Evangelicals are Crazy People Who Want YOU to Die and go to Hell!

I know you guys already knew this, but check this bit of political calculation out:

Of all the possible theological dog-whistles to his evangelical base, this is the biggest,” she continued. “Trump is reminding them that he is carrying out God’s will to these Last Days. They’ve been waiting for this, praying for this. They want war in the Middle East. The Battle of Armageddon, at which time Jesus Christ will return to the Earth and vanquish all God’s enemies.”

Let me repeat: They WANT war in the Middle East! (snarkon)Nice, “down home” folks”.(/snarkon)

More: Who really wants Trump to recognize Jerusalem? His evangelical supporters at home.

So insane people who want war and for everyone who doesn’t believe what they the believe (with no visible means of support) to die during qa war in the age of nukes and go to Hell are one our POTUS’ most coveted voting groups (along with the wealthy and the corporations). (snarkon)GOOD TIMES!(/snarkon)

Oh well, at least we’re not talking about torture, any more, but this is a real “come to Jesus” moment.

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Instead of starting new posts every now and then when a song or an artist touches someone, I propose a permanent thread to post such themes (hint hint nudge nudge Timbuk).


I’m not too into new techs – perhaps a tittieboard spotify thang would be the best bet, but I have no idea how to do it. If anyone can explain it to me…


Meanwhile, to start things out, I’ll nominate a largely forgotten musician, Shuggie Otis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR1nf9NUlpY


FMHPOV, a great musician, but condemned by not having a particularly good voice. One of his songs was versioned to great effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHe_15fJeCA .


Here I see talent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avw50zY4fxc

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The best places to see Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi

(or Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, if you insist on Roman numerals)

#1 IMAX With Laser – 3D or 2D

Movies shown at a Laser IMAX theater will expand up to the full IMAX screen height during the special IMAX sequences.

Further, the projectors have 4K resolution. Since this movie was mastered from a 4K digital intermediate, the 4K projectors will match the resolution of the master copy.

The extra brightness of the laser projection results in much greater contrast, leading to vastly improved detail in darker scenes. Colors will also be much bolder and more brilliant versus non-laser projection.

Because IMAX produces their own proprietary digital versions of movies, they can (and do) produce 3D movies at 4K resolution.

You can find a list of Laser IMAX theaters here:

#2 IMAX 70MM FILM – 2D only

While 70MM IMAX has a potential resolution far greater than 4K projection, the fact that the movie was mastered from a 4K digital intermediate removes this advantage. Still, the oversized film should easily capture what resolution that the 4K master does provide, so there is no resolution disadvantage either.

70MM IMAX will also expand the image up to the full IMAX screen height during the special IMAX sequences, which makes this an easy second choice if there are no Laser IMAX theaters in your area.

There will be no more than 20 of these film prints made for the entire world. No theater will receive more than one print, so 3D projection will not be an option.

A list of theaters that will have one of the 70MM IMAX prints (at least for the US/Canada/UK area) is available here:

#3 Dolby Cinema – 2D only

Dolby Cinema uses laser projection much like Laser IMAX does. And it has the same outstanding advantages for colors and darker scenes. And the projectors are 4K. Because of this, these theaters make a good third choice if the first two options are unavailable in your area.

There are some disadvantages though. The image will not expand during the special IMAX sequences. The movie will be confined to the normal theater aspect ratio.

Also, while Dolby produces their own proprietary digital versions of movies much like IMAX does, and is therefore likewise capable of 3D at 4K resolution, they almost always choose to produce only 2D versions of a movie. There have only been two exceptions to this rule so far. It is very unlikely that Star Wars 8 will be the third.

You can get a list of Dolby Cinema locations here:

#4 any Premium Large Format theater with a 4K projector – 2D only

Because this won’t be an IMAX theater, you’ll be stuck at ordinary movie aspect ratios. No expanded image height during the special IMAX sequences. That said, the large oversized screens look really good with 4K projection, which make these a good fourth choice if the first three options are unavailable.

Premium Large Format theaters do not produce their own proprietary versions of a movie like IMAX and Dolby do. They can only show what the Hollywood studios provide to them. And Hollywood studios only provide 4K resolution in 2D. Or to put it another way, they only provide 3D movies in 2K resolution. So if you want the movie to look good sprawled across a huge screen, you’ll need to choose a 2D showing.

You’ll often find that Premium Large Format theaters will have only a single 3D showing a day (if they have 3D showings at all), with the rest of the day’s showings all in 2D, even when they are showing a big 3D blockbuster.

