BIG SCOTUS Decision Tomorrow on ACA

I don’t have a prediction.

Scalia has demonstrated that he has no respect for the constitution, and he’s a RW/GOP hack, but protecting insurance companies is a RW cause, so who knows how he and the other 3 RW judges will rule? Lord knows, protecting corporate profits rules Alito’s world. IMO, Alito’s the worst judge of the 20th and 21st centuries, although Thomas certainly gives him a run for the money. Roberts is another RW hack, but he shows occasional flashes of sanity and objectivity, so his vote on the mandate is a mystery, to me.

I think Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsburg, and Breyer will uphold the constitution, but I’m not sure what that means in terms of the individual mandate. They’ll uphold the rest of the law, but maybe not the mandate.

Which, as usual, leaves Kennedy making the decision. Probably. Like I said, I don’t really have a prediction. If I absolutely had to guess, and I don’t, I’d bet on Scalia upholding the mandate but nothing else, with Alito and Thomas joining him. That was sort of tongue in cheek, but I have to believe it’s crossed their foul minds.

OK, if I have to guess, I’m betting the mandate will fall, but “severability” will allow the rest of the law to remain. Probably 5-4 on the mandate, and 7-3 on “severability”. Alito, Thomas, and Scalia are just politically motivated hacks at this point, and they’ll rule to overturn the whole thing. Roberts will join along with Kennedy and “the liberals” on maintaining the rest of the law.

But that’s not why I’m posting. Check this out;

If Health Care Law Struck Down, House Progressives to Push Single-Payer Option

While the White House, Congressional Republicans and Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign have probably worked out how they are going to react to the Supreme Court ruling, expected tomorrow, on President Obama’s health care law, the House Progressive Caucus is preparing themselves as well. According to Progressive Caucus c-chair Representative Keith Ellison, they are going to start pushing a single-payer system they are going to term “Medicare For All”.

In an interview with The Huffington Post Ellison said that a single-payer, publicly funded and administered program is the easiest and cheapest way to cover all Americans. He also said that all 75 members of the Progressive Caucus had signed onto the plan.

I’m going to repeat this ad nauseum (the beatings will continue until morale improves); there are NO progressive Republicans. There IS a difference between the two parties.

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I wish you could see the smile on my face

…as I’m posting this.

I know I’m not a sycophant, but in light of his first term accomplishments I can’t think of someone better suited, or with better experience, to run the country right now.

The SCOTUS is hearing arguments about “Obamacare” this week. My own internal jury is out on “the mandate”, but I know one thing for sure. The RW extremists are absolutely right to believe that if they can’t kill “Obmacare” in the next year or two, people are going to get used to the idea that health care is something we all deserve, not just rich fuckers like Cheney.

And yeah, I know the video will piss some of you off. Irk you to your core, so to speak, in the year that Dennis Kucinich went down to defeat like he would have in a national general election. Life’s not all roses and sweet-smelling farts. Get over it. 😉

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12 Fish You Should Never Eat

The Dirty Dozen

Yes fish, no fish, red fish…OK fish? Our oceans have become so depleted of wild fish stocks, and so polluted with industrial contaminants, that trying to figure out the fish that are both safe and sustainable can make your head spin. “Good fish” lists can change year after year, because stocks rebound or get depleted every few years, but there are some fish that, no matter what, you can always decline. The nonprofit Food and Water Watch looked at all the varieties of fish out there, how they were harvested, how certain species are farmed, and levels of toxic contaminants like mercury or PCBs in the fish, as well as how heavily local fishermen relied upon fisheries for their economic survival. These are the 12 fish, they determined, that all of us should avoid, no matter what.

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New Rules

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration issued new federal rules on Monday that will require many health insurance companies to spend more on medical care and allocate less to profits, executive compensation, marketing and overhead expenses.

The rules, intended to benefit consumers, vastly expand federal authority to direct the use of premiums collected by companies like Aetna, Humana, UnitedHealth and WellPoint. While some states have had such requirements, Monday’s announcement is the first such mandate by the federal government and grows out of the new national health care law.

“Millions of Americans will get better value for their health insurance premium dollar,” Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, said in issuing the rules. Ms. Sebelius said the rules would protect nearly 75 million people: 10.6 million with individual policies, 24.2 million with small-group coverage and 40 million covered by large employers.

Edit to add the last sentence from the linked article:

“If Republicans succeed,” Mr. Miller said, “they will be taking money right out of the pockets of millions of average Americans.”

And, presumably, putting it right back into the pockets of the uber-rich, where THEY believe it belongs.

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Health Insurers Pour Money into GOP

The insurance industry is pouring money into Republican campaign coffers in hopes of scaling back wide-ranging regulations in the new healthcare law but preserving the mandate that Americans buy coverage.

We really don’t want the GOP to make big gains in the mid-terms.

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Health Insurance Reform Starts To Kick In

10 Major New Health Reform Benefits Take Effect Today

Major new health reform benefits take effect today to help keep health insurance companies accountable, lower health care costs, guarantee more health care choices, and enhance the quality of health care for all Americans.

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New superbug gene could spread widely

People traveling to India for medical procedures have brought back to Britain a new gene that allows any bacteria to become a superbug, and scientists are warning this type of drug resistance could soon appear worldwide.

Though already widespread in India, the new superbug gene is being increasingly spotted in Britain and elsewhere. Experts warn the booming medical tourism industries in India and Pakistan could fuel a surge in antibiotic resistance, as patients import dangerous bugs to their home countries.

The superbug gene, which can be swapped between different bacteria to make them resistant to most drugs, has so far been identified in 37 people who returned to the U.K. after undergoing surgery in India or Pakistan.

Don’t want to see this one “go viral”.

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