Well, it’s not a monster truck, but…

Check this out:

Honda races to build speedy lawnmower for Top Gear team

Honda engineers are racing to build the world’s fastest lawnmower after being put up to the task by Top Gear Magazine.

They are targeting a speed of 130mph (210km/hr).

I could mow my lawn in, like, 10 minutes!

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First, we elected nothing but Democrats in the “GOP wave” election of 2010.

Now this.

Mortgage Registry MERS Sued by Delaware Attorney General

Oct. 27 (Bloomberg) — Merscorp Inc., the operator of a national mortgage registry used by banks, was sued by Delaware’s attorney general for allegedly using deceptive practices that hide information from borrowers.

The MERS database, which tracks ownership interests in mortgages, impeded the ability of homeowners to fight foreclosures and obscures its data, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden said in a complaint filed today.

“MERS engaged and continues to engage in a range of deceptive trade practices that sow confusion among consumers, investors and other stakeholders in the mortgage finance system, damage the integrity of Delaware’s land records, and lead to unlawful foreclosure practices,” Biden said.

This goes a long way towards explaining why I can’t understand why so much of the rest of the country is certifiably bugfuck nuts; I’m not surrounded, on a daily basis, by people who are certifiably bugfuck nuts.

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“…is a virtue.”

“…my ass, I’m gonna kill something.”

See, here’s the thing; I can think of situations where patience sure isn’t a virtue. Like, for example, if a loved one just had a heart attack and you’re waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Or you’re hiding in your attic, armed with 357 and a cell-phone, waiting for the cops to arrive while a drug addict ransacks your house. As they’re working their way toward the closet you know you don’t WANT to kill someone who’s essentially the victim of an illness, you want him (her?) to get arrested and helped, but self-defense is legal and this guy (gal?) is obviously crazed.

Maybe there are better examples, but you get the drift. Sometimes “I want it NOW” can be virtuous.

Well, I’m tried of virtually everything in America seeming to be “on hold” while congress “debates” health care reform.

And the longer I wait for the outcome, the less I care what it is.

Tell me what the new rules are so I can make the necessary adjustments, already.

Continue reading “Patience”

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Why do I have the feeling that, sooner or later, Grayson will say or do something that’s not “truly progressive”, some politically correct loon fuck stick gang of “purity police” on Orange State will turn on him, and that will spell the end of this “liberal fascination” with Alan Grayson?

Ah, well. This is a fun speech.

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Well, I’m back after a week off. Today, in the Minneapolis airport, I was putting my stuff back on after going through security and noticed I was standing next to Al Franken, who was doing the same thing. That was fun.

Yeah, I shook his hand. “Senator Franken, it’s nice to meet you.” He said he was “here today with the President for a rally.” I asked him how it went and he said “good”. I also told him, the next time the Repuglicans were getting him down, to remember that “you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you.” I wasn’t real sure he appreciated the last bit.

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Our New President: Disaster In The Making?

By Thomas Sowell

After many a disappointment with someone, and especially after a disaster, we may be able to look back at numerous clues that should have warned us that the person we trusted did not deserve our trust.

When that person is the president of the United States, the potential for disaster is virtually unlimited.

Many people are rightly worried about what this administration’s reckless spending will do to the economy in our time and to our children and grandchildren, to whom a staggering national debt will be passed on. But if the worst that Barack Obama does is ruin the economy, I will breathe a sigh of relief.

He is heading this country toward disaster on many fronts, including a nuclear Iran, which has every prospect of being an irretrievable disaster of almost unimaginable magnitude. We cannot put that genie back in the bottle — and neither can generations yet unborn. They may yet curse us all for leaving them hostages to nuclear terror.


During a recent TV interview, when President Obama was asked about the prospects of victory in Afghanistan, he replied that it would not be victory like in World War II, with “Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur.”

In reality, it was not Emperor Hirohito who surrendered on the battleship Missouri. American troops were already occupying Japan before Hirohito met Gen. Douglas MacArthur for the first time.

This is not the first betrayal of his ignorance by Obama, nor the first overlooked by the media. Moreover, ignorance by itself is not nearly as bad as charging full steam ahead, pretending to know. Barack Obama is doing that on a lot of issues, not just history or a local police incident in Massachusetts.

While the mainstream media in America will never call him on this, these repeated demonstrations of his amateurism and immaturity will not go unnoticed by this country’s enemies around the world. And it is the American people who will pay the price.

Take that, you liberal stooges!

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Ratings Change

It took me forever to figure out how to do it, but I finally got the rating’s thingy changed from “1 to 5 stars” to “upperdown”. Seriously, why would anyone put a “3” on a post when you have a “1” and a “5” at your evil fingertips? What the hell would a “3” mean, anyway? “I can’t make up my mind, but I REALLY wanna vote!”? “I have no opinion, and I’m out to PROVE it”?

Now everyone, “D”, “R”, “I”, “G”, “S”, or whatever, gets an “upperdown vote”.

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