Top 10 Reasons Politicos Should Watch Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl Sunday is the highest of Holy Days for sports fans and NFL fans alike. But what about those outliers? What if your team isn’t playing, or you only care about college sports — or worse you’ve been invited to a Super Bowl Party but know nothing about who to root for or why?

Never fear, if you can’t get rah-rah excited about the Patriots vs. Seahawks showdown, you can definitely get excited about this year’s smorgasbord of political nuggets and subplots. If you can’t tap into that team spirit, here’s a list of 10 political reasons you might want to root for or against either team.

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At any rate, the league is set up and I’ve sent invitations. Check yer email, or send the email address I should send your invite to.

4 managers, so far, within a couple of hours of sending the e-vites. I guess we’re all looking for an escape from the ongoing BS that passes for reality.

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Daylight saving time affects more than just our sleep

Worried you’ll feel a little groggy from missing an hour of sleep Saturday night? You’re not alone. Daylight saving time affects us all in more ways than you might think.

Here are eight of them

Don’t forget to get up at 2AM and reset all of your clocks for 3AM, tonight.

Yeah, right.

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Happy Presidents’ Day!

Meet The Five Most Overrated American Presidents

Yeah, Reagan’s one of them. And no, I don’t think junior belongs on the list. I think we’re just waiting on history to declare him one of, if not the, worst and most criminal in the long, sordid history of America. Bush isn’t “overrated”. He was (and remains) evil and stupid.

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This blog used to be worth reading.

Now, I’m not so sure any more. At some level, it seems to be moving toward a “prove Timbuk is a shill for the DNC” blog, with (honestly) little else being contributed (apologies to Jo, who DOES contribute non-“Timbuk is an asshole” stuff), and I’m not at all on board with spending hours proving that I’m not.

It may be time for me to take a hiatus. Don’t consider this a threat to shut things down. I won’t. I promise. Don’t consider it “surrender” or “agreement”. But I’m getting tired of being accused (mostly by uni, right now, and alvy, a few months ago) of excusing the things the Democrats do wrong, based on the fact that I think they do SOME things right, and I view the GOP as a willing tool of the uber-wealthy, and less-so since the election of 2012, a tool of the extraordinarily fucked up religious right. Dems aren’t perfect. I admit that. And I even understand the “lesser of two evils” argument, but I vehemently disagree that we’ve made NO progress since the dark days of Bush’s re-election in 2004.

I (may) need to find a better way to say “progress isn’t having everything I want, RIGHT FUCKING NOW GODDAMMIT!” That’s the demand of a spoiled child.

Lemme think about it. I may post in the morning. No one knows, including me.

But I have to add that, after the election, I don’t have much to be pissed off about, any more. And I’m sure as hell not going to waste my time going through and rebutting long-assed posts about how fucked up everything is. To be honest, I just don’t care all that much what the dissatisfied think, much less what they think they can “demand” of me, Democrats, Obama…

I mean, if you voted another way, let’s be clear about one thing, at least; YOU LOST! If you didn’t vote for the Democrats, you’ve forfeited your right to expect things from them. Did you expect Bush to protect Social Security and Medicare, lower taxes on the wealthy, end the wars? Of COURSE not! And you have no right to expect ANYTHING from anyone else you voted AGAINST. A vote FOR someone else is, de facto, a vote AGAINST everyone else. That’s not even math, it’s a fact.

Post away!

I may, or may not, reply, but I won’t share your shitty, shitty attitude. I’ll continue to (try to_) hold a POTUS I VOTED FOR’s feet to the fire. THERE’S A RECORD of how much money and time I devoted to his re-election, and that gives me more rights to be heard than you have. Honestly. Even though he can’t run again, my Senators and Rep can, and they know who’s vote they don’t want to lose.

We’re not headed toward the apocalypse. Because Obama won, the Democrats held the Senate, and got more votes for House seats than the GOP. And if you voted or acted in a way that worked against that result, as far as I’m concerned, you should sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and let those of us who worked and voted to make it happen take control of what we ask those we worked and voted for to do for the next 2-4 years.

It was your choice to vote for Betty Rubble, but my choice helped get us a government that just may listen to us. And I resent the fuck out of your attempts, now, to try and take OUR (those of us who voted DEM) accomplishment away from us. Go call Betty Rubble. Complain to her. The rest of us don’t care what you think. Because you’ve proven you don’t know what you’re doing.


It was your choice to not matter.

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