Just had to drop this here…

…like a rancid turd.

The caption reads “Choose the greater evil. Vote for Cthulhu.”

Reminds me of voting GOP. 🙂

On second thought, screw the smiley face. (Take that any way you wish.) This TOTALLY is like voting GOP.

I’ve been kinda busy, but I PROMISE I’ll respond to some recent comments.

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I guess caring about who is the next Pope is a bit like caring about who is the next Prime Minister of Spain. Isn’t my leader, but is a leader with nontrivial power in the world. I remember last time thinking that there was some small chance that change would lead to some positive steps. But then they chose this one, and…

Ya gotta love succinct. And Philly liberals.

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It’s Good To Have Alan Grayson Back

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) on Monday mocked the 67 House Republicans who voted against disaster relief funds for the victims of Hurricane Sanday.

“It’s the same 67 over and over again,” he noted on The Stephanie Miller Show. “It’s the bath salts caucus, the people that would rather eat your face than raise taxes on the rich.”

H/T to DU

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