO work provides an objective assessment linking global temperature increases to human activity, which points to a close to certain probability exceeding 99.999%.

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will we rid ourselves of neocons?


(See Timbuk? I -can- do it!)

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Hotel lobby


Tunisian service



Libyan or Algerian tourist


Heavy air traffic on the beach


Marcus Aurelius and Luciius Verus


Mosaic collection, Bardo Museum


roman sculpture


Examples of Muslim art



Dionysius relieving himself


Punic maskIMG_0265

Street scene, Dougga

IMG_0267 IMG_0268

Roman passtime on the pavement of Dougga (a game similar to marbles)


Forum in DouggaIMG_0299 IMG_0308

Street scene, DouggaIMG_0323

Early morning fisherman on the beach at HammametIMG_0345

Worker in the hotel


Stewie chilling


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This is what a day in N. African sun does:



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a cafe in Hammamet


The Medina in Hammamet


City Wall, Hammamet



Hotel pool, the Med


The Hotel


Roman Mosaic, Bardo Museum


Views of the Roman theater, Dougga


Before and after pics of mosaics in Dougga w/water

IMG_0267 IMG_0268

The Capitol Temple, Dougga





Celeste temple (above), me on waterbike (below)

IMG_0361IMG_0259 Finally, Stewie on stage in Dougga (little bloke, eh?)

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