Elect More Republicans!

Yesterday’s word of the day was “kakistocracy“.

noun, plural kakistocracies.
1. government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power.

Used in a sentence: “The last years of the Bush Presidency were a kakistocracy of GOP control of the WH and congress.”

Losing 800,000 jobs/month and the world economy almost crashed due to GOP policies. Imagine that?

Oh, you don’t have to. It happened that way. While the GOP held power in the US, and RW fucktwits like Tony B(liar) were pushing wars on which we could spend our blood and treasure.

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Just thought you guys might be interested

I just made a post on Kos in reply to a front pager who’s really pretty good. I’ll reproduce it here, in its entirety, for those who don’t want to click on a Kos link (Uni).

I’m going to vote for Bernie (0+ / 0-)

I live in DE. My vote doesn’t matter, because I live in DE and we’re the second “blueist” “state” after DC. My vote is diluted compared to some “red” nightmare like WY, SD, or UT.

If that’s not blunt enough, my vote doesn’t count as much as a vote in a state like SD, where I grew up and a source of eternal shame, for me.

So, I don’t expect Bernie to be the nominee. I’d go further, and add that I’d expect Bernie to be the same disaster that Barry Goldwater was for conservatives, but I don’t have to, because he won’t be the nominee. Money will take over, and Clinton will win the Democratic primary.

And I will vote for her in the general election.

Because Republicans have gone batshit crazy.

But I have to be honest. I’m tired of voting against, instead of voting for.

Hillary is as pro-corp as it gets. And I’m for “we the people”. The huddled masses. The poor and middle class.

I think, like most politicians, Hillary is looking out for the people who will help her get elected. The wealthy, and the corporations (thanks to Citizens United).

Paint her as the best option. Don’t paint her as being responsible in looking out for my best interests. Bernie is that guy.

Am I nuts?

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Bush’s Disastrous Blunder (and let’s not let Dick “Dick” Cheney off the hook)

Bernie Sanders, my favorite Senator, says what I’ve been thinking, but didn’t know how to put into words.

Bush’s ‘disastrous blunder’ created Islamic State

Warning, link is to the RW Moonie Times. Most of the story is below if you don’t want to give them click-throughs.

“We are here today because of the disastrous blunder of the Bush-Cheney era, which got us into this war in Iraq in the first place, which then developed the can of worms that we’re trying to deal with right now.”

Mr. Sanders expressed his concern about the possibility of getting dragged into “perpetual warfare.”

“We have been at war for 12 years; we have spent trillions of dollars. I’m chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. We have 500,000 men and women who have come home with PTSD and TBI [traumatic brain injuries]. What I do not want, and what I fear very much, is the United States getting sucked into a quagmire and being involved in perpetual warfare year after year after year. That is my fear,” he said.”

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Iraq War, Revisited

Nothing in the past few decades has eroded America’s credibility, its standing in the world, its capacity to go to war, like the war in Iraq. We expended billions upon billions of dollars and thousands of human lives in pursuit of showing off how tough we were, and the result was a disaster.

In the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, candidates Representatives Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, then-Senator Barack Obama (Now President of the United States), Senators Chris Dodd, Hillary Clinton and Mike Gravel were some of the most outspoken critics of the Iraq War. Other than the Pauls, who are right about this like a stopped clock (and wrong about pretty much everything else), and are libertarians, not Republicans, has any Republican ever expressed regret for support Bush and Cheney’s illegal war of aggression? That slimy little weasel Lindsey Graham and John “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iraq” McCain (or is that John “stupid enough to pick Sara Freakin’ Palin as his running mate” McCain) are saying Putin’s doing his thing because “Obama’s too soft” on … something. Foreign policy, maybe? Whatever, as long as the certifiably insane GOP/Teabagger party isn’t to blame. For a situation that we have no control over…

Keeping Republicans out of the White House, permanently, really does matter.

But frankly, their “base” is so bug-fuck nuts, now, that anyone who could win a TeabaggerOP primary couldn’t win a general election, so we got that going for us, which is nice.

I think about McCain/Palin finishing their second term, and Palin being in line to be the next POTUS and my mind wobbles…

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For the First Time in a Long Time

…I’m not absolutely convinced that the majority of Americans are too stupid to walk and breathe at the same time.

The public still blames Bush.

Nearly five years after George W. Bush left office, half the public still blames the former president for the nation’s economic woes, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll released this week. The survey comes as Republicans have continued to keep the 43rd president at arm’s length.

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Nelson Mandela Died, Today

That’s all over the news. I’m not telling you guys anything.

But check this out: Dick Cheney Didn’t Regret His Vote Against Freeing Nelson Mandela, Maintained He Was A ‘Terrorist’

Just sorta explains everything about the Bush years, I think. The guy with his hand up Bush’s ass, pulling his strings, starting wars all over the fucking place thought that Nelson Mandela was a fucking terrorist?

Lest it be overlooked, I’m not the only one who thinks that Mandela was an amazing, heroic man, more along the lines of Ghandi than bin Laden. May he rest in peace, and my deepest sympathies to/empathy for his family.

But I’m never going to forget how bad the Bush/Cheney years actually were (or who the terrorists are, and continue to be, US.)

Or that Republicans have been consistent in their assholery for decades, all of my life, since SS first passed, in fact. People who vote for them should be shamed.

President Ronald Reagan was among those most opposed to the bill

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Obama is NOT “just like Bush”. Junior is in a class by himself. Worst.President.Ever.

The Deafness Before the Storm

I remember his first few months. He wanted to build star wars (to enrich his Daddy via the Carlyle Group). He paid NO attention to terrorism, bin Laden, Richard Clark…

The bumbling, incompetent fool nearly wrecked this country, and the world economy. Repeal everything that passed while he was POTUS, starting with the tax giveaway to the wealthy.

How anyone can vote for a Republican, again, after the Bush years is completely beyond me. When someone tells me they’re considering voting for a Republican I lose respect for them, instantly. The GOP has gone completely insane.

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I can’t believe I have to say this

IMO, the Democratic party is not perfect. I don’t defend everything Barack Obama does. I don’t defend everything that ANY member of the Democratic party does.

Again, IMO, the only perfect candidate is me. IMO.

But the GOP is perfectly evil.

Do away with SS? Check.

Do away with medicare? Check.

Take our retirement accounts? Check.

Take our pensions? Check.

Declare this to be a “christian” nation, in defiance of the constitution and everything that’s holy? Check.

Deny voting rights? Check.

Gawd, the list goes on. Do I really have to?

Fuck the environment? Check.

A woman’s right to a legal medical procedure? Check.

Tax cuts for people making more than $250K/year matter more than middle class tax cuts? Check.

It just goes on and on. The GOP is in full-on assault mode against “us”.

The Democratic party isn’t perfect. Give me a green party or progressive party who can defeat the GOP candidate (who is ALWAYS well-funded by some rich fucker). I’ll vote for them.

But I’ll ALWAYS vote to defeat the GOP.

And I ALWAYS vote.

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