You can find Premium Large Format theaters everywhere these days. Usually they have an X in the name of the theater room, but not always.

Note that this option is only valid if Disney releases a 4K version of the movie. Usually it is a given that if a movie is mastered in 4K, the Hollywood studio will release the 2D version in 4K. However, Star Wars 7 was mastered in 4K resolution and Disney made the exceptional decision to only release a 2K version to theaters. Hopefully they won’t do the same this time, but if they do, scratch option #4 from the list. Option 5 below can’t compete against 4K resolution, but liemax does do 2K projection better than anyone else does 2K projection.

#5 Digital IMAX (LIEmax) – 3D or 2D

This has a major disadvantage in that the projectors are only 2K. Not great when the image is spread across a giant screen.

While the image does expand slightly during the special IMAX sequences, it doesn’t expand much. Nothing even remotely like you’ll get with the first two options.

On the other hand if you really want 3D, and there are no Laser IMAX theaters near you, this is your best 3D option. The dual projectors, one for each eye, do 3D much better than theaters that provide 3D with a single projector. And the dual projectors make a brighter overall image with a bit more contrast (especially helpful with 3D glasses darkening the image). And the slight expansion of the picture during the special IMAX sequences is slightly better than no expansion at all.

But unless you really want 3D and there are no Laser IMAX locations near you, you’ll be much better served with one of the 4K options listed above.

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About This Sexual Harassment Trend

I find this trend quite alarming. There are people who are accused who I believe have done some of the things mentioned. However, I cannot help but suspect that are innocent people being accused as well. I cannot abide that innocents are getting caught in the crosshairs.

Weinstein, Spacey, and Franken are real. I suppose that plenty of the Hollywood situations may well be real. But I don’t believe all the accusations that have hit mainstream media.

I just wish upon wish that the political pendulum would stop swinging so profoundly.

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Alternate universe

It seems pretty clear that the ruskies have been involved in… or better said, interfering in… western “democratic” processes.

Brexit, tRumpelection, Catalonian separatism… it seems that the Kremlin’s been meddling in many afairs in order to destabilize the West.

Needless to say, the West has been doing the same for decades, starting from the Voice of America and ending with the various “colour” revolutions in the Russian sphere of influence.

From the perspective of an alien, it would be hard to see which side is worse, so the outrage of anti-trumpists, EU remainers and Spanish federalists should be put into perspective. Don’t complain when the victims of your manipulation hoist you on your own petard.

Mind – I’m not defending ruskie interference. Nor western interference for that matter. It’s a new mode of warefare, like it or not. The ruskies appear to be more adept at manipulating the unhappiness of western yokels than the west it at manipulating the unhappiness of eastern yokels, go figure.

In this new mode of warefare, the ruskies have a major advantage. They’re prone to paternalistic governments and personality cults (though their tRump experiment might be a shot in the foot), and democracy is notably absent in today’s russia. The CIA’s extensive experience in mob manipulation doesn’t stand a chance in russia, while russia’s web bots have certainly been a success.

As usual, I will be called anti-american when I say that this is just another case of blowback. We’ve been manipulating for decades – how can we complain of our “democratic” processes being manipulated? Ask any of the extreme neoliberal manipulators that abound in the US if manipulation of democracy is easy or copasetic. Or, if you’re inclined towards rw thoughts, if the likes of Soros is copasetic or effective.

The alternate reality is that democracy has a basic weakness. The electorate is easy to manipulate through a relatively small and cheap efforts. Putin’s russia is pretty much immune, so advantage to the ruskies.

What is more, what the ruskies want is pretty much what the Koch’s et al want, so, as usual, the cards are stacked against progressives.

IMHO, progressives are probably more ambitious than ever, with better chances for success than ever. Feel the Bern, Podemos, et al… but the opposition is stronger than ever, and is multinational. Hell – when the interests of capital and the ruskies are aligned, and go hand-in-hand with ultranationalism, the fight is harder than ever. Add gerrymandering and it makes its’ own juice.

Assange has been aiding and abetting the catalonian separatists, despite having next to no knowledge of the catalonian situation. Apparently he’s been garnering information from the ruskies, go figure.

But what blows my mind is the incompetence of the NSA, etc. Internet is an uhmerican invention, and it seems that everyone from ISIS to the ruskies outgun us in this area. To the point that we actually have a manchurian candidate as potus, forchrissakes.

Talk to me, let me know that I’m wrong.

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