Major Miniature

Major Miniaturist Makes Art That Comes With Its Own Microscope

Willard Wigan — who suffered from dyslexia as a child, and can barely read or write today — creates some of the most elaborate pieces of art. WSJ’s Gautam Naik reports these micro-sculptures are small enough to fit inside the eye of a needle.

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Citizens Get Each Other All Worked Up!!!

Actual quotes, posted online this morning:

“Guess old new york city is really gone. Some ass is painting over the Keith Haring mural corner of bowery and houston.”

“NO!!!!! how can that be???????? surprised that’s not landmarked or something?”

“I don’t know dp called nytimes, 311, the mayor’s office. Just emailed a friend whose mom is big in the art world. Wondering if it’s a big fuck up.”

” it has to be…some moronic mid-level manager thinks it graffiti…”

“OMG! that is terrible…I have no desire to go back to NYC anymore.”

“Are you insane? He’s a great artist and that’s a major part of the neighborhood.”

Yours truly, icy, painted-over that mural today.
(You should see the evil lookin’ pic New York magazine posted of me.)
It wasn’t a landmark. It was a re-creation of Haring’s 1980’s mural,
done just ONE year ago, by my gallery, in league with Haring’s estate and family, to commemorate Keith Haring’s 50th birthday (had he lived.)
Had the angry mob only -asked-.

The original was only up for a few months. When the day-glo faded,
as this one did, Haring himself painted over it.

When the NY Times called the Haring Estate to fact-check hysterical rumors surrounding today’s paint-over; the Estate called the Gallery; and the game of “telephone” repeated itself, as people inside the gallery decided I had done something to inflame the irate passersby.

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