“You do it first!” “No, YOU do it first!”

This is the game being played in DC, today.

The GOP wants to utterly destroy SS and medicare. They just don’t want their totally white, geriataric base to see it.

*Some* Democrats are OK with this. *Some* Democrats are opposed to it. *Some* Democrats are “on the fence”; gimme some honey and I’ll vote with you.

So, the GOP is maneuvering to have Democrats cut SS and Medicare, and the Democrats are trying to figure out a way to let the cuts to defense, already in the sequester, take place without devastating the economy. (Don’t misunderstand this. MASSIVE cuts to defense, over night, will affect suppliers of defense contractors, so there’s a bit of dancing to be done on the part of “the left” to avoid further damaging the economy.)

SS and Medicare are dangling by a thread, and the POTUS (yeah, our current POTUS, Barack Obama) has said, and whether you realize it or not, continues to say, “Make me do it.”

Enough with the “Obama’s gonna sell us out” comments. “Make” him “do it”.

It’s really up to us.

The “game”, right now, is to get the Republicans/teabaggers to own the calls to cut SS and Medicare. Which they won’t do, so don’t lose any sleep over the default on the debt. Meanwhile, the GOP/baggers want the Democrats to name cuts to SS and Medicare. Which they won’t do.

The debt ceiling vote will come, and it will be raised.

The next big battle is the sequester. Which defense cuts will we keep? Which social programs cuts will we keep?

Put your pants back on and get to work. Educate yourself on the sequester. Decide what YOU want to do about debt (or quit bragging about Clinton running a surplus).

The sequester battle is the one that matters, but the Battle for America never ends.

(Video posted right after the.worst.president.in.history “won” re-election.)

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