6 Filthy Facts About the Rich

The filthiest fact is that Congress wants to cut the food benefit to hungry Americans, almost half of them children, so that money can keep flowing to the top.


The ongoing, current class war began under Reagan, who the GOP’s sycophants have nominated for everything from a fifth head on Mt. Rushmore to having his know-nothing head memorialized on a coin. I vomit in my mouth a little whenever I fly in or out of “Reagan National” airport.

It probably began when he pushed “trickle down economics” on us, based on the laughable (and thoroughly disproven) “Laffer Curve”, but a case could be made that it was when he began the ongoing destruction of unions by firing the striking air-traffic controllers. Maybe they’re tied…

“Trickle down”, called “voodoo economics” by the sire of Bush the dim, has been tried twice and it’s failed MISERABLY both times, most recently lending a a helping hand to the worst recession in our nation’s history, by cutting taxes on the wealthy (read “war profiteers” here and you won’t be too far out of line) at the same time Cheney talked his smirking chimp of a boss into launching not one, but two, count ’em, two unfunded wars. (Aside, I still remember John Thune as a new Senator telling Tim Russert how “easy” it is to keep the budget balanced when fighting two unfunded wars: “Just take them off the books.” This is what passes for GOP “leadership”).

Make no mistake, the war continues to this day. Unless you make something on the order of a Bazillion dollars a year, it’s a war on YOU. And if we don’t work together to fight back, we will lose this war (if it hasn’t already been lost).

Do you remember/know of the Overton Window? It’s time to embrace “wealth redistribution” as what made America great, in the past.

I support a 90% tax rate for individual incomes over $1,000,000.00/yr. Steep inheritance tax on estates over $5,000,000.00, to stop the Walton-like handing down of power (like a monarchy) in this capitalist society.

You should, too.

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Jobs Report

In contrast to the Bush years, we’re now adding jobs instead of losing them every month, but the pace is incredibly slow (not enough to keep up with “population inflation”). It’s clear enough that we need to return to the days of intense regulation of “too big to fail” businesses. I’d start with capping CEO pay, if I knew how to do it. But there’s a lot more we should be doing.

Where I’d REALLY start is with building an alternative energy infrastructure. And I’d use this to sell it:

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Public Service Announcement: MSNBC Live Stream

If you don’t have cable/satellite and you want to watch Olbermann live, here’s a link to MSNBC streaming video.

He’s on at 8 and 10PM EST.

I just found this link so I’m not sure, but I’m guessing you can catch Rachel Maddow at 9 and 11PM EST, as well.

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It’s my opinion that the one over-riding driver of the average American voter is fear. Usually, irrational fear.

Fear of scary brown people, AKA “terrorists”.

Fear of gays getting married and breaking up marriages that can withstand anything else.

Fear that swarthy Hispanics will “take our jobs”. (Or perhaps the corollary, that someone other than white men will be in charge.)

Fear that we’ll LOSE our jobs, leading to sucking the corporate cock teat cock.

Fear that women will be able to consult privately with a doctor.

Fear that “the church” is losing influence.

Fear of other nations.

Fear of the government spending too much (on people) or too little (on blowing shit up and killing people).

Pants-shitting, abject fear that things will change (Forget about “for the better” or “for the worse”, change itself is “bad”) drives a status quo that gets worse, every year.

I admit to fear, myself. I’m afraid that things WON’T change. That we’re so blinded by “patriotism” that we think we can’t make this a better place to live for EVERYONE (not just our corporate masters.) I’m afraid we’ll watch, like the proverbial slowly boiling frog, until we’re either “dead” (emotionally, at least) or so fed up we realize we have nothing to lose and do something crazy.

So, whattaya think of THAT?

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After Tampa, “F*** “Bipartisanship”

I know. Even I call Kos “orange state”. In general, the site has become too “PC”, it’s always been too pro-democrat, there are days when the gays and the transgendered seem to run the place to the detriment of open, honest, and (heaven forbid) emotional discussion. But there are times when individuals step up and tell the truth. Like this diary, recommended by a page full of people.

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Troutfishing posted a diary on Kos called “Roots of “Birther” Conspiracy Are Further Out Than You Think“. Personally, I prefer to call them “Birfers”, but whatareyagonnado?

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