But it WOULD be an interesting debate…

Rand Paul Challenges Bernie Sanders To Hour-Long Debate On Socialism vs. Capitalism

It has been theorized that Democratic National Committee rules may prevent Sanders from debating Paul in an officially-sanctioned event, but on the other hand, the fact that Paul and Sanders are both U.S. senators who would ordinarily debate each other under the course of their typical duties may limit the DNC’s ability to block the two from participating in a joint town hall.

I remain a Bernie supporter, and will support his decision either way, but it WOULD be an interesting debate…

Personally, I think Bernie would crush the little turd hanging off Ron Paul’s asshole (if that’s too crass or obscure, I mean Rand), and do serious damage to the whole “socialism is bad” meme hanging over us since the end of WWII. I certainly wouldn’t buy an argument that Bernie is “afraid” to debate the “doctor”. (He’s not a doctor.) But, I’d accept a conclusion by his campaign that he CAN’T debate him because of DNC rules. I”d also accept a conclusion by his campaign that not only does he have a right to debate him, he’d mop the floor with this sorry-assed excuse for a Senator.

So we will see.

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How do you fix a democracy

…when the voters are so mentally deficient?

Poll: Louisiana GOPers Unsure If Katrina Response Was Obama’s Fault

A significant chunk of Louisiana Republicans evidently believe that President Barack Obama is to blame for the poor response to the hurricane that ravaged their state more than three years before he took office.

Honestly, how can “the greatest country in the history of the world”(TM) continue to be synonymous with “America” when the people who elect “our” representatives insist that it is their right to vote based on such stupidity? This is willful stupidity on the scale of the sores board.

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Happy Presidents’ Day!

Meet The Five Most Overrated American Presidents

Yeah, Reagan’s one of them. And no, I don’t think junior belongs on the list. I think we’re just waiting on history to declare him one of, if not the, worst and most criminal in the long, sordid history of America. Bush isn’t “overrated”. He was (and remains) evil and stupid.

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I probably don’t need to remind you of this, but I’m disgusted by anyone who was a gun-grabber the day before Sandy Hook standing on the bodies of murdered children to further their political agenda, just as I was disgusted by those who stood on the bodies of those killed on 911 (with a bullhorn in his hand) to further his political agenda. So, maybe I’m hyper-sensitive but I was a little bothered by Obama’s mention of “they deserve a vote” at the end of the speech. No, you don’t “deserve a vote” on overturning the constitution by a simple majority.

I’ll add that other than that, I think he sorta knocked it outta the fuckin’ park.

We’ll see what Boehner, who I’m about to defend, can do about it, seeing as how he’s dealing with a completely worthless teabagger caucus that places IDEOLOGY above country, and won’t compromise on anything, can get done.

So, here’s the real “meat” of what I observed; there’s a cold running through DC, right now. I’m just getting over it, as is my wife and one of my closest collaborators. As I watched the speech I was focused on Boehner, because his body language in response to the speech is meaningful in interpreting what can actually be accomplished in the next two years, and I think he has the same miserable cold I just suffered through. I saw him wipe his nose, and I saw him cough.

Now, I’m wondering. Is it possible to peal Boehner away from the vile, disgusting, repugnant, uncompromising, IDEOLOGICAL, rigid, unthinking, anti-Democracy, intransigent, (insert vile but valid stereotype here) teabaggers by giving him credit for actually caring what happens to OUR (his, mine, and yours) country?


We’ll see.

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It’s Good To Have Alan Grayson Back

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) on Monday mocked the 67 House Republicans who voted against disaster relief funds for the victims of Hurricane Sanday.

“It’s the same 67 over and over again,” he noted on The Stephanie Miller Show. “It’s the bath salts caucus, the people that would rather eat your face than raise taxes on the rich.”

H/T to DU

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Remembering my friend Senator Paul Wellstone

Minnesota Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone was killed iin a plane crash ten years ago today while campaigning for re-election to a third term in the U.S. Senate. His wife Sheila, daughter Marcia and five others also died in the crash. Former Rep. Jim Ramstad reflects on Wellstone’s legacy in this open letter.

May your great spirit continue to live in the hearts of all of us.

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Small Town America

I can’t afford to “get off the wheel”. I have a boss, my employer has expectations, I’m no different than the vast majority of Americans.

I’m a believer that small town America is dying. Uni warning, this is a Kos link.

Continue reading “Small Town America”

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