Giant Meteor hitting the earth polling well in presidential election

An actual polling company actually polled 853 actual registered voters to see if they would rather vote for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or a Giant Meteor hitting the earth. And the results were pretty interesting. The Giant Meteor 2016 movement, also known as Sweet Meteor O' Death or #SMOD16, began as a joke by those unhappy with their presidential choices. The Twitter account now boasts more than 20,000 followers. You can even get a bumper sticker. "Ready to Make an Impact, Tough on Putin & Iran," the bio reads. "I'll probably destroy all Earthly life." Well at least it's upfront about it. So in the poll, which really happened, 43 percent of people would vote for Clinton, 38 percent for Trump and 13 percent would break for the giant meteor. 7 percent were undecided.

Marry, Murder, or Bang?

I'm assuming you guys know the rules, but just in case, which of the following (groups of 3) would you marry, who would you murder, and who would you bang? The first one's obviously the three remaining POTUS candidates: tRump ("the Donald") Hitlary (Bill's wife) Sanders This one's tougher: Katy Perry Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus I refuse to respond to this one: Spiderman Superman Batman Then there's the somewhat obscene: Jesus Ghandi MLK I'll put the disclaimer here. THIS IS A GAME! HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR! NO ONE IS CONSIDERING MURDERING ANYONE! Or having sex with any of the remaining POTUS candidates... Bonus: Fake or True: Hillary's personality. Donald J. Trumps success AS A BUSINESSMAN. Bernie's campaign is for the 99%. Katy Perry's tits. Miley Cyrus' tits. Sarah Palin's tits. Carly Fiorna's tits. Carly Fieorina's VP run. My balls for hitting "publish" after typing Sarah Palin's tits and Carly Fiorna's tits, because who the fuck cares? Please feel free to add your own.

I REALLY Hope Hillary Decides Not To Run

She may have had a better handle on what to do on healthcare, but she's a neocon. Elizabeth Warren, who I'd support, has made it crystal-clear that she's not running. This basically leaves me at choosing Biden or whatever truly horrendous right wing extremist fuck-stick the GOP allows the crazed baggers to nominate. Or maybe someone can beat Biden in a primary. I don't claim to know, but historically VPs have succeeded POTUS's. Who should I vote for in the general election? The Green candidate, who (if they get enough votes) will get the truly horrendous right wing extremist fuck-stick the GOP allows the crazed baggers candidate elected? The Libertarian candidate (don't insult my intelligence)? Maybe I should protest the complete failure of the American political system by writing in Goofy or Minnie Mouse, which would result in the election of the truly horrendous right wing extremist fuck-stick the GOP allows the crazed baggers to be nominated. I agree we're trapped by our system. I don't agree letting the truly horrendous right wing extremist fuck-stick the GOP allows the crazed baggers candidate GETS INTO THE WHITE HOUSE and then runs the world into the ground to teach the world a lesson about electing truly horrendous right wing extremist fuck-stick the GOP allowing the crazed baggers is the best outcome. We NEED government. Do you want to drive anywhere? You need government. Do you want your bank to treat you fairly? You need government. Continue reading "I REALLY Hope Hillary Decides Not To Run"

For the First Time in a Long Time

...I'm not absolutely convinced that the majority of Americans are too stupid to walk and breathe at the same time. The public still blames Bush.
Nearly five years after George W. Bush left office, half the public still blames the former president for the nation’s economic woes, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll released this week. The survey comes as Republicans have continued to keep the 43rd president at arm’s length.