This will probably come to naught.

The wiki on Archibald Cox shows how legality has a very tenuous hold on what is right or wrong.

When I was a kid, my dad had a few humorous books on Watergate, as well as the full collection of the National Lampoon (when it actually was good. I still have a few copies). I literally grew up on Watergate… but I was unaware of Cox’s well-earned reputation.

What is worriesome is that in today’s political clime, it is impossible that a man such as Cox could investigate tRump’s obvious crimes (and Uni, don’t get into breitbart bs regarding Bengazi, pizzagate or other mornic garbage). A former FBI director may be  “suitable”, but the FBI label doesn’t give me much confidence.

Re-reading the story of Watergate gives me the shivers. It was -this- close to being buried – at a time that the political divide was shallower than it is now.

I have little confidence that tRumpski tRumposkovich tRumponov, or even his minions, will even see a court of law (unless it is for a divorce). Our body politic has sunken too low to allow justice to prevail – and the cognitive dissonance of less than the moiety of the electorate will likely prevail.

To emulate tRump: “Justice is blind, the guilty go free. Sad”

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Is this guy stupid?

“Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr, agreed to meet with a Kremlin-linked lawyer during the 2016 campaign after being promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton, the New York Times reported on Sunday, citing three advisers to the White House.

Trump’s then-campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, also attended the meeting, the Times reported.

The Times quoted a statement from Donald Trump Jr in which he acknowledged meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.”


Then there’s pence, with his famous photo touching NASA hardware just underneath the sign saying “do not touch”.


I guess that if you want to have pawns feigning to be under control it helps to have idiots as puppets. The powers-that-be have gone overboard it seems.

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The great divide

In today’s news, “hundreds of thousands” demonstrated against Turkey’s version of tRump, against his moves towards authoritarian (and fundamentalist islamic) rule. Most came from cities.


Move to Spain, where the rw party wins elections against a divided left, but largely because the base of the rw party is in rural areas that are over-represented (sound familiar?).


Where did Brexit win? In rural areas and in the abandoned industrial areas outside London.


No need to ask where tRump won.


OK, here, there and everywhere, it’s clear that there’s a “division”, which many claim to be ideological. In a sense it is, but in reality (and to be marxian), it’s economical. Rural communities have been closely monitored, and thus manipulated, by certain economic interests that see that an educated (usually urban) as a threat to their continued dominance.


Bernie (and Podemos in Spain, Corbyn in the UK) have been seen to be enemies by certain economic elites, and knowing that demographics are increasingly out of the control of said elites, they’ve chosen this moment to challenge democratic principles.


The third way let down many of the downtrodden, to its eternal shame. In the triangulation game the third way has played pretty poor poker – to gain a hand or two they’ve lost the pot. The third way alienated the base of progressive parties, resulting in even the victory of the most unelectable candidate ever to present himself to political office.


Jo is right. That’s a reason why democraps lose – they forgot that they used to represent workers, farmers, minorities – ‘cos it was easier to win through megabucks from monied interests, and hire goldman sachs idiots to run the country.


Seriously, we’re in a 1920’s situation, as in the Weimar Republic. And I don’t mean just the US, it’s everywhere.


The left had better get its act together ASAP or we’re screwed.


Billary certainly wasn’t the answer, no matter how much certain feminists claim that her defeat was due to machismo. It was due to her being entirely out of touch and due to her being associated with the third way.


This will piss Timbuk off, but it remains clear to me that the GOP and the 3rd way DLC DNC are the same thing. Virtually the same corporate sponsors, virtually the same policies. Different rhetoric though…


I fervently wish that Bernie or one of his stripe takes the DNC back again, back to the New Deal albeit a mark 2.



Rural folks in Kansas and urban folks from the left coast have far more in common that what our manipulating politicos would have us think.

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China is giving Trump a lesson in how to handle Kim Jong-un

Gotta love it.


“…The official US line on North Korea, pre-Donald Trump, was “strategic patience”, not least because its ally South Korea was happily making money next door. The policy supposedly ended with the previous “provocation” from Kim in March, when the US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, declared that: “The policy of strategic patience has ended.” After another missile launch, the vice-president, Mike Pence, added that, “Strategic patience is over.” Now Trump tweets: “does this guy have anything better to do with his life?” The sabres are blunt with futile rattling.

The trouble with issuing ultimatums around the globe is that they invite the reckless to call your bluff and make you look a fool. Each act of brazen posturing by Kim, like his father before him, has been greeted with hair-raising screeches from Washington. He now has only to put on a funny hat and stick out his tongue at Trump, and the most powerful man on Earth howls blue murder. This open invitation to Pyongyang to stage a regular taunt must be irresistible…”

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It appears that 23% of uhmericans…

… don’t know if the US achieved its independence from France, Germany or Mexico.


I can guess that most of those peeps voted for tRump.


FWIW, 33% don’t know what year independence took place.


7/4: Don’t Know Much About History…


Happy 4th! 23% of uhmericans don’t deserve to be citizens.

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